IAS Prateek Jain Biography: Know the UPSC Topper AIR 82 of Batch 2016

IAS Prateek Jain Biography

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This article will focus on the AIR 82 of batch 2016 from the UPSC exam Prateek Jain. This article serves as Prateek Jain’s biography. So let’s know stuff like his rank, posting, strategy and much more.

Prateek Jain IAS

The IAS officer Prateek Jain had a rank of 82 all India in the 2016 UPSC exams. He was born in Delhi and brought up there too. His older brother too is a civil servant. He is an IRS officer. Prateek passed out from IIT Guwahati in the year 2013.  He did a course in Electronics and Electrical engineering.  He had a lot of support from his family members. He initially believed he was not capable enough to become an IAS officer but he managed to have a very impressive marksheet to achieve his goals!

Prateek’s current posting is in the Ranga reddy district of Telangana, where he is the district collector and magistrate.


So let’s look at Prateek Jain’s strategy for the exam. He had an engineering degree and thus took physics as his optional subject as it was well suited for him.

He did not believe in taking information from everywhere possible. He says it is important to take information according to your needs. Take in the information as much as you can accommodate and do not overstress yourself with information. Prateek Jain created notes from both digital media and print media. He used online services to collect information on topics for his exam.

He used to create very short and incise notes that helped him to keep the key information. He first used to read the source multiple times to get a grip of the subject.

Prateek Jain used blogs too for getting information on various topics but spent more time going through resources offline.

Interview Prep

Prateek Jain had prepared very well for his interview.  He used only two methods to prepare for his interview. He relied on current affairs and his DAF.

He read his DAF thoroughly every day and tried answering all the possible questions they can ask from the DAF. This allowed him to find answers for any twisted question.

He also attended two mock interviews for the exam so that he could get a better grip on interview marks for the UPSC exam.

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Creating Notes

Creating notes is very important in terms of your UPSC exam. Creating notes will help you to remember all the information for the exam and will also aid in revision.

Revising for the exam is very important as it will help you to overcome all difficulties and will also help you to cover your weaknesses.

Create notes very creatively and with dedication. Use the notes in revision and also note down all information that requires you to remember hard facts like dates and venues of events.

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Create a timetable that will help to achieve your goals. It is very important to set goals according to a timetable as it will ensure that you will fulfil these goals. Create a timetable that is set around your syllabus and will ensure that you will score high marks.

Have weekly, daily and even monthly goals along with your timetable. Create a personalised timetable so that you can follow it thoroughly. Everyone does not have the ability to study 8 hours a day so make sure you know your strength and then make a timetable accordingly. Get inspired by others but do not copy from others!


Revising is a very key component for the exam. Many toppers tend to score higher cause they revise more than they read.

Generally, it is advised to read from lesser sources and revise those sources more. The revision will also help you to cover all your weaknesses.

Add revising into your timetable and use notes to revise efficiently. The revision will definitely help to boost your final marks in the examination.


Prateek Jain is an IAS officer who is currently posted in Telangana. Read his biography to know how he got the rank of AIR 82 in the UPSC exam.

As stated by the topper, he believes that it is very important to take information only according to appetite. Meaning that takes information as much as you can accommodate and do not overindulge in information as it can be lost. This lost information can either be the new information or even older information.

Keep reading your DAF for the interview round as most questions are based on your DAF. All the best!

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IAS Prateek Jain Biography: Know the UPSC Topper AIR 82 of Batch 2016
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