IAS stands for Indian Administrative Services which is the top esteemed designation in India. It is achieved by cracking the CSE. It is regarded as the most reputable examination in India.  Many people in the country admire this position and power and aspire to get it. It requires a lot of hard work with the presence of mind and social ethics. The candidates who made it to the top are those who put their soul into it and harness the beneficial outcomes from it. It does not only require things from you but what it gives in return for your perseverance is unending. You hold the power of management of law and order of the nation. You serve the country with your diligence. This is the reason why you cannot have any imperfections and any failure will lead to your uncreated field.

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IAS Shreya Singh Biography – The Fighter

This brilliant IAS had made her way all by herself to become an officer. She has aspired to serve her nation with all determination and truthfulness when she was pursuing her graduation. She is the one who wants to target the area of people who are underprivileged and untalked. She is an IAS officer from the 2013 batch. She comes from an area in Tamil Nadu. It was quite challenging for her to get this exam but she did it with her level of passionate mind. She initially joined as an IRPS officer.

Shreya Singh ranks 538 in the UPSC  examination. Unlike many people, she does not entertain the thought of quitting her dreams. She focuses on dedication and wholeheartedness when it comes to achieving anything worthy. Perhaps, this is the sole reason for her unbelievable success as a known IAS.

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IAS Shreya Singh’s Incredible Journey

IAS Shreya Singh believes that when you take command of your ambitions and work continuously in the same direction then you become capable of getting what you desire. She started with being designated as an IRPS officer. She then got posted as an Additional Collector in Viluppuram in the revenue department where she worked quite popularly. The brave women then got promoted as Collector of the same area. She has seen success after that time. She has served as an additional collector at the district of Tirunelveli. She says that it depends on the optional subject in the examination that leads to good scores. You must choose the subject of your interest and choice so that you can attain what you want. Her current posting is in Tamil Nadu as a Commissioner where she is working day and night for the welfare of the state.

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Process of UPSC 

If you are aspiring to be like many of the superheroes of our country who are working with all their abilities and potential to safeguard the rights of humankind and to do the upliftment of the society and betterment of the nation, then you must have the strategy, tactics and inbuilt trades to pursue this aim. You should not follow the path created by anyone rather you have to have the courage and outlook of developing one for yourself. You must have proper orientation of your thoughts and plans and with that organized mindset, you should work unendingly in that direction. There is the process of getting a CSE examination with calmness according to fearless IAS Shreya Singh.

#1. Customization

This IAS officer has faith in the proper orientation, customization, and planning of your agenda. You can carry out the ambition you have when you have an organized structure. The hustle and bustle only lead to disorganized and non-functioning ideas and thoughts. It also invites a lot of stress and pressure when things don’t go positively. You have to be calm and positive all the time and for that customization is needed. You must know how to implement what is in your mind and how to create what is not yet there. This will lead to the key to the lock called CSE. Your brain remains cool when you are better with your procedures.

#2. Information

According to all the masterminds and great IAS officers. You must have abundant information in every field to carry out the UPSC examination. You must get knowledge from various routes to enrich yourself with it. The noticeable fact is that you should not get into so many sources for getting that information. It will confuse your mind and divert it to an extent where you will start losing it. Therefore, you should purchase only a few needed books and read them thoroughly along with going through the NCERT books. It is said that half of the information is destructive. Either you have full knowledge or nothing. So, you must look for gathering an adequate amount of information and knowledge from the most genuine platforms and stick to that with dedication.

#3. Take CSAT Seriously

Many candidates do not take the CSAT test seriously. It comes under both the exams that are prelims and mains. This exam is very important to give to food scoring and make you be able to crack the exam. You must give proper practice and preparation timing to this examination to get succeeded. The exams bring the enhancement of general knowledge and various other skills to you. It is advised to you to take it seriously and practice it through previous year’s question papers or other platforms regularly. It does not require much concentration but lack of concern will lead to failure in the overall exam. This should be taken care of with patience.

#4. Current Affairs

This examination requires everyone to be aware of the country as well as the world. You must know every sector and news related to it. Being a UPSC aspirant it is necessary to read newspapers, listen to news channels and try to find out the latest news and information with proper authentication. There are many questions asked in the current affairs section. So, you must have a hold on the current news along with the recent news related to all your subjects and fields. There are many preferable newspapers for the candidates. The most read and preferred are The Hindu, The Indian Express, The Economist, etc. You should start working on holding a perfect grip on the current information to increase the chances of succession.

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The best way of preparation is to emphasize every aspect and sector and make yourself capable in all of it. This is done perfectly when you align everything vertically and listen or read to the journey of the experienced people. You come across as knowing the practical side of everything which helps you amazingly in getting what you desire. You must go to the website UPSC Pathshala to learn lessons from IAS officers and their different obstacles. You will get the professionals on the website who are there to guide you in the best possible way. If you want to conquer the examination and score satisfactory marks you must visit there and grow your knowledge and vision by every relevant thing.

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IAS Shreya Singh Biography: Check Out Her Success Story to Learn
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IAS Shreya Singh Biography: Check Out Her Success Story to Learn
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