Civil services are considered as one of the most elite job profiles of the nation. Every year lakhs of aspirants compete for this prestigious exam. However, some questions often nag everyone, like how to start the preparation? Where to start? Is self study important or coaching? People moving to metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune for coaching is common, but small towns like Patna have also emerged as a hub for UPSC preparation.

How is Life in Patna while Preparing for UPSC?

Patna has gained its glory in the field of UPSC for the past few decades. It has produced several UPSC toppers lately. Patna is attracting an equal number of UPSC aspirants as Delhi. With the increase in popularity of the IAS exam, several coaching centres have sprawled out all over the city. Life in Patna is pretty simple and not as extravagant as Delhi or other metropolitan cities. Due to this, aspirants do not get distracted from their path.

UPSC Coaching in Patna

Everyone is aware of Bihar’s ambitious population. Bihar produces quite a good number of civil servants every year. It is the sole reason for people to opt for coaching in Patna. Let us have a look at why people are leaning towards Patna’s coaching centres.

  • Patna’s Coaching is Light on Pocket

Everyone is aware of the humongous amounts of fees in Delhi coaching centres. Patna gives you a sigh of relief in terms of finances. Coaching centres in Patna are cheaper because of their simple lifestyle.

  • Effortless Travelling

Patna provides easy conveyance and cheap travel. One can commute easily without the hustles as everything is available nearby.

  • Simple Lifestyle

Patna is a simple city. It does not have an exorbitant lifestyle as of Delhi or any other metropolitan city for that matter. This minimizes the chances of getting distracted and makes you focus better on preparation than dazzling the town.

How to Choose the Best IAS Coaching in Patna?

Choosing a coaching class is a heavy set of burdens. With so many options available, it is quite baffling to pick up one. Few parameters need to be kept in mind while shortlisting the IAS exam’s coaching:

  • It should have well experienced and diligent faculty.
  • Have a look at the past results of the coaching institutes.
  • Do not fall for marketing gimmicks, research thoroughly.
  • They should provide comprehensive and understandable study material.
  • Draw a comparison based on the fee structure for every coaching centre.

Why Online Classes are Best Options?

Gone are the days when people used to commute for hours to get their work done. With emerging internet technology, everything is just a click away. With the convenient access to resources online, UPSC preparation has also seen a transition. People find it easy to learn online. Online coaching saves travelling time; one can prepare for the exam from the comfort of home.

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Benefits of Online Coaching

  • Effective Time Management 

Aspirants preparing for UPSC and simultaneously handling both UPSC and general studies often face a crunch of time. Online coachings eliminate the hustle of travelling, saving a lot of energy and time.

  • Live Personal Mentors

Online coachings also ensure that a candidate has a live, personal mentor. Whenever a doubt arises, one can easily approach mentors who are available all time, get personalized doubt sessions, and valuable feedback for every student.

  • Saves Money

People have to commute to places for getting the best coaching; Online classes would curb the jostle. So the money lost in travelling, settling in a new home, food, shelter etc. is saved.

Why You Should Choose Online Platforms like UPSC Pathshala over Traditional Coachings?

UPSC Pathshala is one of the most reliable online coachings among the aspirants. It is a one-stop destination for all your UPSC related queries. It provides various testimonials of IAS toppers who have passed the papers with flying colours. UPSC Pathshala is malleable according to the needs of its candidates. Let us have a look at some pointers which could convince the candidates to choose it.

  1. UPSC Pathshala has eminent and experienced faculty. They make the concepts crystal clear and are also all-time available to solve the queries.
  2. UPSC Pathshala never leaves a stone unturned for people having second thoughts. It provides free demo sessions. So if you are confused, book your free demo session at first and then proceed further.
  3. It provides extensive study materials. Students in UPSC Pathshala do not need various reference books for the preparation.
  4. UPSC Pathshala ignites motivation among students. It has success stories of various IAS toppers that were a part of them. Numerous blogs, articles, interviews, and much more relatable content is there for you. So what is making you wait? Check out UPSC Pathshala for more in-depth details about them.

Going for coaching or doing the self-study is a personal choice. What matters most is rigorous preparation and determination to clear the UPSC exam. Patna has come out as the core coaching place after New Delhi. Research well before choosing any coaching in Patna.

For those who cannot travel to Patna or New Delhi, online coaching is also available. Keeping all parameters in mind, you can choose whatever sails your boat. In the end, what matters is consistency and hard work. Coachings are just a catalyst to the preparation.

Narrow Down your Research to UPSC Pathshala

Having a Personal Mentor to prepare for UPSC is the best way to ensure constant improvement. Here at UPSC Pathshala, we have personal mentors with years of experience. They solve doubts, give you valuable feedback, and will be your companion in the preparation. We have trained 15000+ satisfied students for the UPSC exam with many selections. Still not sure? Enrol in a free demo class and experience the teaching methodology of UPSC Pathshala.

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