The UPSC exam is called the most prestigious and toughest exam in India because of its worthy outcomes and high competition. This encouragement can make you successful not only in the exam but also in life.

You can get inspiration by reading or listening to the people who have experienced a similar situation and overcome that with their dedication. If you are searching for such real-life examples to succeed in the exam, you can know all of them here.

This article is on IAS Vijay Amruta Kulange biography. Keep reading the article and focus upon the strategies or ways of tackling the problematic situations to rise like a phoenix.

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IAS Vijay Amruta Kulange Biography

In the age of social media and the explosion of breaking news, you must be aware of this incredible personality. This IAS officer is from the 2012 batch. His marksheet shows his marks obtained in each subject which is tremendously inspiring for all the candidates.

He has given many interviews regarding his UPSC preparation and opted strategies. Many of his news articles, videos, interviews, and reports must have been watched by you.

Have a Look at His Journey!

In this article, you will know about his major ways of doing the preparation and his experience to date. Vijay Amruta Kulange IAS is an active person on social welfare matters and service for the nation. He is quite popular on social media platforms.

According to his biodata, his age is 40 years. He was born in 1980. This unbelievable persona proves to be magnificent on the impressional minds of UPSC candidates. All the candidates of the exam make sure to get satisfactory marks by uncountable efforts and hard work. The major thing to bring into concentration is inner motivation.

IAS Vijay Amruta Kulange Book

It is often said that dreams come true with determination. This astonishing man has proved by doing everything that he wanted to. He was interested in writing and reading. This attraction of him towards literature has made him write books.

One of his most popular books is Aajcha Diwas Maza. It is published in the Marathi edition. The cost of the book is only 225 rupees.

How Can You Get the Book?

The people who want to read the book can get it from online sites. Being a servant of the country, he has proven his capabilities by implementing various laws in society. Time never stops for anyone. If you desire to achieve something, you must work on it without getting afraid of its tough ways.

You will get it with proud satisfaction. He has done the same and has been successful in managing all of his dreams. He is doing his government service with fairness and positive efforts so that all the citizens must feel peace to live.

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Vijay Amruta Kulange IAS

This civil servant is a graduate. He started his preparation for UPSC after his graduation. He has done his preparation with conviction and consistency. He believes that you can grab your wants by your inner conviction.

According to his parents, he was a visionary and curious child since his childhood. He was keenly interested in reading various books and novels. In the interviews, Mr. Kulange says that everyone must be hardworking and mindful.

The constant studies and learning will make you ace this examination perfectly. His current posting is as a Collector and District Magistrate. The people believe in his functionalities.

Vijay Amruta Kulange Strategy

The strategies of this miraculous IAS officer are not tough to implement. He believes in the normal yet important aspects to follow to gather your perspectives and desires in life. He believes in major beneficial activities for cracking this exam.

In many of his interviews, he said that when you have the hunger for forgetting something, you will get it somehow because the hunger and eagerness within you will not let you rest. Here are a few points that he discussed in his interviews. Have a look at all of them to excel in the UPSC exam.

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#1. Consistency in Learning

According to this civil servant, you must be consistent in learning. When you stop learning, you stop growing. During the UPSC preparation, you have to be a continuous learner. There are times when the candidates get stressed out and lack consistency. This should not happen. You must learn continuously and strive to get the maximum perfection in knowledge.

This UPSC ranker’s vision towards life and exceptional work for the people makes him a great personality across the nation.

#2. Continuous Efforts

IAS Mr. Kulange is in favour of getting the knowledge of every field and sector to be able to enhance society as well. You must do proper time management for learning everything. Numerous people are there to fill the vacuum that you will leave.

Therefore, you must not leave a single chance to be taken by anyone else. This could happen only when you achieve great knowledge in everything.

#3. Stay Humble and Grounded

Your personality decides your contribution to studies and the ways of outcomes you will receive. You must be humble and grounded in your work and should learn everything positively. This IAS officer has always been kind and polite to the people of the country.

The news of the outbreak of coronavirus has made all the citizens traumatized. This courageous and humble man has helped everyone to stay calm and positive in the difficult era and the awareness of precautions against the tough scenario.

These traits will also help you in building the personality suitable for being the people’s man and will also help you in the interview.

#4. Perseverance

The most significant quality to have for cracking this exam is perseverance. IAS Vijay believes in hard work, determination, and perseverance. According to him, if you have these qualities you can win any prospect of your life. Perseverance lets you inculcate the wisdom and mindfulness to learn new things and stick to them gently.

All the candidates must be hungry enough to do everything to achieve their targets. There are a lot of things to cover for this amazing exam. Everything will make its home in your mind if you will have the traits of determination.

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#5. Practice Questions Papers

If you want to get the highest scores in this exam, the technique is to practice the previous year’s question papers as much as possible because the question papers let you know the exact marking criteria and ways of answering the questions diligently and within the given time frame.

Practice makes you near perfect. The more you will practice the question papers, the more precise and perfect you will become and nobody should ignore the optional subject.

Therefore, all the candidates must first complete their whole syllabus and then leave adequate time for practicing the question papers and revisions.

#6. Positive Vision

This is above all the things that could be imagined. This is the most important thing to have. If you are positive about your goals, you will get the desired results. Positive vision lets you overcome your nervousness, fear, and stress along with making your knowledge strong.

The visionary IAS officer also believes in a positive approach to everything. It gives the most wanted and unpredictable outcomes in every field. Therefore, you must have a positive vision and never let yourself sink into negativity.

Negativity destroys your potential and skills to an extent that you fail to prove the things that you are perfect at. So, make yourself strong by being positive.

#7. Great Concentration

Concentration is the key to ace this examination. If you are concentrated on your goal, you will get benefits out of it. The candidates get distracted and lose hope when they do not succeed in one or two attempts. The concentration in learning must be concrete. Do not lose your identity, hope, or positivity, otherwise, you will have to face negativity and failure.

#8. Level of Acknowledgement

You must be concentrated on your aims and studies. You should plan your study sequentially and work on it effectively. Your level of concentration will lead you towards achieving your target. It will mould your opinions and imaginations into realism.

You will come to know about different things related to the question paper and will be experienced enough to answer perfectly. The knowledge will be held in your mind when you study concentratedly. A distraction of any kind is not good for your growth and excellence in exams. Therefore, never lose your hold on concentration.

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Therefore, we hope that this article has helped you to motivate yourself and enlighten your mind to push your limits to reach your target. The biggest strategy to clear the UPSC exam is determination and positivity. If you have both of these traits built in your mind and soul, you will overcome the hurdles comfortably.

Every person has different conditions and miserable stories but the one who keeps pushing his/her boundaries is the one who comes out as a winner.

The candidates of UPSC must understand it and read more such amazing articles on UPSC Pathshala. Once you visit the website, you will get mentorship from the experts of their respective fields to guide you on each point. The website contains all the relevant articles of the UPSC exam from prelims to interview and strategies to crack it.

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