In this advanced technology era, preparation of UPSC exams can be done efficiently on online mediums through WhatsApp or Telegram groups! However, often people wonder that social media is a medium of distraction and nothing else.

The truth is, if you are determined enough towards your studies, social media can be your magic wand. Let us take reference of the UPSC Topper Surabhi Gautam, AIR 50 (2016). If you are wondering did Surabhi Gautam join any Telegram or WhatsApp groups when preparing for the UPSC exams, then you are at the right place. We’ll tell you all about Surabhi Gautam preparation in the article below.

Surabhi Gautam Age and Career

Surabhi Gautam is a 29-year-old IAS officer. She cracked the UPSC Exams when she was 25 years old. At present, she serves as the Assistant Collector in Vadodara city, Gujarat. She belongs to a small village known as Amdara in Madhya Pradesh.

Her journey from a small corner of India to the 50th Rank in the UPSC exams is commendable. In an interview, she also states that she joined various Telegram and WhatsApp groups only to channel important notes and resources. It helped her to strategize her techniques and helped her stay up to date with the topics.

Surabhi Gautam Preparation Strategy

Surabhi Gautam firmly believed that time management is one of the most critical aspects while preparing for UPSC. She shared her experience of scheduling a timetable for herself, but she failed to stick to it.

She removed all the distractions she had in her life, including social media channels like Instagram and Facebook, but not WhatsApp and Telegram. WhatsApp and Telegram groups were her source of notes and resource gathering, where she also connected with her teachers and student colleagues.

Surabhi suggests focusing on the UPSC Exams’ main topics instead of running all over the whole syllabus unnecessarily. Also starting preparation as early as possible for the UPSC exams is one of her prominent tips. In an interview, she states that rushing and learning new topics at the end moment won’t do any good. Focusing on the revision of the learned topics will be much more beneficial.

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“It’s all about the Optional Subject,” says Surabhi Gautam IAS

Surabhi Gautam stresses that the optional subject in UPSC Exams can either make or break your dreams of becoming an IAS officer. She also says that if you are good at technical subjects, you must indeed go for it. But choosing an optional challenging subject might degrade your marks or ranks. Her optional subject was Electrical Engineering.

“Confidence and strength of your optional subject can boost your marks,” says Gautam.

Surabhi Gautam’s Marksheet

She had a total score of 1064. She scored 129 and 150 in Paper VI and Paper VII respectively, which were her optional subjects. She made a point that she wrote essay answers most frequently in her preparation to get used to writing.

She scored 143 in her essay paper. She suggests writing and practising the essay answers as far as possible. Her written total was 856, and she scored 198 in her personality test. She gives the credit for her performance to her consistent efforts and revision.

Surabhi Gautam IAS

Surabhi Gautam worked so tirelessly for her first UPSC exam that she cleared it in her first attempt itself. She was born in an orthodox family and to break all the stereotypes she gave everything she had.

Today, we know Surabhi Gautam as a reputed IAS officer only because of her right strategies and methods. Even though social media is a distraction for many, she took it as a source of study. She made sure she has a perfect balance between studying, writing, revising, solving mock tests, and checking on herself.


After all her inclined efforts, Surabhi Gautam cleared her UPSC exams with an AIR 50 in 2016. She is currently serving the nation as an IAS Officer and has made her family and whole village proud.

Well, you can do it too! By merely following the footsteps of these inspirational UPSC successors or creating your own. Social Media platforms are indeed very informative and aligned these days, but their overuse can be a significant distraction, especially when preparing for UPSC. Nowadays, WhatsApp and Telegram have been the most famous source among UPSC aspirants to communicate, discuss, and study.

Stay tuned with us for more such inspirational stories of UPSC toppers and UPSC exam updates.

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