Nitika Khandelwal is an Indian administrative officer who got the posting of a joint magistrate of Roorkee. Despite being visually impaired, she cleared the IAS and was appointed as the assistant secretary at the department of school education and literacy. She did what the youth cannot possibly imagine. She motivates the aspirants with her hard work and commitment towards society.

Her hobbies include photography and spending time with kids. She has a passion for social activities as well.

Read this Nitika Khandelwal wiki till the end to find out her age, marksheet and her husband and marriage too.

Is Nitika Khandelwal Married?

Yes. As per the available information on her husband and marriage, it is known that she has completed her marriage and her husband’s name is Rahul Gupta. They currently live in Roorkee, Uttarakhand.

Ideology of Nitika Khandelwal

She believed being knowledgeable is an important thing, it is all about being informed in a nutshell. She emphasizes that youth should be curious to learn about things in general. If you want to bring a change in society you need to be knowledgeable at first and then you can execute your plan. She also adds that youth empowerment would be that the youth becomes informed. Once they have the information only then they can help others and serve the country.

Because we know that there are underprivileged and less educated people in our society that are looking for our help. She also suggests opening yourself to new information and spreading the right information at the right time. Don’t have multiple perceptions about things which you do not know of.

Apart from Nitika Khandelwal, there are other UPSC toppers who did exceedingly well in UPSC exams, let’s get to know what things they followed and what made them apart from the rest of the aspirants.

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Helpful Tips to Go by for Your UPSC Exam

  1. Maintain a Balance between GS and Optional Subject- You should give equal attention to all the papers in the Mains exam. Try balancing the preparation of your GS and optional subject. Few applicants concentrate only on all general studies papers and leave optional for later. Go with a balanced approach.
  2. Enhance your writing skills- The IAS mains exam is all about writing great-quality answers. You need to get into the habit of practicing a lot of answer writing questions to get decent marks in the Mains test. So, try writing one or two responses on a regular basis to improve your writing response skills.
  3. Being aware of UPSC trends- You should be aware of the kind of  UPSC questions asked. You need to refer to the last 3-4 years’ mains question paper including both the general studies and optional paper. Once you understand the pattern and the type of questions that UPSC has posed, you can plan accordingly.


The biggest takeaway from this article would be that despite being physically disabled you too can dream of clearing the UPSC IAS exams. There should be no boundaries to what you can achieve. One more thing that can be learned from the UPSC toppers is that you do not need to clear the IAS exam in the first attempt. It has taken UPSC toppers three-four attempts to grab the highest ranks and that just goes to prove that consistency is the key, just because you could not secure a rank in the first attempt does not mean that you do not have the potential to qualify for the UPSC.

All you need is to believe in yourself and keep trying. There is a reason why UPSC offers multiple attempts. So take this advantage and give your best until or unless you are satisfied with your effort.

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