It is said that when you read about other’s experiences you learn a lot. You learn from their failure and success. You can blend their strategy with yours and work towards achieving the goal. This is the reason the biography of so many people is read by a large proportion of the population.

Similarly, candidates who aspire to become IAS officers, are also suggested to read about successful officers, how they started their journey, what marks they got and what is their current posting. In this article, we will tell you about the Vikalp Bhardwaj wiki. You will have a few points to learn and get your preparation in the right direction.

IAS Vikalp Bhardwaj

Starting the IAS preparation and ranking 87 has been a great journey for Vikalp Bhardwaj, with his dedication and hard work he was able to pass the UPSC exam with flying colours. Journey from IAS preparation and being an IAS officer is a beautiful road to be taken if you are dedicated, consistent, and if you have the will to serve the country. You need to have a strong desire to serve the country and compromise your comfort zone for the people.

As the Cadre you will be allotted may not mandatorily be your home Cadre, it can be very far from the place where you have been born and brought and where you have loved once. The same happened with Vikalp Bhardwaj where he was allotted Kerala cadre but his home Cadre in Gujarat.

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IAS Vikalp Bhardwaj  Marksheet

You will be intrigued to know about the marks that Vikalp Bhardwaj got in the UPSC examination. This is how you get the marks for the UPSC examination

VIKALP BHARADWAJ 4 0 888 154 1042

Kerala to Gujarat

One of the interesting things that you will be astonished to know is that he was initially posted in Kerala after his training in Missouri. But his current posting is in Gujarat which is the home care. Do you want to know how this happened?

The 2016 batch of IAS officers that had 156 candidates were on their first assignment. This batch set the record for 6 married couples. Where one couple is Vikalp Bhardwaj and Pooja Yadav who is from the 2018 batch.

As Pooja Yadav was allotted the Gujarat Cadre, Vikalp Bhardwaj got the home Cadre Gujarat. Pooja Yadav ranked 157. Pooja Yadav has also become a motivational speaker. We are not sure how many people are destined in such a roller-coaster way to serve their home location as an IAS officer. This has been in the news all over. Both the IAS officers have been enjoying their life since then.

Strategy to Follow

To be an IAS officer takes a lot of courage and similarly when you are preparing for this prestigious position you will have to burn the midnight oil, compromise your pass time and utilize your time at the best. Not only this you will also be burdened with the pressure to clear the exam on the first attempt. Under so much pressure you will have to prepare for the vast syllabus given in the UPSC exam. How will you be able to do it? As it is possible for humans to achieve anything they want to, they have to follow the strategy to get what they desire. So to be a successful IAS officer you should follow the given strategy:-

 1. Know the Syllabus

The first job of yours is to write down the entire syllabus for different subjects on a sheet of paper and paste that sheet on a place where you can easily read it. You have to be well-versed with the syllabus

 2. Makes notes

If you are not in the habit of making notes then you start now, making notes helps you through the journey of your IAS preparation. Notes are very helpful at the time of revision when it is impossible to review the whole syllabus again, instead, you just review the important points.

3. Research

Research is the backbone of IAS preparation, from start to end you have to bring research into your daily routine. You will be required to research the IAS officers like Vikalp Bhardwaj to learn from his experience.

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Learning from the failure of others and the successful strategy of others is a great way to start the IAS preparation. Such research gives you do’s and don’ts to follow while you are preparing for the paper. With such a biography you are able to see the right direction to work on. You also get to know the mark sheet and how you get the result of the UPSC examination.

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