The best source of learning about the strategy to clear the UPSC examination is through watching the documentary of an IAS officer and reading about their journey. An IAS aspirant gets to learn so many things through biographies, such as the strategy used by the IAS officer. This will help them to blend the strategies learned and the strategies they already have in their mind. With such planning, candidates are able to better prepare for the UPSC examination. Candidates also learn about the mistakes that the successful IAS officer made at the time of their IAS preparation. This make the IAS aspirant aware of the mistakes that they should avoid, such information helps the IAS aspirant to make less mistake and have a smooth IAS preparation journey. In this article, you will get to know the journey of an IAS officer Sarjana Yadav, you will get to know her current posting, you will learn from Sarjana Yadav’s biography.

 Sarjana Yadav Biography

Sarjana completed her graduation in Engineering from the Delhi University of Technology. After her graduation she workes in TRAI as a Research Officer. Sarjana has a rich background with an engineering degree and good experience. To prepare for the UPSC she quitted her job in 2018 when she started serious preparation. she got into full-time preparation for the UPSC examination. Before this attempt, she gave two more attempts when she was working. Those were the attempts for which she did not do serious preparation. As she gave the attempts with the job she was not able to give her full focus. But when she resigned from her job in 2018 she started serious full-time preparation.

 Question Answered by Sarjana

IAS aspirants go through many dilemmas from the starting of their preparation to the end. To cater to those questions Sarjana, spared few minutes from her routine to answer all the queries and give a guiding light to the aspirants. Let’s check the questions and the answers that Sarjana gave.

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Whether One should Go for Coaching or Not?

Sarjana suggests that if the individual thinks that she/he might need continuous guidance while she/he is preparing then the individual should go for coaching. If the individual thinks that they will be able to perform better in the classroom atmosphere, then you should go for coaching preparation. But if you are good at self-studies and you have faith in yourself that you are disciplined and honest towards your studies then you can opt for self-study. Sarjana opts for self-study for the entire duration of the UPSC preparation journey.

 How many Books to Read for Each Subject?

Sarjana says that the UPSC syllabus is very vast, reading 2-3 books for each subject will make it difficult for you to complete the syllabus in the stipulated time. She suggests that one should choose a good book for each subject and should read it thoroughly. Even if the book does not have one to two topics, it is alright and you can search that topic on google or look for other easily available resources rather than referring to another book completely. That one book only for the entire preparation. This will make your move in the right direction rather than wandering here and there with the bag of books on your back.

How many Hours should We Study?

Sarjana explains that candidates should not focus on the horse of study rather they should follow on the efficiency and productivity of their study. Each individual has their own level of understanding level. She suggests that the candidate must have a timetable to follow which will keep their preparation streamline protecting them from losing their way to their dream. Candidates should also make their weekly target which they should strive to complete and keep a record of.

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Should We make Notes of Each Subject?

Sarjana puts it this way, it is difficult to make notes of each subject as IAS aspirants have to attempt the mock test and they also have to revise the concepts regularly. Sarjana did not make notes of each subject, the books that had a very structured answer and were easy to understand did not require making notes. She made notes for the books that had long paragraphs and were not structured in a simpler format.

 How many Tests should We Give?

If a test series contains the static part, current affairs, and all the important parts, then going with that one mock test is enough. You don’t have to necessarily go for a 3-4 mock test because your colleagues or friends are choosing them.

 How should We Read the Newspaper?

Most IAS aspirants are doing the job or have recently graduated. Hence they don’t have the habit of reading newspapers daily. So Sarjana suggests that there is an online website that helped her to read the MCQs that were based on the bailey news. Reading those MCQs, helped her a lot. Hence if you don’t have the habit of reading the newspaper, you can opt for an online e-newspaper that can be downloaded with just one click on your phone. You can also go for reading magazines but sooner or later you have to bring the habit of reading newspapers daily. So the sooner you start the better it is.

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UPSC examination is one of the tough examinations that is taken by lakhs of the candidate. There are so many candidates who dream of becoming an IAS officer and they work with whole dedication. One such IAS officer is IAS Sarjana Yadav who made her dream come true. With great preparation, she ranked 126 in the UPSC examination. She made all the sound decisions from choosing the optional subject to choosing whether to go for coaching or not.

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IAS Sarjana Yadav Biography: How to become an IAS Officer through Self-Study?
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