The IAS preparation journey is a tough one, when you decide to start this voyage you need to have a strong will to get through the hard journey. You have to follow the right direction and need to explore your learning path. You have to look for novel ways of finding new information that can make you bring you more knowledge about the UPSC examination and IAS as a career. One such way to get first-hand information about the IAS as a profession is to read about the biographies of IAS officers who are performing well in their careers.


In this wiki article, you will get to learn about IAS Dr K Vasuki wiki. Dr K Vasuki IAS’s current posting, her UPSC rank, her optional subject, family, and strategy. You will get to learn many things that will help you prepare for the UPSC examination with more clarity and with more dedication.

IAS Dr. K Vasuki Wiki/ Biography

IAS Dr K Vasuki had an inspiring journey that we will acquaint you with, in the preceding section. IAS Vasuki pursued her career in medicine. When she started working in the government hospital she realized that working as a doctor was not enough to give back to society and eliminate the problems that people are going through.

When she went to the government medical college she saw the real face of the world which was not acceptable to her. When she went to the pediatric ward she could see the malnourished children. With the disturbing thought in her mind when she used to ask the mother of the kids about the reason, she was disheartened with the fact that their husband was a drunkard.

She realized that starvation and poverty are the black spots on society that have to be eradicated ASAP. This was the trigger point in her life, after which she was adamant to become an IAS officer.

Dr K Vasuki’s IAS Rank

IAS Dr K Vasuki with her complete hard work cleared the UPSC examination in 2008 with the 97th rank. She worked hard and scored the rank to fulfil her dream to make the world a better place.

She achieved the Madhya Pradesh cadre but was then transferred to Kerala Cadre after marrying the 2011 batch Kerala Cadre IAS Dr S Karthikeyan.

She has been a bold person since her youth where she stood against discrimination and molestation against girls. She never accepted the molestation happening against women. She is carrying out her responsibilities in full capacity which teaches us a whole lot of things.

IAS Dr K Vasuki’s Work

She served initially in Madhya Pradesh and then was transferred to Kerala on the ground of getting married to IAS of batch 2011 Dr S Karthikeyan. In 2017 she served as the Director of “Suchitwa Mission”. There she was appreciated for her efforts in implementing the green protocol and she also made efforts on obviating plastic waste.

During the National games in Kerala in 2015, due to her consistent efforts, plastic was successfully managed out of the event. It was her determination and hard work that made the whole region proud.

Not only this, in a festival “Attukal Pongala which sees thousands of women devotees and tons of plastic waste generated till the end of the festival but when she was serving as the director of the Suchitwa mission under Vasuki’s supervision “ initiative called “Ammakku Rou Steel glass” was implemented where people used to donate steel utensils, which was used to serve the food.

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Vasuki IAS Current Posting

Vasuki IAS current posting is in Thiruvananthapuram as a director collector. But in 2019 she went for a 6-month leave for some personal reason.

Life Lessons to Understand from Dr K Vasuki Biography

There are many lessons to imbibe from Dr K Vasuki’s journey, take a look at this learning and see how you can make the most of the knowledge gained from the Dr K Vasuki wiki article.

Remain Adamant towards Your Dream

Since Dr Vasuki realized the real face of the world where women were facing lots of hardships, children were suffering from malnutrition and abuse was common in society. She became adamant to become an IAS officer who would play a role in eradicating all this.

She became adamant to not just serve the country as a doctor but as an IAS officer. She worked hard towards her dream and she was able to achieve it because she was adamant.

When a person is adamant about achieving one thing they leave no stone unturned to achieve it. Similarly, when you want to become an IAS officer you have to become adamant to crack the UPSC examination.

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Being Resilient

Resilience is bouncing back from the challenges that you face in your life. Being resilient is the skill one needs to survive in this world. When you are resilient no challenge can affect you to the level of your trigger point. You become ready to face any problem that will come your way, you get prepared to face them with all your strengths.

Being resilient is an imperative skill required to be an IAS officer. It is not guaranteed that irrespective of how much you work hard, you do not get through the UPSC examination in just one attempt. But you don’t have to get disheartened if you don’t clear it. You have to be stronger and need to work much harder than the first time. If you are not resilient you may lose your path to become an IAS officer.


To clear the UPSC examination right guidance is really important, you have to see whether you have a mentor or you want to take the help of a coaching centre. Without guidance, you may work hard in the wrong direction which will be a total waste of your time and it might not even yield the desired result.

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IAS Dr K Vasuki is one of the renowned IAS officers in south India. Learning about different people who are serving the country as an IAS officer is really intriguing, not only do you get the required knowledge about how to crack the UPSC examination, but you also get the motivation to work hard and work like them. Or you may also get the benchmark in your life to work hard and work smart to be more successful than them.

Hopefully, this article helps you to get in-depth knowledge about how IAS works and what responsibilities they have. To find more of such inspiring articles, keep your eyes here.


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