IAS Dr Radhakrishnan is not only a selfless IAS officer but also a great person who has made his country proud. He has always helped India to aim towards development and health concerns are his first priority. As we all know that India is lacking behind because of poor health and hygiene conditions. Radhakrishnan has always brought up new ideas to make India, boost the health and hygiene rates.

This article talks all about his wiki, biography, current posting, what was the IAS rank that he had achieved, what was the optional subject chosen and what was his strategy that was used by Dr Radhakrishnan, that helped him achieve his dream so that it can help many more aspirants to achieve their own. So, read the full article to get a clear idea.

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IAS Radhakrishnan Wiki 

Radhakrishnan, who has been the health secretary for about 8 years, has tactfully handled many crisis situations, including dengue and swine flu. Nowadays, even a PDO (Regional Development Officer) thinks of accepting an invitation if it is a previously unknown number. Even though the meeting is a study, he has a habit of finishing it and looking at the mistletoe on his cell phone and calling back.

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Born September 16, 1966 (age 54)

Madras, India

Nationality Indian
Education Veterinary College Hebbal, Bangalore
Occupation Civil servant

IAS Radhakrishnan Biography 

Born on 16th September 1996 in Madras (Chennai), India, Radhakrishnan did his schooling in Chandigarh, Deolali, Nashik and Kanpur. He then graduated from Bangalore in Veterinary Science in first class. After that, he did his post-graduation in Veterinary Science in Animal Genetics and Breeding.

In 1992 Radhakrishnan had passed his UPSC exams and also qualified for the IAS or Indian Administrative Service. After his training on 9 August 1994, he was appointed as the Sub-Collector of Tuticorin.

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Posting and Current Posting

Designation/ Level Department/ Office Period 
On Training

Jr. Time Scale

Madurai 01/07/1992


Sub Collector

Jr. Time Scale

Thoothukudi / Tuticorin 09/08/1994


Dy Secy

Sr. Time Scale



Dy Commr

Sr. Time Scale




Sr. Time Scale

Chennai 07/03/2000



Dy Secy Level/JAG

Chennai 01/01/2001



Dy Secy Level/JAG

Salem 01/07/2001


From 2003 to To Date 


Dy Secy Level/JAG

Ppm Ramalingam 15/07/2003



Dy Secy Level/JAG

Thanjavur 29/05/2004



Dir Level/SL JAG

Nagapattinam 10/01/2005



Dir Level/SL JAG

Rural Dev Deptt 16/05/2006


Spl Secy

Dir Level/SL JAG

Finance Deptt 02/01/2007



Dir Level/SL JAG

Prohibition & Excise Deptt

Tamil Nadu




Dir Level/SL JAG

U.N. Dev Programme (UNDP) 20/02/2009


Secretary of Special programme Implementation Department Tamil Nadu 2012

Strategy to Choose an Optional Subject

Interest and Academic Background of the Aspirant

First, you need to choose the subject of your interest, you can look up at the school level NCERT books and have a clear idea of what the subject will be about. What topics interest you the most by exploring them and your comfort level also matters.

Coaching Available in the Subject

Look up for your friends, seniors or role models who are civil servants and check where they have taken their coaching, compare them and make the analysis. Based on the study material, videos and live sessions so that you can yourself choose what is available of resources of the optional subject kept in mind.

Contribution of the Optional Subject towards General Studies Syllabus

Look for previous years question and model papers so that you will get an idea as to what optional subject contributes towards General Studies and essay papers, this is a very important part and can be wisely used to crack mains.

Performance of the Optional Subject in the Recent Past (Past 3 Years)

An aspirant’s performance is based on various aspects as compared to their competitors. There are also optional subjects that cannot bring in the desired marks, though the aspirant has put in the most effort and determination to learn it. There are few optional subjects which have tough questions and can increase their toughness as they go through a few years. It can also be the correction of the paper.

Time Management

Apart from the comprehending capacity, an aspirant should decide on how much duration he/she would be apt to spend on studying an optional subject and content. A few aspirants might be doing while preparing or reviewing at an institute etc, should be able to calculate the proportion of duration required to analyze the chosen optional subject along with General Studies.

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IAS is many aspirants’ dreams but only those who are determined and want to serve their country selflessly can achieve it. One needs perseverance and needs to understand that it is not a job which you have to work to get a salary but, a duty to serve the entire country’s population. IAS Radhakrishnan has helped many people who were suffering with coronavirus and also started many helplines to help them. If one has any doubts about choosing the optional subject, please feel free to comment in the comments section below. There are many articles on this, you can have a look at UPSC Pathshala blogs section. All the best!

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