On meeting Shankar Narayan Panigrahi for the first time anybody could mistake him to be a simple villager, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Shankar Narayan Panigrahi is a retired IAS officer. While most people aim to settle in a life of comfort after serving the nation throughout their life, Mr Shankar decided to return to his home soil to begin a new journey and work towards the betterment of society. Continue reading this article till the end to know more about Shankar Narayan Panigrahi’s wiki.

Shankar Narayan Panigrahi Biography

Shankar Narayan Panigrahi hails from the Kulada Village, under the Bhanjanagar Block in the Ganjam District. Known as ‘collector’ by everyone in the village, Shankar Narayan started his career as a government servant under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. He even retired under the same department on 30th June 2018.

Shankar Narayan returned to his childhood village to fight and work against discrimination and superstitions that affect our society.

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How is IAS Shankar Narayan Helping the Society?

Every morning you can find Shankar Naryan near the village temple discussing social matters along with the villagers. He is doing his best to address the ills and evils of society. He believes his work is merely a continuation of what his father started years ago.

There is an old custom in his village in which they used to sacrifice animals. Shankar’s father along with few of his friends decided it was time to stop this cruelty towards animals. The group’s action caused a ripple effect which led to them receiving support from the district administration as well.

Prakash Chandra Sahu, a resident from Shankar’s village says that ‘ Shankar Nararayan’s personality is very unique. He is a very unique and simple person. Even after retiring, anyone would be surprised by his lifestyle. Given the time and age we live in, he has an extremely different approach to life. He doesn’t have a mobile or a car, nor does he live in an air-conditioned house. His house is very simple. He is unmarried. He also does not possess any items of luxury. His dedication to society is commendable. He campaigns against animal cruelty and even works to address various social stigmas.’

What is Shankar Narayan Panigrahi Lifestyle?

Shankar Narayan is a humble man by heart. He cooks, cleans and looks after himself. This is surely surprising given the stature and facilities offered by his profession. He feels no regret in staying down to earth and remains connected with his roots.

What other Prospects are Available after Retiring from IAS?

After retiring, an IAS officer can always enter the private sector. There are multiple opportunities available to them on a professional level. Some of them are listed below:

  • Retired government officials can secure high positions at MultiNational Corporations which belong to the field of the individual.
  • Retired IAS officers can enter politics if they wish to continue serving the public.
  • Retired IAS Officers can also join an NGO if they wish to work towards the betterment of society.

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What are the Various Perks of being an IAS Officer?

Candidates appearing in the UPSC examination do their best to secure a good rank so that they can become an IAS officer. Their motive to become IAS officers is to not only serve the countries but also enjoy the various perks that accompany it. Some of the perks of being an IAS officer are listed below:

  • IAS officers are provided with a residence with no or almost negligible rent.
  • They are provided with a government car and chauffeurs to travel from place to place
  • IAS officers are provided with security because of the dangerous nature of their job
  • Most of the services they get such as water, gas or electricity is either free or at a subsidised rent.
  • IAS officers enjoy multiple retirement benefits along with lifetime pension.

What is the Ideal UPSC IAS Preparation Strategy?

It is not easy preparing for the UPSC exams, but if you want to see good marks on your Civil Service Exams mark sheet then make sure to follow these below-mentioned tips –

  • Prepare yourself, not just for the exam but also for the journey that lies ahead. Before starting your UPSC preparations, try to prepare yourself physically and mentally for the challenges you are going to face. Understand the pattern of the UPSC exams and plan your preparation according to your own pace.
  • Making a timetable is an effective way to prepare for any competitive examination. It will make your work better and help you complete the syllabus at a faster pace.
  • You should know your UPSC syllabus inside out. The detailed syllabus is available on the internet. You need to understand the syllabus which will help you choose the correct study materials for your preparation.
  • Choosing the correct optional subject is a vital step in your preparation as they account for 500 marks in your final total. Choose an optional subject which is easy for you rather than listening to anyone else.

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The story of Shankar Narayan Panigrahi is an inspiration to all of us. Once you have performed your duties of an IAS officer, you retire. You can either relax, enjoy and spend time with your family or you can work towards the betterment of the society as Shankar Narayan does.

If you want to know more about UPSC preparation strategies or want to get inspired by life stories of such brilliant individuals you can always visit the UPSC Pathshala website. If you are planning to begin your UPSC preparation, do take a look at the various courses offered by UPSC Pathshala.

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