The ladies IAS UN agency has been in the authority of this region for the last 2 years. Her name is Dr Priyanka Shukla (IAS Priyanka Shukla). Because of her doctor’s degree in literature, Priyanka has not positioned a doctor before her name, nevertheless as an outcome of this, she has studied MBBS. The willingness to become an associate degree ISIS was such when MBBS departed the exercise likewise.

Know more about the IAS officer who had two major situations that changed her life and she became the lady tiger of Uttar Pradesh. This article speaks all about her and her early life and the strategy that she used, one should always get inspired by stories like these, so stay tuned till the end.

IAS Priyanka Shukla Biography

# Priyanka Shukla is an IAS officer in the area of Chattisgarh and is quite effective on social media like Twitter. She has also been creating understanding among the people about the coronavirus pandemic.

# She was an MBBS doctor before she wrote her UPSC examination and became an IAS officer. There was an incident that changed her life and her career as the whole

# She obtained her MBBS degree from KGMU in Lucknow in 2006 and then joined as an IAS officer in 2009 Cadre.

# While her posting she had also served a slum area in Lucknow for a checkup and there she saw a woman and her children drinking unhygienic water and she approached them. The woman had asked her that if Priyanka was a collected or some sort of government official.

# This changed her career path and that’s when she decided to take up the examination and she succeeded in her second attempt.

# Priyanka was always driven to a social cause and that’s what kept motivated her in her entire journey.

IAS Priyanka Shukla Wiki

There are two fascinating tales of Priyanka Shukla becoming IAS. The first occurrence is innocence. When Priyanka’s father was employed to do a government job in Uttarakhand. The family accordingly lived in Haridwar. During this time, when the father used to depart through the Haridwar Collector’s office and housing distressing daughter Priyanka, then he used to tell – “daughter, I also want to see your name on the nameplate hanging on the wall”. From that time on, Priyanka started envying becoming an IAS.

The second occurrence is associated with Lucknow. When Priyanka Shukla received an MBBS degree from King George Medical College Lucknow in 2006. During this period, as a doctor she was doing training, she entered the messes in Lucknow for a checkup. During this period a woman was drinking dirty water and so were her children. Seeing this, Priyanka asked her why but, the woman replied asking her was she a collector or any other official. This occurrence penetrated Priyanka’s heart. It was felt that IAS is to be prepared now. After this, she commenced formulating for the assessment of the Union Public Service Commission. She eventually succeeded in the following attempt.


She had received an All India Rank of 73 in her examination in the CSE 2008, numerous aspects operated in Priyanka’s favour during her mission to serve as an IAS officer

Priyanka Shukla Posting 

Name  Dr.(Ms.) Priyanka Shukla
Identity no Id No. 108E02
Date of appointment 31/08/2009
Source of recruiting RR
IntralAS User Id priyanka.ias09
Date of Birth 25/08/1980
Allotment Year 2009;CG
Cadre & Domicile Uttar Pradesh
Age 38 Years

Optional Subject 

Her optional subject was Geography and she referred to NCERT books of class 9,10,11,12 for the optional subject.

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# The digit of hours you fix aside doesn’t question.

“There is a strong notion that if you spend long hours with your books, there’s a higher chance of you clearing the examination which I completely disagree with,” Priyanka tells.

During her practice, she had to strategize in an upgrade to utilize her time adequately. She commenced by distributing the whole syllabus into bite-sized hourly fractions. Once she had meticulously detailed out the everyday topic she had to formulate, she lay aside 2-3 hours every day for it.

Understanding that the procedure of readying for the assessment can be inclusive and at moments demoralizing, she instructs the antagonists to find satisfaction in the corporation of colleagues and family.

Turn to Your valuable Ones in Periods of Question

“I didn’t appear for any post-graduation entrance examinations after completing my MBBS since my mind was completely focussed on civil services. But there were several times where I would have the fear of failure creeping in, at times like this I would call up my mother and derive strength from her words of encouragement,” she says.

Priyanka adds that driving positivity from your dear ones is significant when you’re formulating for the exam because there are leaving to be numerous models where you’ll feel like abandoning and the enthusiasm from the people you encircle yourself with will retain to assist you to get back up on your grounds.

And what about moments when you face disappointments?

Consider them as Trudging Rocks

She drives on to say that all candidates must retain the capacity to encompass obstacles as trudging rocks and only then can anyone accomplish their objectives. These little chunks are highly important, contemplating that the mission to evolving an IAS officer can be a lengthy buck.

But, don’t Look for Shortcuts

“After my first attempt, I took a year off and reappeared for the exam in 2008 and I had to wait till 2009 for my results. This taught me that patience is an absolute must in this long journey – always remember there are no shortcuts to success,” she shares.

Invest Time in Hobbies to Energise Your Mind

“One of the best things I ever did was to involve myself in hobbies that sparked my interest like painting and listening to songs. This gave me a little time to myself and helped me energise before the next study session,” says Priyanka.


Hoping this article kept you motivated and will keep inspiring you because she had never let down her dreams and no one should because failure is always and every time the key to success. Any doubts, comments, or suggestions, the comments section is always open below there.

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