IFoS( Indian Forest Service) is one of the positions that is achieved through giving the UPSC exam which is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. It is equal to the designation of IAS, PCS. If you are preparing for the UPSC exam, then there are few prerequisite competencies that you need to have so that you do not fail to achieve what you desire. This is especially applicable when you have decided to go on this voyage alone without enrolling yourself in a coaching centre. You need to be consistent, dedicated, time management, smart work along with hard work, passionate, and motivated. One more component that is vital for you is the support from your friends and family. If you have the required support then you can achieve any impossible task in this world.

Things to Remember

Once you have made up your mind of clearing the UPSC without coaching, then you need to make sure that you remember a few things that are really important for you to know. You have to remember these points throughout the journey and not only for the first few months.

  • Don’t Give Up:- Giving should never be the option for you at any point of time
  • Be Consistent:- follow the timetable that you will be preparing at the starting of your preparation
  • 2 hours for yourself:- amidst the pressure of the preparation, you don’t have to get your mind stressed with so much burden, to shake away this burden you need 2 hours to break daily for yourself.
  • Thorough Research and notes:- these are two mandatory things that you have to follow throughout the preparation

Problems that You might Face

There are a few problems that you may face if you don’t enrol yourself in a coaching centre. It is important for you to know these problems, so that you are aware of them and when these problems come your way you are resilient enough to face them. When you know about these problems you will know what you have to find the solution to. And These problems will make you stronger in your preparation

  • Lack of guidance:- Coaching centres whether offline or online provide you with mentors on the individual level which helps you clear all your doubts at any point of time.
  • Creating a structure:-  Coaching centres have their predetermined plan for the students who are enrolling themselves into their coaching centre, so in this case, students don’t have to worry about creating a structure or research thoroughly about the syllabus.
  • Books and extra material:- coaching centres provide you with a bundle of books and extra resources for you to study. If you want more references for books, you are free to contact your mentor. But when you are studying along you will need to make the right decision amidst the ocean of books available in the market.

How to Start from Zero Level?

If you are making the first attempt for the UPSC examination then you have to start from scratch. So here is the complete guide for you stepwise for “How to start from Zero Level”. Follow the structure and you will be able to clear the forest exam preparation without coaching. To start from zero you need to have a very strong will. As there is this cliche saying “ Where there is a will there’s a way” if you truly want to dedicate yourself to this designation then despite any number of attempts you should be able to achieve it. As we said earlier quitting is not the option for you.

So read further and make a note of each point and see on what level are you, what you missed, what you need to do. Bring your problem-solving and analytical skills to use and don’t forget to relax your mind.

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1. Syllabus

UPSC has a very vast syllabus and you never know what comes from what subject, so to work in the right direction without the help of coaching institutes make sure you know the syllabus by hard. To learn or remember the syllabus write it in clear words or you can even make the flowchart and paste it on your cupboard where they are visible to you all the time. Don’t use small letters because that won’t be of any use, use big and clear words so that you can read it even from a far distance. When you have written the syllabus go through your weak points and strong points, evaluate them, and write them down under the heading “Notes” on the same page where you have written the syllabus. This syllabus will guide you through this journey and it will be like a roadmap for you which gives you direction to reach your destination that is to be the IFoS Officer

2. Time planning

Time table that you will prepare for the UPSC exam will be the one that will support you. Time management is really important when you are looking for an answer to “How to prepare for IFoS in 6 months without any coaching?” You won’t realize how quickly 6 months have passed. So it is better for you to remember the importance of each and every second and work accordingly. So the hours that you need to dedicate yourself to the study is 9-10 hours, which excludes the 2-hour break.

Make this timetable on a bigger chart again with a font size that is visible to you from a distance. Keep in mind that the timetable may change according to your study schedule, so don’t be afraid of changing it because that is a part of your learning and understanding of your study pattern. Go for the time table and the study schedule which works best for you.

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3. Two Hours Break

It is a mandate, 9-19 hours that you need to spend on the UPSC preparation excludes these 2 hours. Do you think you will be able to work under a lot of pressure? Do you think your mind will support you even when it is so stressed out? No, you will start facing problems once your mind is exhausted, you may procrastinate after a certain point of time resulting from the pressure that mind was facing. This will lead to the breaking of your consistency, your studying schedule.

So try your best, not to break this consistency which will lead to the loss of your time. You can take this break together or in short intervals, make sure in these 2 hours you are relaxing by sleeping for one hour and for another hour doing some exercise or doing something that makes you happy. You can dance, sing, play instruments, play with friends. But make sure you do something that keeps your mind calm, and this should be included in your daily routine.

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 4. Read Newspaper

Newspapers are indispensable, from the very first day of your preparation you need to bring this into your habit. Knowing about what is happening in your nation and outside your nation is really important for all the 3 rounds that you will be going through. Current affairs are an important part of these exams, and unless and until you read the newspaper you won’t be able to answer it. You can choose from the best newspaper recommended for the preparation of UPSC.

You should read the headings first so that you identify their relevance to your subjects and syllabus. You can skip the news that is devoted to local areas. But international and national use is mandatory to read. You can keep the cuttings of that news and make a scrapbook out of it, this will help you in remembering the news and even if you don’t remember it, during your revision time you can go and read that specific news. This way you are managing your time.

5. Books and Resources

For books and resources, you should search the internet thoroughly to choose from the plethora of options available for you in the ocean of books in the market. And reading each and every book will not be possible for you. So to start with, read the NCERT books from class 6 to 10. Then read Economics, Political Science, and Geography of class 11 and 12th class. These are the important books that you have to read no matter what. Keep making notes and writing them down. After completing these books go and search for the best books for UPSC, and refer to those books.

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At first clearing, the UPSC exam in 6 months without coaching may seem impossible. But there are many IAS officers, IPS officers, and IFoS officers who have made it possible. So learning from their strategies here is the complete guide for you to follow. But you don’t have to forget the basic competencies that you need to possess when you are deciding to go on this voyage alone – dedication, hard-working, consistency, smart work, and resiliency.


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How to Prepare for IFoS in 6 months without any Coaching? Check this to Find-out!
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How to Prepare for IFoS in 6 months without any Coaching? Check this to Find-out!
As it is said nothing is impossible in this world as long as you have the dedication and consistency to achieve it. Click here to find out how to prepare for IFoS in 6 months without any coaching.
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