The stories by the experienced people bring encouragement from all the UPSC aspirants. People search for the strategy to crack this exam. The major tactic or strategy for CSE is positivity and motivation. If you lack these two major things due to stress or pressure, you will fail dishearteningly. You must be a person with a curious and learning mind. All the candidates of the UPSC exam must listen to the incredible stories of the people who have turned their dreams into reality.

You will get the inspiration of preparing along with the development in strength for functioning. The working process for the IAS officers is the most challenging and risky because they have to serve their nation along with maintaining harmony within the citizens. We have shared this article on Jafar Malik Wiki along with his current posting for you to learn from his journey. Keep reading this article to encourage your mind, body and soul and to inspire yourself to achieve your aims.

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IAS Jafar Malik Biography

IAS Jafar Malik was born on 10 February 1989. It will not be wrong to say that he has been a child of dreams and perseverance. His father and mother have always supported him to achieve his ambitions. This is a true and biggest blessing if a person is supported by his parents. There are many achievements that came in his journey. He is an inspiration to many young people who want to crack UPSC. Jafar Malik IAS is a person of a hardworking mind and a passionate heart. He has achieved the biggest milestones in his life by adding both qualities. You must develop a great mindset to pursue your dreams. If you want to be an IAS in future, you must learn from his life journey and keep yourself goal-oriented.

An Unbelievable Young Mind

IAS Jafar is undoubtedly a great influence on the youth of the nation. He was always a person with dignity and dreams. When he was in school, he was the topper of the class. He was interested in studies and wanted to chase something new and innovative. His mind was always stuck at a point to create new ways. His graduation and post-graduation also went exceptionally great because of his courageous brain.

This personified fearless man believes that you can achieve your ambitions by hard work and education is a never-ending process. Education is an investment that will come back to you with a larger interest in life. You must spend your time, money and brain on education. He thinks that his education gained in graduation and post-graduation has benefited him largely.

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Inculcating Wisdom!

Many candidates of UPSC lose their identity and thinking capabilities while preparing for UPSC. They think that the exam could only be cracked by taking tension and deeply involving yourself in books. Knowledge is important but your mental and health state is the priority. You must build wisdom and act in that manner. You have to think nicely about your strengths and weaknesses and after that start preparing. IAS Jafar Malik also believes in a composed mind. If your mind will not be stable, you will never achieve your desires. So, acknowledge all the required facts and act wisely.

Jafar Malik IAS

This lion is from the 2013 IAS batch. He was posted in the same year. He has been serving excellently since then. To be an IAS officer is considered pride and the biggest achievement in our country. He is counted among the 5 thousand VIPs that administer the nation. His current age is 32. His young and impressionable mind is working tirelessly for making the nation upgraded. He is married. The name of his wife is Afsana. Being in a prestigious position is a reward not only for him but for his family. This brave man was always conscious and clear in his thoughts and beliefs. Since 2013 he has been posted on many posts and has worked adequately. His ER sheet has proof of it. He has never been in any controversy. He is a simple yet confident person.

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His IAS Journey

This confident personality has implemented the laws and orders in different parts of the nation. He has represented himself exceptionally to the people. His IAS Journey has been inspiring and motivating. The candidates can grasp many points from his life. His optional subject is not known. He did not crack the UPSC exam in his first attempt yet, he never lost hope and worked continuously. He shows that a person fails when he doesn’t even try. If you have charisma and passion for something, you will get it by hook or crook. You must keep trying and putting in your efforts. His current posting is in Ernakulam. He is putting his determination into making the place uplifted and better.

New Ernakulam Collector

Jafar Malik IAS is the new Ernakulam Collector. He is a District Collector in Ernakulam. He has been posted here with immediate effect. He is getting such achievements due to his large impact on the people through his effective working. He has also been shifted as the Managing Director of the Bridges and Roads Development Corporation of Kerala. Kerala is a peaceful state with the best education system in the entire nation. This incredible man took charge here and changed the condition of roads in the state. It could be seen that his efforts are bringing enlightenment to his soul and sparkles in his life. Along with being the strict and disciplined man on duty, he is the most dedicated man in his personal life. You must learn that all the aspects of life should be balanced equally with determination.

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UPSC Preparation

The time of UPSC preparation is the toughest for all the candidates. Each candidate put their determination into the preparation. All the aspirants strive to get knowledge and understanding in every area and sphere. There is a lot of pressure in the minds of the people because of the large syllabus and heavy responsibility. People get disturbed and regressive by seeing the state of other people. All of them forget to eat and sleep. The highest competition brings negativity to everyone’s mind. The most important thing is that you should not leave eating, sleeping and learning new things. Pressure is sometimes helpful too. You must have pressure because it makes you connected to your dreams but you must be confident enough to not sink into unnecessary things.

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Intelligence comes from knowledge and passion drives hard work. If you are a candidate for the UPSC exam, you must build this strategy. There are many people who get depressed after failing in one or two attempts. You must learn from such unstoppable people to keep working for your dreams. UPSC is not a bed of roses, rather it is the way of thorns. If you dream of being in a dignified position or serving the country with your efforts, you have to walk on this challenging path. Winners are those who create their own way and make it easier. If you have any questions or confusion about this exam, you can drop a comment here or visit UPSC Pathshala. This is a promise that you will get solutions to every problem that you have along with guidance from amazing professionals. Therefore, bring the wisdom to crack the exam.

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