The IAS, also known as the Indian Administrative Services is the administrative arm of the All India Services. These services are considered as one of three arms of the All India Services. Along with these services, there are other services as well like the Indian Police Services and the Indian Forest Services.

All these three services constitute together to be a part of the All India Services. People from these three services together constitute to be a part of All India Services that contribute their services for the Government of India.

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Dev Chaudhary Biography

Dev Chaudhary IAS officer who cleared the UPSC examination with his hard work and proved to all that working hard is all you need to crack any examination of your life.

Dev’s success story is extraordinary and is there to inspire all around him. His journey started when he was young during his teenage years.

Dev’s father’s name is Mr Soojanaram, who is a teacher. His family never belonged to a rich family, they were extremely poor and weren’t able to afford the two meals of a day. He had three brothers and sisters, and he was the youngest of them all.

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Dev Chaudhary Wiki

#1. Dev appeared for the examination for the first time in the year 2012 where he attempted for the examination for the very first time. During these examinations, he cleared his prelims examinations, but couldn’t get through the Mains examinations.

#2. In the year 2013, he again applied for the examinations and this was his second attempt. This time, he cleared his mains as well as prelims in both examinations. But still couldn’t get through it.

#3. Though he failed in his first two attempts, through this, he learned something amazing in his life and that was to never give up. He improved himself through this failure and learned something new in life, he attempted again for this examination. This was his third attempt but even this time he couldn’t get through it.

#4. He didn’t give up and went for that fourth attempt and it was this time that he excelled in life and fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS officer. Though he couldn’t get the rank that he wanted to achieve he fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS officer.

Dev Chaudhary’s Current Posting

Dev Chaudhary cleared his UPSC examinations at a young age in the year 2016 and is presently appointed as the Assistant Collector in the city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He has now been promoted to a higher rank to Super Time Scale and has been appointed as Special Commissioner, Swachh Bharat Mission, Office of the Commissioner of the Rural Development, Gandhinagar.

Dev’s Lack of English

Often, it has been seen that many candidates face a lot of problems while they are preparing for their UPSC examinations. There is always a lack of study material while one is preparing for their tests.

Similarly, in the same manner, Dev faced the same challenge during his practice. He had a lack of sufficient study material in the Hindi language and because he had to shift towards learning English. He always studied in a Hindi-medium school and this was his biggest trouble while he was preparing for the exams. He had to convert everything into Hindi and then he shifted towards learning English.

He converted his weakness into his strength by learning the English language. But the one thing which kept him going was his determination and hard work, he never gave up while he was in the pursuit of learning things and this strategy worked in his favour.

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IAS is an examination that all the aspirants want to appear in every year but what are some of the ways to do it?

The above piece of information helps to provide one with all the different kinds of information on how to work hard for clearing this IAS examination and how to never give up and let your failure overpower your desires for success. Dev Chaudhary has set an extraordinary example for all the aspirants out there to always keep working hard no matter how hard your journey might be!

In an interview, Dev stated, “The young fellows of today’s generations dream a lot but give up so easily that all their dreams get shattered with it. And after that, they stop working hard for it and give up on their dreams. These fellows start blaming their fortune and destiny for it. But there is one thing that all of them need to understand and that is that every failure increases your chances towards success and this makes your life super easy.”

So, get inspired by your senior fellow and start working extra hard for your exams. We wish you all the very best in all your future endeavours!

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 IAS Dev Chaudhary Biography: Know All about His Life, Biography & More
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