IAS Ajay Nagabhushan is a person who is admired and appreciated for his work from his joining as an IAS officer. He is an officer from the 2004 batch. He took charge as an IAS in the year 2005. There are approximately 5 thousand IAS officers in India. It becomes quite challenging and heavy for all the officers to manage and secure the law and order in this second most populated country. All the officers work prominently to handle the administrative powers in the nation. This is the reason why UPSC conducts a highly tough and rugged examination to select majorly enthusiastic, brilliant, and sensitive people from the country. You have to be top-notch in every aspect to get selected among those very few people. We have the learnings and story of one of the greatest IAS for you to inspire yourself for the exam.
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IAS Ajay Nagabhushan Biography

This respected civil servant got his dream in the year 2005 by joining the position as an IAS officer. IAS Ajay Nagabhushan is a person of stiffness and values regarding his aims. He decided to be an officer in his graduation and started to work on it thoroughly. His wife is IAS Shikha who herself is a lady of virtues and an unafraid outlook. He got UPSC rank 17th in the examination. The rank he got shows the level of dedication he has given to the exam. His optional subject was literature and he worked quite hard to pursue his dreams.

IAS Ajay Nagabhushan’s CSE Journey

IAS Ajay Nagabhushan did not succeed in his first attempt. He tried the best of his abilities to get on his ambition and finally succeed in it. He became the additional Chief Electoral Officer in the Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms. He was then posted as a senior IAS officer with all his skills. He is a person who raises his voice for the irrelevant works being done in society.

This is a record that he raised his voice against the irregularities at the state department of Collegiate Education by submitting a report to the Chief Secretary. After it, he successfully got the throne of commissioner for the Department of Collegiate Education. IAS Ajay Nagabhushan’s current posting is as the Commissioner of Cane Development and Director of Sugar. He got posted here on October 17.

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UPSC Examination

Union Public Service Commission is an examination that tests the overall abilities of a candidate to be in the service of the nation. It is a form of fair and free examination where everyone can participate with their dedication towards doing something for their motherland. It also gives reservation and opportunities to the backward societies, communities, and people to come forward and live their admiration. This is the paper of many candidates’ dreams and living. Many of the participants put their time, health, mind, and everything to gain it. This is an assertion for all the people of the country to be able to get designated on such a post. It tests the mindfulness and capabilities of everyone to be able to come out of highly miserable situations.

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Ways to Succeed in UPSC

According to IAS Ajay Nagabhushan, there is a strategy to implement to touch the boundaries of your ambitions. He has always been the man of principles and self-motivation and this is how he has been to where he is now. He is vocal about the supremacy and inferiorities that he and everyone get in our country.

#1. Practice

You have to be devoted to the practice of your syllabus, mock tests, and previous year’s question papers. Practice makes you aware of everything nicely and you perform at your best in the examination. It gives you an idea of the questions and the answers to be delivered. You have to know about the negative marking of the paper to be able to score well. You must get time for revisions of your syllabus to enlighten your mind about the major facts to be kept in mind.

#2. Sources

Candidates of CSE want to score high in the exam and for that, they go searching for things from too many sources. This should not have happened. This makes you more stressful and it is more time taking. You should go through the NCERT of all the subjects thoroughly. It gives you a maximum amount of knowledge and prepares you the best for your paper.

#3. Planning

If you are a participant in the UPSC examination, you must be planned and organized in your processes. This brings clarity and lets you gain the highest knowledge and information. If you are not organized well then the hustle and bustle will get home in your mind and bring stress and pressure on you which should not be entertained by you at any cost. You must first wisely plan everything and then start doing it. It will surely prove to be profitable for you.

#4. Have Mindfulness Techniques

This is undoubtedly the most essential thing to be carried out while preparing and while serving. You cannot serve anything from an empty bowl. If you are not well or enough to do things then you can’t do anything for others. You must take care of your health. You should eat and sleep perfectly. You must be positive in your thoughts and be confident. You should not get into drowning by negative vibes, stress, or anxiety. When you will be safe, sound, and healthy then only you will prove to be the best for the country.

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UPSC examination is the one that provides you ample opportunities to live your life in a dignified position by managing the responsibilities of yourself and your nation. The present officers are doing splendid work in the welfare of the country. You have to learn tips and lessons from their preparation period to their success and holding the position. They have a lot of experience to share with you. As a matter of fact, the people who have been in a certain area of phase know exactly what it feels to be there. Therefore, you must read this article to learn everything from them. If you want to accurately prepare for the exam, you must click on your phone and visit UPSC Pathshala where everything regarding your needs and wants is available with experts. If you want to succeed in your life and become an IAS officer just go there and find your outcomes to get your dreams to touch the sky

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IAS Ajay Nagabhushan Biography: Check Out All the Motivated Lessons You must Know
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