If you are looking for information related to Gati Shakti UPSC, here is the article for you. The PM Gati Shakti scheme was launched by honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This is a National Master Plan for Multi-modal Connectivity in October 2021.

This scheme was specifically made for multi-modal connectivity. What is the Gati Shakti National Master Plan? Let’s read the article ahead to know more about the scheme in the article.

It is a significant topic for UPSC preparation. The article has covered topics like infrastructure, economy, etc. So, move ahead to fetch all the details.

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Gati Shakti UPSC

The PM Gati Shakti scheme is coordinated planning and execution of infrastructure projects in India. This scheme is to reduce logistics costs. The objective of this scheme is to bring 16 ministries and departments of the government.

It is a digital platform to let these departments meet that includes railways and roadways as well. It is projected pan India and is an idea for the infrastructure connectivity execution. To develop holistic infrastructure, this master plan is built on 100 lakh crore rupees.

Moreover, the government has said that the previously functional infrastructure plans will also be included in this master plan and it covers the economic zones. These zones are fishing clusters, industrial corridors, pharmaceutical clusters, textile clusters, defense corridors, electronic parks, and agri zones.

The scheme works on the imagery tools of ISRO. This master plan is specifically made to achieve the seamless movement in goods and people of the country along with raising the economical zones in the future.

The biggest information and fact regarding the Gati Shakti UPSC is that it has been launched as an umbrella integrator. It is an umbrella of ₹111-lakh crore worth of projects. It is developed under the National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP) for 2020-25.

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PM Gati Shakti Scheme

This scheme is developed by the PM because the infrastructure of India is poor for decades. This plan is majorly focused on bringing the departments and ministries of the government together. India has major infrastructure and connection issues between different departments.

For example, when a road is constructed, the other departments will dig up the road again for working on the underground cables, gas pipelines, etc. It gives rise to wasteful expenditure but the scheme will ensure last-mile connectivity by working with all the stakeholders.

This plan provides the entire data at a single place with effective working of the executive agencies. GIS-based 200+ layers are being made for better execution. The biggest benefit of the Gati Shakti master plan is that it offers a connection between departments to prepare and manage cross-sectoral projects better along with monitoring the implementation of the projects.

The departments can review the progress of their respective operations and can make course corrections if necessary. This is possible because all the information is available on the digital portal through satellite imagery under the scheme. It also reduces logistics costs which are extremely advantageous.

Significance of the Scheme for UPSC Notes

This scheme is extremely important because the infrastructure wastage expenditure is harmful to the economy of the nation and employment generation is huge. Plus, connectivity is increased with the scheme and the departments and ministries can come together to reduce the infrastructural and logistics costs.

According to RBI and the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, every rupee spent by the government of India in creating infrastructure is resulting in the GDP gain. The GDP gain is worth Rs. 2.5-3.5 accrue. The scheme is helpful for regional as well as national development.

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UPSC Preparation

If you are preparing for the most prestigious examination of the country, you must have accurate knowledge related to such important topics because it can be asked in any form in the paper or interview. If you have precise knowledge, you can put across all the facts and details and can fetch high scores.

Well, this scheme is building India to be the business capital of the world. It helps to track the existing and proposed schemes and projects of connectivity. It will also boost the operations of the government such as the expansion of the length of the national highway network to 2 lakh km.

Moreover, the creation of heliports and water aerodromes will become convenient and functional and the development of over 200 new airports will become true in the current era. The scheme can effectively boost trade along with expanding the gas pipelines. This master plan is seeking to establish 11 industrial corridors.

Plus, two defence corridors are going to be established for development. Not only this, but the scheme will work to extend the 4G connectivity. The connectivity will spread to all the villages of the country. The PM Gati Shakti scheme is advantageous to make a better India.

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We hope that the article has given you all the important information related to the topic for your UPSC preparation. You can go through this article before your UPSC exam to be precise in the examination.

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Gati Shakti UPSC: Let's Check Out the Details and Facts of PM Gatishakti Scheme!
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