For an IAS aspirant what can be a better source of knowledge than a real story of an IAS officer. There are so many learnings that can be extracted from a journey of an IAS officer who was once an IAS aspirant. You can learn from their failures, from their strategies, and from their daily routine. You can use the relevant information learned from the real-life journey of an IAS officer. Here, you will get to know the journey of Vishakha Yadav IAS, who has been a software developer by profession. You will be intrigued to know her journey. You will also get to know about the Vishakha Yadav biography, Vishakha Yadav mark sheet and Vishakha Yadav Strategy

Is Vishakha a Delhite?

Do you Know that Vishakha Yadav IAS is a Delhite? If not, then now you know that Vishakha hails from West Delhi where she was born in 1994. , her father is an assistant sub-inspector in Dwarka, Delhi and her mother is a homemaker. Her schooling was done from a private school in Delhi only and after her schooling in 2014, she got into Delhi Technical University where she completed her Bachelors of Technology in Computer Science. She has been a studious child since her childhood, which is crystal clear from her achievement of distinction in the high school examination as well as in intermediate. In her graduation, she got placed in a software consultancy company in Bangalore where she worked for 2 years

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How Vishakha was an Eager Beaver?

Vishakha has been such an eager beaver that she never gave up on trying to clear the UPSC examination. She kept trying and she cleared the UPSC examination in her third attempt. To prepare for the UPSC examination she left her high-paying job as a software engineer. She has her aim clear, which was to be a successful IAS officer who would bring the change. She worked towards it and finally in 2019 she cleared the examination. In her second attempt, she was not able to clear the prelims examination just by 1.3 marks. After she gave the interview in her third attempt, as she was not sure about whether she would clear the examination or not she started preparing for the fourth attempt. But as her dedication paid off, she cleared the third attempt by achieving the 6th rank and is now serving as an IAS officer.

What Strategies Vishakha Yadav Used? Have a Look

For Vishakha her Mother was her pillar, who provided her with the ray of hope in her dark. Her mother was her motivator and she owes her success to her mother. Vishaka got so into the studies that she stayed away from all her social media handles, she was focused on her studies for continuous three years till she cleared the examination. But as Vishakha utilized her time in her studies and chose not to waste time on social media, she was smart enough to devote time to her hobbies. For stress relief, she used to do paintings. Sketched, solved puzzles, and sudoku. And to get more motivation and inspiration to work hard, she watched documentaries, Ted Talks, and interviews. For an IAS aspirant, this is very imperative to understand that, immersing oneself in books is not a good strategy like Vishakha needs to take time for their stress buster activity which refreshes their mind and helps in retention of the concepts.

Vishakha Yadav’s Marksheet 

Here, comes the interesting point where you will get to know the mark sheet of IAS Vishakha. You can see her mark sheet below and learn from it.

Subjects Marks
Essay (Paper I) 132/250
General Studies-1 (Paper II) 102/250
General Studies-II (Paper III) 121/250
General Studies- III (Paper IV) 93/250
General Studies IV (PAper V) 162/250
Optional-I (PSIR) (Paper VI) 139/250
Optional-II (PSIR) (Paper VII) 107/250
Written Total 856/1750
Personality Test 190/275
Final Total 1046/2025

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Intrigued to know the Booklist Vishaka Referred to?

Every IAS aspirant looks forward to a book list that the successful IAS officer used at their time of preparation. Candidates spent a good amount of time researching it. But many few get the right guidance. But now they don’t need to waste their time anymore as the booklist is given just below. Along with the mark sheet given above, you will get to know the book list that Vishakha referred to during her preparation, you can use these books and get going with your preparation in the right direction.

#1 IAS Shubhra Ranjan Postal Correspondence Material

#2 Internal Security and Disaster Management by Ashok Kumar

#3 Certificate Physical & Human Geography by GC Leong

#2 A brief history of modern India (Spectrum)

#3 Indian Art and Culture Nitin Singhania

#4 Indian Economy by Sanjeev Verma

#5  Indian Polity by Laxmikanth

#6 Shankar IAS Environment

#7 Lexicon for Ethics

#8 Atlas

 Learnings from Vishakha Yadav Biography

There are many learnings that an IAS aspirant can learn for the inspiring journey of Vishakha Yadav. You must have consumed some learnings, but we will take this chance of reiterating few learnings that will be helpful for you to clear the examination with a good rank.

 1. Quit the Quitting Behaviour

If you have a quitting behaviour then you have to give it up. People who are resilient are the ones who clear the examination. IAS Vishakha cleared the examination in her third attempt and in fact after she gave her third attempt she was going to start the preparation for the fourth attempt. This clearly shows how resilient she was and an IAS candidate who is the future IAS officer has to be resilient.

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2. Include Quality Time in Your Schedule

While making the timetable you have to make sure that you include your hobbies and stress buster activities. If you keep on burdening your mind with studies there will be a time when your retention power will reduce drastically, thus to avoid such a situation and to keep your mind fresh and powerful you have to include your me time, family time, and hobby time in your time table.

 3. Time Management is the Key

There were times when Vishakha felt like taking a rest at that time she utilized her time well and saw documentaries interviews and Ted talks, which gave her inspiration and motivation to work hard. This strategy helps you to keep moving in the right direction and to take a rest from your studies.

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Reading biographies and watching documentaries is very intriguing for many people, but if you are not one of them, then too, you will be surprised to see the journey of IAS Vishakha who hails from Delhi. You will see how she turned into an IAS officer from being a Computer software engineer. You will get to know a plethora of information about her like her mark sheet, the booklist she referred to, and the strategy she used. All this information will help an IAS aspirant move forward with the guiding light. Get your learning costume on and dive deep into the pool of knowledge that will be presented to you here.

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