IAS Namit Mehta is India’s one of the desired and reputed officers from those 5000 officers which sound very small for a largely populated country like India and to become one of the greatest achievers of India, is considered great respect for him and also the family.

This article talks about the greatest achiever of all time and the real hero of the country who has strive to earn this name and respect in society. An admirable story and vision to make our country the best, by serving day and night to bring the best facilities for the people.

Namit Mehta IAS 

IAS Namit Mehta was the Collector & District Magistrate, Jaisalmer in the year 2012 and then got transferred as the Collector & District Magistrate, Bikaner.

Namit Mehta Biography 

Namit is a commerce postgraduate and a chartered accountant cum company secretary and was unsure about his career and choices in life as a Civil Service Officer. His father Kamal Mehta, became his advisor and his friend who would guide him in his life on the right path. His father made him realise he is capable of becoming an IAS and he could serve the nation well.

“With the motivation of my father and wife, I could finally narrowed down my career choice to IAS and shifted to New Delhi for preparation,” told Namit Mehta. “I was the senior vice president of the student union at at Jai Narayan Vyas University, Jodhpur. Ihave always loved to engage in public interactions. As an administrative officer, I would want to serve by holding frequent interactions with them as to know and understand their problems better,” said Namit.


# Namit for General Studies had chosen self-study instead of going for coaching.

# For current affairs he had said to read two newspapers, one competition magazine and one weekly/fortnightly magazine,

# UPSC toughest part is time management and Namit has given some tips on it, that one should always keep enough time for revisions and they should not give more time in reading books.

# Namit used to study 2 subjects a day.

# Namit believed that one should at least have time for two revisions before the mains exam and that’s an integral part of UPSC mains. He had focused more on optional subjects than GS papers

# Namit also explained that one should select they’re optional based on their background, aptitude, availability of the reading material and coaching

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Namit: I faced the IMG Khan panel. They asked questions related to my current service (IRS), my educational background and on the imp. National and international issues. The board was very cordial. I would advise aspirants to look at the interview as a personality test and not another paper. Also, they should never be prejudiced against particular panels. Honesty, composure, awareness, knowledge about your own bio-data, and smartness are the keys to fetch good marks.

Tips for UPSC

# Namit advised that one should not read too many books as it will be hard to get them revised and in his first attempt he had made the mistake and one more major mistake was when he had considered the interview as a theory paper and not a practical one

# One should always focus on their writing practice

# Namit: This exam requires hard work. Any student with average intelligence can crack this exam. Thus never lose hope, believe in God and those who love you. Prepare yourself to work hard and success will be yours. Be patient as sometimes this exam may test it.

# One should not exceed the word limit of the answer or else one will find it difficult to complete the paper.

# His hard work, regular studies, support of the family and firm belief made him an IAS.

Marks and UPSC Rank

Namit has achieved a rank of 13 in CSE 2012.

His Subjects  Total Marks (of the examination) 
Essay 200
General Studies 600
Commerce & Accountancy 600
Public Administration 600
Total(Written) 2000
Interview 300
Total 2300

IAS Namit Mehta’s Optional Subject 

Namit’s optional subject was Public Administration, he had told that one should only choose their optional subject based on their priorities and he had selected it based on his interest.

Namit has mentioned that for UPSC preparation for the optional subject Public Administration one should go through the previous years question papers and also the syllabus thoroughly. But one can go around the doubts of when and how to start preparing the subject, one should always keep one thing in mind that before starting to read about the optional subject, one should be aware of what is the subject and its whereabouts, then check the exam pattern, syllabus and previous years question papers.

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All India 13th rank holder IAS Namit Mehta has shared many useful tips for the UPSC aspirants and also his great journey has motivated many UPSC aspirants and also the citizens of our country to think big and also dedication is the direct route to success. Many success stories have inspired many UPSC aspirants to reach their goals and this story is one of them which helps UPSC aspirants deal with examination anxiety, stress and helps them to sort their priorities.

If an aspirant badly wants to achieve his/her goal then he/she will get it with at most determination and passion, that they have got and UPSC Pathshala will always help the aspirants who want to give their hundred 100% and we are always here to support them with articles to keep them motivated, strategies and tips for their preparation and help them achieve it.

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IAS Namit Mehta: Story of Jodhpur Lad Striving for His IAS Dreams
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