“If you want to change the world pick up your pen and write” – Martin Luther.

An IAS officer is responsible to change the world by successfully implementing policy, and managing day-to-day administration. Hence UPSC exam wants to access the aspiring writing skills and includes an essay paper in Mains.

In this article, we will show you some effective tips with an example of how to write an essay to score well.

UPSC Essay

An essay is a piece of writing that explains a given topic. A writer expresses his opinion and tries to convince the readers.

You may have written many essays until now but the UPSC essay expects a very different one. It accepts a formal essay that is simple, clear and depicts information.

For the UPSC CSE essay paper, you will have to write two essays of 1000-1200 word limits in 3 hours. Each essay will carry 125 marks and overall 250 marks.

The invigilator will score the candidate according to the information, creativity, writing skills, spirit and quality.

Basic Structure of a UPSC Essay

Introduction: 5 to 6% of total essay’s length.

Main Body: 80-90%

Conclusion: 5-6%

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Different Topics of Essay Paper

# Political Thoughts

Topic: Cooperative federalism: Myth or reality.

# Indian Society

Topic: Culture is what we are, civilization is what we have.

# Media

Topic: Biased media is a real threat to Indian democracy.

# Education

Topic: Neglect of primary health care and education in Inda are reasons for its backwardness.

# Women and Gender

Topic: Patriarchy is the least noticed yet the most important structure of social inequality- 2020.

#Abstract topics

Topic: Ships do not sink because of water around them, ships sink because of water that gets into them.

# Economy

Topic: There can be no social justice without economic prosperity but economic prosperity without social justice is meaningless.

# Environment

Topic: Alternative technologies for a climate change resilient India.

# Science and Technology

Topic: Technology as the silent factor in international relations.

H3 Discuss the Socio-economic Impact of Climate Change in India – 2018 UPSC

Brain Mapping

Topics to Cover

# Short introduction about climate change

# Impact of climate change

# An initiative of government to tackle this problem

Essay Example

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Introduction: What is Climate Change?

Climate change is a major problem of the world it has not only harms the environment but also has a multi-dimensional effect on different segments of society.

According to UNFCCC, Climate change is a result of direct and indirect human action that interferes in the composition of the global atmosphere.

Body: Socio-Economic Impacts of Climate Change

#1. Hunger

Climate changes results in lower agriculture production and ultimately in food shortage. Economically weaker sections are worse hit by it as they are not able to purchase food supply at that high price.

Moreover, due to extreme climates, some lands becomes too dry or too wet for any crop production.

#2. Rise of Sea Level

Due to an increase in temperature of glaciers are melting at an alarming rate. Soon they will flood the coastal areas and cities located on the bank of the river. This will harm the people over there.

Moreover, people will the government will have to spend money on adapting these cities for high sea level. Many cities, harbours, ports and off-shore fields will be flooded by the increase in sea levels and they have to be relocated this will cause huge stress on the government and economy.

#3. Health Issues

Due to Climate change, several health issues are rising. According to a report of WHO, annually around 1, 50,000 deaths occurs due to climate changes. Climate changes increase the population of mosquitoes and contribute to malaria, dengue, and other infectious diseases. Moreover, due to heat strokes, thousands of lives are lost every year.

#4. Agriculture

Climate change has a major impact on agriculture. Increased CO2 levels will initially increase the growth of plants. When the optimum level of CO2 will be crossed, it will start having a reverse effect. Consequently, this results in low production. Moreover, it also affects pests, soil porosity, irrigation, rainfall and many others.

Due to increased pest problems and low production, farmers will be forced to use more pesticides and fertilizers. In addition, due to an increase in CO2, the concentration of protein will decrease along with other nutritional values. This will harm human health.

India’s agriculture is solely dependent on rainfall. Climatic changes and irregular rainfall patterns will have a negative impact on India’s agricultural yields

#5. Labor Shortage

Due to an increase in heat, hunger and increasing health issues, the efficiency of the labour force will decrease. People will have to work in extreme weather conditions and hence their productivity, creativity and innovation will decrease.

#6. Inflation

Due to lower food crop production and high demand, the prices of food crops will shoot up. This will increase hunger and poverty. Moreover, prices of other products that depend on crops indirectly will also rise.

#7. Energy

Due to the high melting rate of glaciers, a time will soon come when the rivers will dry. Many hydro-powered projects run on hydroelectricity.

Due to the extreme climate, the electricity demand will rise. People will need more climates to battle heat and cold. This will increase the consumption of fossil fuels.

#8. Fresh Water Shortage

Due to the increase in the use of river water and other freshwater resources for irrigation and the increase in melting of snowpack, soon the perennial rivers will dry up. Groundwater levels will also decrease due to irregular rainfall patterns. This all will contribute to the freshwater shortage.


India addresses these problems and hence is adopting several policies and treaties to tackle them. National Action Plan on Climate Change, National Clean Energy Fund, Paris Agreement, International Solar Alliance and Bharat Stage Emission Norms are some examples.

Moreover, the World needs to come together to address the problems of climate change as it is not a problem of a single country.

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UPSC Essay Practice – Do It Yourself

#1. Global efforts on climate change: A lost cause?

#2 Alternative technologies for a climate change resilient India.

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Wrapping it Up

Essay Paper is a scoring paper for your Mains. It carries 250 marks that are enough to take the game in your favour. Moreover, you can only score well by only thins that is Practice, Practice and Practice.

Try to solve previous year question papers, model papers and match your answers with previous year’s toppers answers. This will help you to analyze your shortcomings and help you to formulate a better strategy.

For more such information, tips and guidance visit UPSC Pathshala This website has all those that you will need to score well in your UPSC preparation. Moreover, do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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