Vijay Vardhan, a 58-year-old man, first became an IPS then didn’t stop his journey and then climbed on further to become an IAS. Vijay Vardhan, an IAS, IPS, with his great strategy which made him achieve the rank and became an inspiration for UPSC aspirants. Want to know how this turned out? So jump in.

The Haryana Government replaced Keshani Anand Arora, as the Chief Secretary of Haryana as the 34th Chief Secretary of Haryana.  He also holds in charge of the general administration, parliamentary affairs, vigilance and administrative reforms department, personnel training and secretary in charge of plan coordination.

Vardhan is currently a Financial Commissioner Revenue and Disaster Management and Consolidation Officer and also Additional Chief Secretary (ACS), Home, Jails, Criminal Investigation and Administration of Justice Department.

Vijay Vardhan Biography 

Vijay Vardhan was born on 11th November 1961 in Uttar Pradesh. He is a graduate and post-graduate in History from St.Stephen’s College, Delhi University. He represented Badminton, Squash, Boxing and Athletics before he joined the IPS.

He also lends his voice to documentary films, theatre, social causes and poetry festivals. He also recites poetry on public recitals of ecstatic poetry, world great romances, radial and Sufi traditions in English, Urdu and Hindi.

Vardhan is also greatly drawn into Sufism, Confucianism and Taoism. He is a keen historian who has authored various books, ‘Kurukshetra-Timeless Sanctity’ which took over six years of research and ‘Pinjore- The Garden of Paradise’ which is recognised as the first-ever book written in 17th Century Mughal Gardens, of Pinjore.

He also has a lot of interest in writing Sufi Haiku poems in English titled ‘Beyond the Great Beyond’ and ‘Ibadat- The Breath of My Soul’ that is highly praised by many critics and poets.

Vijay Vardhan’s IAS Journey

Vijay Vardhan joined the Indian Administrative Service in 1985 and was allocated the Haryana cadre. As the Administrator of Haryana Urban Development Authority, Gurgaon and Panchkula, he was instrumental in catalysing the industrial, developmental, commercial and residential of the towns of Haryana.

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Vijay Vardhan the IPS 

Posted as the Deputy Commissioner of Faridabad and as Municipal Commissioner of Faridabad, he took many steps, initiatives for the urban development and many places of rural development in Faridabad which were not prone to tools, facilities and services which one should get. Vijay Vardhan has a major role to play here.

Vijay Vardhan: Posting 

# 13/09/1989: Chief Secretary to Government, Haryana.

# 01/01/1994: General Administration, Personnel Training

# 01/01/1998: General Administration, Personnel Training

# 01/01/2001: Parliamentary Affairs

# 28/05/2014: Vigilance, Administrative Reforms Departments and Secretary in Incharge of Plan Coordination.

# 30/09/2020: Incharge of Plan of Coordination.

Tips for UPSC Aspirants taking Inspiration from Vijay Vardhan

#Go through the UPSC syllabus and paste it somewhere near your study table so that you can keep a track of your progression.

#Lookout for previous year papers and start analysing those. To ace an examination, it is very important to know what to expect in the examination and for that previous year papers are the best

#Turn reading the newspaper daily into a habit. Current affairs hold a special role in the UPSC examination and there is nothing else that can help you better in this than the newspaper.

#Revision is your best friend in your journey towards cracking the civil services examination. Multiple revision is required to achieve what you are aiming at.

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Vijay Vardhan has a story of hard work, dedication and patience. It took him many years to become the Chief Secretary of Haryana but he didn’t let his bar and his patience down. He has been serving the nation first as a great IPS officer and then not leaving his journey and continuing as a reputable IAS officer and serving the nation in as many forms as he can. He is not only an inspiration to all the UPSC aspirants but also he has set a milestone in his life. Not only spreading awareness by serving the nation but, also writing poems, books and Haikus for making the world know the meaning of confidence, hard work, dignity and values.

So, did this article inspire you? Willing to get a good UPSC rank so that you can also serve the nation? If yes then hop in UPSC Pathshala because that is the best destination for aspirants who are serious about making it big.

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IAS Vijay Vardhan Biography: A Ladder of Success that Never Ends
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Vijay Vardhan first became an IPS and then climbed on further to become an IAS. Vijay Vardhan, an IAS, IPS is an inspiration for UPSC aspirants. Click here to learn everything about him.
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