Nidhi Siwach not only cleared the UPSC CSE exam in the third attempt in the year 2018 but also topped it with 83rd All India Rank and got selected for the post of IAS.

In the first two attempts, she blames herself for not getting selected and finally in her third attempt, she succeeded by rectifying the mistakes of the old attempts. What lesson do you get from this? Yes, you should never give up on your dream. To achieve your goal, you must work hard with a never giving up attitude.

Read on to know more about Nidhi Siach IAS and get the motivation that is required for a boost.

Nidhi Siwach Biography

In the contents below, you get to know about Nidhi Siwach IAS’s career, marksheet, current posting, UPSC rank and more. So let’s waste no more time and start reading to get inspired.

Nidhi Siwach Wiki

Nidhi Siwach is an IAS Officer from Gurugram, Haryana. In her Class 10th  and 12th, she scored 95% and 90% respectively. She is a Mechanical Engineering graduate from Deenbandhu Chhoturam University, Sonipat, Haryana. She has an experience of 2 years in Tech Mahindra as a design engineer. She left her job in 2017 and started her preparation for CSE 2018.

She achieved the rank of 83 in the CSE 20218 exam. She opted for History as her optional subject and chose English as the optional medium. When asked about why she chose History as her optional subject, she said that her 9th and 10th class syllabus helped her a lot.

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Nidhi Siwach IAS Background

Nidhi is originally from Gurugram, Haryana. Her early studies also took place here. Nidhi also did her graduation from a college in Haryana and after taking a degree in mechanical engineering, started working in a company in Hyderabad. Here she worked for two years but she did not feel like it. She wanted to do something else and especially something that fulfils her desire to do something for the country. With this idea, Nidhi took the AFCAT exam and cleared the written test.

The subsequent SSB interview changed her life. There the interviewer told her that she should choose civil services instead of defence. It was from here that Nidhi got the idea of ​​civil services and she got involved in the preparations.

Nidhi Siwach IAS Marksheet

You can see the marks of Nidhi Siwach IAS in the table below. She took History as her optional subject and scored good marks. Therefore, choose your optional subject wisely.

Subjects Marks Obtained
Essay Paper I 129
General Studies I Paper II 112
General Studies II Paper III 107
General Studies III Paper IV 096
General Studies IV Paper V 122
Optional I History Paper VI 150
Optional II History Paper VII 140
Written Test 856
Personality Test 168
Final Score 1024

Nidhi Siwach Current Posting

Nidhi Siwach is currently posted in Gujarat as an IAS Officer.

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Nidhi Siwach IAS UPSC Rank

In the 2018 CSE Exam, she scored 83rd rank with History as her optional subject.

UPSC Preparation Strategy

You cannot crack UPSC without a proper study plan and strategy. Go through each and every UPSC strategy given below and learn what is missing in your preparation.


NCERTs from 8th to 12th grades are excellent sources of knowledge, particularly for novices. They are significant not just because queries are directed at them, but they’re also highly introductory but instructive. Begin by reading and re reading NCERTs to acquire an overview of each topic. NCERT books may be purchased or downloaded through the NCERT website. If you are strapped for time or do not have enough time to go through the NCERTs, you can get some help from UPSC Pathshala.

Read Newspapers

Newspapers such as The Economic Times and The Hindu must be followed on a regular basis! It will help you stay up with current events and will improve your reading, writing, and comprehension abilities. As a result, do not neglect reading newspapers. If you find it hard to keep track with current events, you can check out the current affairs on UPSC Pathshala, but there is no alternative for reading newspapers, especially the editorial section of the Hindu!

Read Magazines

Kurukshetra and Yojna, for example, are monthly periodicals that should be on your study guide. Even if you don’t have time to read it from cover to cover, read its overview or outline to ensure you don’t miss any crucial articles!

Study Maps

When it comes to IAS Preparation, charts are yet another significant and scoring aspect. As a result, remember to bring maps with you on your IAS Preparation excursion. If you’re having trouble understanding it, have a look at some programs on map-based preparation

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Budget Aspect

UPSC Prelims are held in the final week of May or the first week of June every year. And questions about the budget, which is published in February, always appear in the preliminary exams. If you have a solid comprehension of the budget, you may use the snippets in your Mains responses to make them appear more comprehensive and relevant.

CSAT Practice

Don’t take the CSAT for granted, even if it is a qualifying exam. To be eligible to write the Mains, you must score more than 33% or 66 points on the CSAT. As a result, continue to prepare for the CSAT at the same time. Alternatively, you may register in a program or test series from a reputable test-prep service like UPSC Pathshala to guarantee that you are prepared for the CSAT exam.


We hope that you have gotten the much-needed motivation after reading the biography of Nidhi Siwach IAS. You can take notes of how she opted for History to be her optional subject. You can choose yours by keeping your strengths and weaknesses in your mind. If you are good at Geography, you must pick this subject instead of picking a subject which was chosen by the previous years toppers.

Get one step closer to your IAS dream by getting a course from the reputation UPSC preparation brand UPSC Pathshala.

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