What is IFS? The Indian foreign service or IFS is a very high ranked. Their job is to conduct diplomacy and manage foreign relations of India. IFS officers are selected through the UPSC exam.

The salary of an IAS officer depends on their post. The salary of an IFS officer is given per month and it also varies with the country they are posted in. After their training, they are sent to foreign embassies and are paid a special amount called Special Foreign Allowances which depends on the countries exchange rate with India.

The salary of an IFS officer in India is different than that in some foreign country. Every post has a different pay grade and it also depends on the skills you possess. Along with the basic salary, the pay grade is like a bonus income and the pay grade also depends on your post.

IFS Salary vs IAS Salary

It is very often confusing that IAS salary is the same as that of IFS salary but this may not be true. The salary of an IFS officer in India may be the same as an IAS officer but the country IFS officer is working in will change his salary. Salary of IFS officer in japan will be more due to him getting special allowances. IAS officers in India at higher posts get more salary.

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IFS Officer Rankings

There are 6 grades and 5 ranks in the IFS officer system

The 6 grades are:

  • Junior time scale
  • Senior time scale
  • Junior administrative scale
  • Senior administrative scale
  • Senior grade IV
  • High Commissioner or the Ambassador

The 5 ranks are:

  • Undersecretary
  • Deputy secretary
  • Joint secretary
  • Counsel director
  • Foreign secretary

Salary of IFS Officer

Grade Rank Basic pay

(in ₹)

Grade pay

(in ₹)

  Junior time scale Under secretary 8000 5400
Senior time scale Under secretary 10650 6600
Junior administrative scale Deputy secretary 12750 7600
Senior administrative scale Joint secretary 18400 10000
Senior grade IV Counsel Director 15100 8700
High Commissioner or Ambassador Foreign secretary 26000 nil

IFS Salary Per Month

An IFS officer’s salary per month is around ₹60000 including all the perks like bonus income but the daily allowance changes. If an officer is posted in the United States of America they can get an allowance of up to 2.4 lakhs per month. The allowance increases with an increase in post or rank. The net salary of the officers are:

Junior scale- ₹ 15600- ₹ 39100  with grade pay ₹5400

The senior scale has three categories:

  • Senior time scale earn  ₹ 15600- ₹ 39100  with grade pay  ₹6600
  • Junior administrative scale earn  ₹ 15600- ₹ 39100  with grade pay  ₹7600
  • Selection grade earn  ₹37400- ₹67000 with grade pay of   ₹7600

Super time scale earns ₹37400- ₹67000 with grade pay of  ₹10000.

Officers above the super time scale are divided into three categories:

  • Super super time scale earn  ₹37400 to  ₹ 67000 with base pay  ₹12000
  • Apex payscale earns ₹80000 with no base pay.
  • Cabinet secretary earns  ₹90000 with no base pay.

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IFS Pay Band

Grade  Pay Band  Grade Pay
Junior scale ₹ 15600 – ₹ 39100 ₹5400
Senior time scale ₹ 15600 – ₹ 39100 ₹6600
Junior administrative ₹ 15600 – ₹ 39100 ₹7600
Selection grade ₹37400 – ₹67000   ₹7600
Super time scale ₹37400 – ₹67000 ₹10000
Super Super time scale ₹37400 – ₹ 67000 ₹12000
Apex Payscale     ₹80000 No-pay
Cabinet Secretary     ₹90000 No-pay

Role of IFS Officer

An IFS officer spends his or her two-thirds of tenure abroad working in embassies and one-third of tenure working in India at the Ministry of External Affairs.

They have various roles to do:

  • They represent the nation in embassies, high consulates and in missions to world multilateral organisations like the United Nations
  • They have to create or negotiate agreements between nations on various issues
  • They have to promote healthy relationships between the nation and receiving nation
  • Protect the national interest of India in the land they are posted at.
  • They have to send reports on the development of the country they are posted in. This will help India in having foreign polices with that country.

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7th Pay Commission

The seventh central pay commission has increased the salary and increments received by government officers. This was much awaited by all government officials. It was recommended in 2016 but the implementation took time and finally, in January 2018, the president of India gave the nod for the seventh central pay commission.  This commission consisted of three people. The report of the commission suggested a 23.55% hike in the pay and allowances of all the government sector.

Salary Hike Post the 7th Pay Commission

With the acceptance of the 7th commission, there was a great spike in the salary of IFS officers and this also meant added perks such as free-living, transportation, pension and retirement benefits.

  1. They get a free 2 bhk or 3 bhk government house
  2. Transportation vehicles are provided
  3. A security guard or bodyguard is always there and household helpers are provided
  4. Their medical expenses are covered by the government
  5. They need not to pay electricity or water bills
  6. They can avail free phone calls
  7. They also can study abroad since they are posted abroad
  8. Pension and other retirement benefits are provided.


If you are writing the UPSC exam and are not sure what post to apply for, then you can learn about the advantage of being an IFS officer. Learn about the monthly salary of IFS officers and perks and more about them.

The post is highly respected and very much considered a very secure job. They get to study abroad too and are considered very well paying too. If you work hard, you can also win medals from the government. Hope this helps, all the best!

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