IAS Sonalika Jiwani Biography Wiki: Here’s Her Strategy, Rank and Everything Else

IAS Sonalika Jiwani Biography Wiki

Sonalika Jiwani,  an inspiration to many, obtained a 194 UPSC rank in the year 2016 in her first attempt with geography optional! She graduated from IIT Delhi and lives in Delhi. After completing her training at Lal Bahadur Shastri national academy of administration in Mussoorie.

Well, if you are wondering about Sonalika Jiwani’s posting then here’s your answer – She was posted as an assistant secretary in commerce. You must be wondering what made her grab this rank only in her first attempt.  Let’s find out her mantra and strategy behind her success!

What does Sonalika have to Say about Time Management?

She begins by saying that applicants need to manage time in four general categories — time management on a daily basis and during your exam schedule.

Fixing a routine is the most essential step, she says. She reveals that after waking up at 7:30 a.m., you should spend about three hours a day reading the newspaper from the end to the end, making notes online. Then you would study and relax, as expected, going to bed by midnight, sleeping at least 7-8 hours every night.

In the middle of all this, you should consider taking a break and spend some time alone. She shares, she would take 2-3 time-outs to break up the monotony. Making a routine may be difficult, but it’s an essential part of the training because you’ve made an effort to do it. When this is finished, half of the time management challenges will be overcome. She also recommends searching for a company to relieve the pressure and stabilize your tedious routine.

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What Sonalika has to Say about Managing Time During Exam Preparation?

She states Every attempt you give for UPSC is a two-year process. Start the training from the viewpoint of the mains test, where you first cover the static portions of basic subjects such as History, Polity, Economy. Reading the newspaper on a daily basis will benefit you, as you will be able to relate to the topics under discussion. The optional subject can be dealt with simultaneously, even if it is a new one.

While the training runs smoothly, Sonalika suggests changing the approach three months prior to the prelims. Start applying the factual elements of the basic subjects and reviewing current affairs. She cautions time really flies after the prelims.

Further adding to her strategy, she says, preparing for essay writing and Ethics should be done first, as these are subjects that are not focused upon during the planning of the prelims. The rest of them can be handled by taking the mock test series.

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Things to Keep in Mind while Writing Essays

  •  When writing an essay, particularly on abstract themes, always make a rough sketch of the essay first. This is going to help you stick with the subject and not get carried away with your thought processes. She recommends framing 4-5 viewpoints or observations that you will explore in the essay before you start writing it.
  • Begin your introduction part with something insightful. Like a quotation, an example, or a statistic.  Answer the viewpoints in a coherent framework in about 150 words, weaving one out of the other to preserve consistency. Using formatting elements, such as bullet points and paragraphs, makes the material reader-friendly.
  • The conclusion should summarise all the points that you put across. Sonalika points out that the conclusion should end on a positive note wherever possible, taking the form of a suggestion or recommending a way forward.

Sonalika Shares How to Keep Yourself Motivated!

Aspirants frequently stay aloof from their families during their journey of UPSC. This separation does add to the isolation of a difficult journey. Sonalika says that reminding yourself of the UPSC exam will help you set your target above your emotions.

She reveals, “I’d deal with depressive feelings by looking deeper into studies”. The feeling of finishing a complex topic during times of depression is much better than any mood swing.


If your goal is to crack the UPSC exam in the first attempt, it makes sense to imbibe the strategies listed by our very own Sonalika Jiwani. However, you do not need to be following everything and anything blindly. It’s also necessary to carry out your own strategies and plans according to your needs and capacity. That is why a well-formulated plan along with efficient time management is the best way to prepare for the UPSC exam.

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IAS Sonalika Jiwani Biography Wiki: Here’s Her Strategy, Rank and Everything Else
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