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Are you taking the UPSC exam in 2021? Have you started with your preparation yet? Not sure where to start with the vast syllabus of the exam? Planning on getting help with your preparation but don’t know which institutes to choose from? Are you worried you would end up wasting money on the wrong kind of coaching classes? If your answer to all of the above questions is affirmative, then you are in the right place.

In the following article, read about the good institutes that prepare the candidates for IAS Civil Services with the right strategy, and if you are still not sure about spending money on a coaching class, take a look at other options available for you at a cheaper price.

Coaching Classes for IAS in Gurgaon

Delhi is known to be the hub for coaching classes for competitive exams. However, people from Gurgaon need not travel to Delhi for their UPSC preparation. Here is a list of some well-known institutes in Gurgaon with their basic features.

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Ram IAS Academy –

Known to be established in 2015, provide foundational courses, beginner courses, and weekend crash courses for the UPSC Civil Services exam. They are known for their personalized classes and a clear exam strategy for the exams.

Gurgaon IAS Academy-

Established in 2005, the institute is known for its morning and evening batches. They provide e-books for UPSC notes and circulate information on their telegram group.

Shaan Foundation IAS Academy-

Founded in 2018, Shaan foundation is an IAS Academy as well as a social foundation that works for the development of underprivileged kids. They provide demo classes for a week for free. They solely focus on IAS.

Unique Shiksha-

An initiative by Unique Publishers, it has been awarded by Indian Education Awards 2016 and 2017 as the best Civil Services Coaching. It provides personal mentors and a fixed class schedule for the entire year.

It should be noted that these classes are offered in Gurgaon only, and for a list of IAS institutes in Delhi, you can refer here. The institutes mentioned above have the highest success rates and are known for their faculty and preparation notes but are these the best option to opt for? Read on to know the best possible options one can get.

Online Institutes

While the IAS Institutes mentioned above are known to be successful for several candidates, their course fees could range from around ₹ 50,000 to ₹ 1,00,000 and above. Students sometimes just look for occasional help with their preparation and do not want to commit to a full-time course for their IAS preparation. In case you are one of those students, you can sign up for online classes that have similar success rates but a lower amount of fees.

Notable Features of Online Classes

At UPSC Pathshala, you can get the following benefits in addition to minimal fee categories as compared to traditional coaching classes-

  • Online video lectures- Video lectures are more accessible for students and they can go back to the lectures at their convenience.
  • Personal mentor- You don’t have to worry about fading out due to a large number of students in a class. You get personal mentors who make it a point that you understand the concepts and spend proper time in preparation.
  • Practice tests- You take regular tests by the end of every module, and you get enough practice to be clear with every concept and question.
  • Fee- What you pay for an online class is less than half of what you pay for a traditional class, and you get added benefits online as well.
  • UPSC Guru- An app that gives you access to practice tests, current affairs, exam information, and a buddy to study along with, UPSC Guru is your one-stop solution for all your preparation woes.


If you are determined to clear the IAS exam in 2021, we hope you have found your way to the best coaching institutes for your preparation. If you’re looking for personalized mentors and unique preparation strategies online, you can sign up for a free demo class here. For those who do not want to join classes and indulge in self-study itself, they can access free blogs for their preparation help and benefit from them.

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