Essay on ‘Poverty’ for UPSC: Improve UPSC Essay Topics Writing Skill with Ease

essay on poverty for upsc

To those that are looking to improve their UPSC essay topics writing skills for the IAS exam can go through this article.

This article provides a sample essay on poverty for UPSC and candidates can learn how to write the best essay for UPSC.

The article will first introduce the topic, then talk about the issue of poverty in India and then conclude by talking about changes that can help create a change.

Essay on ‘Poverty’ for UPSC – First Para

Poverty is said to be a state where a person cannot even get the most basic needs of human life. They cannot get these basic needs due to lack of financial resources in their life. Poverty is a very major issue in the country. The poverty level in India is very high and is hindering the development goals of the country. The reasons for poverty are many but in short, population explosion, lower agricultural productivity, price rise, insufficient resources, debt trap and no proper government program development.

These causes have increased the poverty level and have increased the gap between the rich and poor. The poor keep getting poor whereas the rich keep getting richer. This has further caused problems in the economy. Poverty not only affects a single family or person, but also the economy of the country. The overall economy of the country depends on the output produced and poverty decreases the efficiency.

Problems with Poverty

Poverty also leads to problems like illiteracy, bad health and these lead to a downfall in human capital. Due to high poverty, India has a huge labour force that works for underpaid amounts and they hardly manage to meet the daily needs of their family.

Malnutrition and unhygienic living conditions is very common among the poor sections of society. Poverty also leads to discrimination in society. The poor are looked down upon and people believe they are not the same as the rich and noble. They do not get the chance to overcome this poverty due to discrimination. The poor section of people due to illiteracy do not get high paid jobs, and the poverty continues.

Second Para

Poverty has been in society for a long time and to create change it is very important to have support from the private sector too. The government has set up a lot of programmes in order for poverty alleviation. The NREGA 2005 is one of the most famous programmes released by the government. The program gives wages to laborers for work provided. Even if the government cannot give them work, they yet will be given the amount promised by the government. This programme is one of the most profound and important programmes for poverty alleviation in India.

Present State

The government is doing the best it can but the people need to create a change in mindsets. The need for having no discrimination is very important. With a change in mindset will come the ability for creating a real change in the society. These changes will also help in eliminating poverty.

The coronavirus is a deadly disease that has been affecting the lives of every person, but the most affected are again the poor section of society. Government programs alone will not be enough to create a permanent change, NGOs are going out of their way to create a change and it is very positive to see the rich trying to create a change by donating or helping by providing even the basic services.

Conclusion Para

Poverty is an issue that will not disappear in a day or two but even the most basic efforts have not been helping to eradicate poverty. India has had a large section of poor people from the time of British rule itself. India has overcome many stages but is yet to cut down the poverty levels by a big majority in recent times. Poverty is not just subjected to not having enough money but also not having the ability to get basic life requirements like food, sanitation, clean drinking water or even shelter. Rapid economic growth through a boost in technology has surely helped India to halve the rate of poverty from 55% to 27%. This positive growth in poverty alleviation is very essential for the basic development of India.

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This article is a sample essay for UPSC essay topics. This will help students to understand how to write essays for the IAS exam and how to write to score higher in exams.

The essay is divided into parts so that it is easier to cover every aspect of the topic. This will allow you to show the knowledge you have on the topic and also try your best to link the topic to a current affair.

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