IAS UPSC success story of Chahat Bajpai – Learning from students who failed the Union Public Service Commission in order to become an IAS officer. This is an excellent approach to learn from students who have failed the country’s most difficult UPSC exam and then prepare for the Indian Administrative Service exam, giving them a better chance of passing and becoming an officer.

Yes, it is not a matter, but it is an efficient formula that has been followed in real life by Bajpai, who was the year’s topper. In the UPSC examination, Chahat was ranked 59th.

This article will take you on a tour through Chahat Bajpai’s journey. Her biography, wiki, current posting, UPSC strategy, rank, also having a look at her mark sheet and knowing what are the preparation tips for her optional subject. Read the whole article to know everything so that you can ace UPSC.

IAS Chahat Bajpai Biography

Chahat Bajpai is a famous Andhra Pradesh cadre IAS officer. She was born on 14th December 1994 and is 27 years old (as of 2021). Her mother’s name is Usha and her father’s name is RP Bajpai.

From her childhood, she was always good at studies and she also cleared JEE. She had pursued electrical engineering at IIT Kanpur. After completing her degree, she decided that she will be appearing for UPSC.

She had chosen electrical engineering as her optional subject in UPSC. She had failed two attempts, but she didn’t stop because of her failure and the 3rd time she aced UPSC and her dream came true.


Chahat failed on her first attempt at the UPSC test. She was not discouraged, though, and made another try. This time, luck was not on her side, and she did not succeed. Chahat corrected her previous errors for the third time and realised her dream of receiving good grades in the exam.

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IAS Chahat Bajpai: Current Posting

Ms Chahat Bajpai IAS (Andhra Pradesh 2019), who was previously Assistant Collector U/T, West Godavari District, Eluru, has been promoted to Sub Collector, Kurnool District’s Nandyal Subdivision.

IAS Chahat Bajpai: UPSC Marksheet

Given below is her Civil Services Mains Examination 2018 mark sheet.

Written Total 834
PT Marks 198
Final Total 1032
Rank 59

IAS Chahat Bajpai: UPSC Strategy

If you’re studying for the UPSC, Chahat recommends looking over the prior year’s papers. It will give you a sense of the types of questions that will be asked in the paper. You can then proceed with your preparation.

According to your wishes, you should select an essay paper topic on which you may effectively express your own opinions. She claims that if you want to succeed in the UPSC exam, you must work consistently and honestly.

Essay Strategy

Chahat Bajpai suggests that everyone has their own style of writing, but that if they want to communicate about their personal experience, they should write an essay, quoting top student Anu Kumari, who remarked that an essay should be like drinking water.

That is something that can be consumed like water without having to stop anywhere or something that is incomprehensible and flowing like water.

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No Use of Decorative Language

Chahat Bajpai goes on to claim that because of this, even if you know how to write well or enjoy reading, you will not be under the impression that writing essays is not a major concern for you. The truth is that you must work just as hard for an essay as everyone else, regardless of your background.

Chahat discusses herself, stating that she used to believe that those who write for a blog or newspaper, or who are English literature students, could create a decent essay, but this is not the case.

For the UPSC essay, everyone must prepare separately. Understanding what is written in the Union Public Service Commission’s Essay and how it is written.

Use Some Quotes and Poets in Essay

Chahat Bajpai claims that she attained the same thing, speaking her essay more effectively by utilising basic words rather than flowery language or heavy phrases.

Apart from that, Chahat Bajpai suggests that students consider the usage of quotes or poetry in essays and have a better understanding of the subject. She claims that she had prepared a list of typical quotes for an essay that could be written, but that she took extra care to write just those that were relevant.

Always Prepare in Advance

If you look at all the previous year’s papers, you’ll see that there are several topics that appear every year. One should be sure about where to start and end at the very least because it has a significant impact on the examiner.

There is also the benefit of practising essays for which an aspirant has no time to sit in the hall and ponder about which subject to choose because during practice you will already know what subject to choose.

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Choose Your Writing Style

Also, keep in mind the next aspect, which is that the writing style is chosen based on the essay’s topic.

For example, in a past, present, and future scenario, problems, and solutions mode, it is acceptable to write in the essay past, present, and future style. Before you begin writing, consider how your subject may be expressed clearly, and then write in the same manner.

Stick to Your Topic

According to Chahat Bajpai, when writing an essay, one thing that she tells everyone to remember, stay on topic, and avoid telling the stories behind the question.

Chahat described her experience, saying, “I used to turn the page repeatedly while writing the essay to see if I was going to detach from the subject because I had made such a mistake in my prior employment.”

Optional Subject

Chahat Bajpai has taken her graduation subject as her optional subject.

Electrical engineering is a highly specialised subject, and it is advised that only electrical engineering postgraduates or graduates take it as a mains test alternative.

This optional subject has both benefits and drawbacks, and at the end of the day, it is up to the individual applicant to assess his or her own strengths and weaknesses and then match them to what the subject offers and requires of candidates.

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As a result, we hope that this essay has motivated and enlightened you to exceed your limitations in order to achieve your goal. The most important technique for passing the UPSC exam is determination and optimism. You will easily overcome the obstacles if you have both of these qualities embedded within your soul and mind.

Every person is in a distinct situation and has a different story to tell, but the one who keeps pushing his or her limits is the one who succeeds.

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