The most needed thing for any exam is motivation from within. It can be achieved by listening or reading to the stories of people who have gone through similar times. You can dream or imagine success in one attempt. You must work for it but should not get stressed if you do not receive it. Indeed, every attempt can’t bring success, some are for preparing you to be on the top. Several nuisances get created in the minds of the candidates. Most of the IAS officers motivate the people but some have seen struggle quite closely. Those people can give you the practical zone acknowledgement. This article contains IAS Aishwarya Ramanathan Biography for you to know. Keep scrolling your screen to notice all the facts about her life.

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IAS Aishwarya Ramanathan Biography

Many IAS officers inspire the people in the country, especially UPSC aspirants. She is a native of Tamil Nadu. She is motivating many women all around the nation. She has been brilliant since her childhood. She was very attractive towards studying and education. This IAS officer has proved that hard work can bring achievements in your life. You need to focus on increasing your talent and never lose hope. She has given many interviews to let other people learn from her story. Her parents have always been very encouraging. The bliss for any girl is her parents’ support and guidance. In developing countries like India, women are considered subservient to men and this lady lioness has proved her power and dedication. Every candidate can learn something from her journey. The aims can prove into reality when you follow the right path.

Aishwarya Ramanathan – The IAS

This courageous woman is beautiful all around from appearance to heart and from brilliance to functioning. Her interest also lies in dancing and curricular activities. She was an active child in her school. IAS Aishwarya Ramanathan UPSC rank was 47, she ranked second in her state.

Her optional subject was sociology. She believed she could, so she did. The ultimate guide and motivation are in serving the nation with diligence. Being a woman, she has the dream that all the ladies of India must speak for their rights and snatch it however possible. This IAS officer is a goddess in the disguise of a normal girl. Not only this, she has been proving herself strongly since she has joined the civil services. However, there has been less time since her joining but we believe that with her grace and charisma, she will touch the skies.

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This Unstoppable Women’s Unending IAS Journey

This prudent IAS officer is just 24 years old. Her young and impressionable mind has pushed her to get the throne that she determined. She is just 24 years old. Her young and impressionable mind has pushed her to get the throne that she determined. This gorgeous lady has shown that if you have zeal and passion for something, you will get it. She belongs to the 2018-19 batch. She was 23 when she succeeded in cracking the exam. Her first joining was in Indian Railway Account Service. The achievement of her lies in her first attempt. She was able to crack CSE in her first attempt and got the post of IAS. This shows not only her intelligence and knowledge but her social activeness and ways of working. She has always been sharing the challenges and happy moments of her UPSC preparation journey. She feels proud in making her aims true and making her parents proud.

Her Current Posting

Her current posting is as an Assistant Collector. In an interview, she opened up everything. She said that she started preparing for CSE when her mother succeeded in the Group 2 A examination. She was studying Civil engineering at that time. The university was the College of Engineering Guindy. She added that her mother was married at a young age. She is motivated by her mother. Her mother started preparing for the competitive exams when she joined college. Her strategy for life is putting 100% effort into whatever she has started to do. She encourages other people to live in the moment and work dedicatedly.

The Civil Servant’s Life Details

This unstoppable IAS officer’s father’s name is R. Ramanathan. He is a cashew farmer. He belongs to the Cuddalore district. Her mother has been her role model since she handled all the things excellently. Her mother has secured a government job six years ago. At present, her mother’s age is 43. When this IAS officer was studying in college, she got the opportunity to get free-of-cost learning. This free coaching was given to her by Manidhaneyam IAS Academy and Aram IAS Academy. All of her details have been opened up by her in the interview and she said that she is an energetically driven personality.

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Lessons to Learn from this Incredible Lady

Everyone has a role model who inspires them till infinity and brings the bravery to follow their heart. This braveheart and enthusiastic IAS officer confessed that IAS officer Gagandeep Singh Bedi was her role model. She used to read about him and listen to his success stories. You must also read about such amazing people to get inspired and goal-oriented. She said that success is due to two major people in her life. Furthermore, she dedicated her success to former Chennai Mayor Saidai Duraisamy. Author M.Karthikeyan has given her mentorship and she is sincerely grateful to both of them. There are so many lessons that you can learn from this unbelievable lady. The first is her curiosity. She wants to know the “why” of everything she notices. She is a very keen observer. This IAS officer is truly enthusiastic about her work. She believes in giving her full efforts to whatever she does. This is the reason why she is inspiring people.

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UPSC Preparation

Many people sink themselves into depression or anxious zones by not being able to crack the exam. You should know about the stories of such people. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to be successful in CSE. You have to be a deep thinker, keen observer, a mindful person, curious, and above all, passionate. This civil servant has shown that you can get what you desire by just taking a deep breath and letting yourself calm. You must be a fighter who only sees his goal and works with perseverance to get it. If you are a candidate of UPSC, you need to learn everything from this lady from being available and responsible to everything to being hardworking and determined.

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Every journey is beautiful but the courage and fearlessness of a person make him/her conquer the world and the dreams. We hope that this article has helped you to gain tremendous lessons for achieving your ambitions. We have tried to cover all the points of her life. The strategy to succeed is hard work. Some people get depressed quite easily and then different people overcome the difficulties by their passion and make it to success. The UPSC exam brings challenges to you in every field. If you are finding it difficult to prepare for the exam, you must visit UPSC Pathshala. You will get professionals to guide you on every aspect of the website. This is true that the candidates feel stressed during the exam due to several reasons. You will get the answers to your queries along with knowing all the details of the prerequisites needed for the exam.

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