This prestigious examination exposes candidates to difficult situations and scenarios. The stories of great personalities are interwoven into dealing with problems constructively, as well as instilling a lot of motivation and dedication in their minds and hearts. These insights from experienced individuals educate hopefuls on how to deal with life when it tests us and how to attain our goals in such difficult conditions.

You should gain life-changing lessons from the brightest IAS officials if you are a candidate in this striking examination. It will not only assist you in getting high grades, but it will also provide you with lifelong teaching and learning. Let’s start with Karishma Nair’s biography so you may learn about her journey to the pinnacle.

Karishma Nair Biography

Karishma Nair, who hails from Kerala’s Palakkad district, aced the UPSC Civil Service Exam 2020 on her second try and secured the 14th UPSC rank. The IAS Topper had made it to the interviewing process on her first attempt, but with more hard work and perseverance this time, she was able to realise her ambition of joining the Indian bureaucracy.

Karishma Nair Educational Qualification

Karishma is from Kerala, although she has lived in Mumbai for the past 20 years, where she finished her education. She earned a B.Sc. in forensic science and spent a year in Delhi studying for the UPSC. In both her 2019 and 2020 tries, she had chosen Public Administration as an optional subject.

Her success storey exemplifies the attitude of never giving up, as she thinks that perseverance, family support, and self-belief would all help her pass the UPSC Exam. In 2019, she also participated in a policy internship programme with Parliamentarians.

Karishma Nair Hobbies

The following are the hobbies of this UPSC topper:

# Playing badminton

# Watching TED Talks

# Reading fiction books

# Debates

Karishma Nair Optional Subject

Karishma Nair opted for Public Administration as her optional subject. Before choosing your optional subject, make sure you analyse your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t opt for an optional subject just because it has more toppers.

Karishma Nair UPSC Rank

She secured 14th rank in the UPSC CSE 2020 exam. It was her second attempt.

Karishma Nair Marksheet

Looking for Karishma Nair marks in UPSC CSE 2020? Check the table below to find it out.

Exam Marks
Prelims Total 187
Written Total 834
Final Total 1021

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Karishma Nair Preparation Strategy

Reading newspapers was one of the most important resources she used when studying for the civil service test. The Hindu and The Economic Times are the two newspapers she reads religiously every day.

She advises that the final 2 months before the examination be spent taking as many fake exams as possible in order to assess one’s own performance. Too many exams should not be taken before you are well-prepared, as low scores might lead to a loss of confidence.

She had a separate notebook in which she jotted down the significant themes from the sample papers that were vital for the examination and concentrated on them.

The concentration during the last round of preparation was on areas in which she felt less assured, and she plotted how to tackle the paper. She was also able to improve her prelims test results by taking daily notes on current events.

Karishma Nair UPSC 2020 Answer Copies

We are pleased to make available Karishma Nair’s response copies. In the UPSC CSE 2020, she had an AIR 14 rating. Aspirants may use these versions to learn from and plan their preparation appropriately.

UPSC CSE 2020 Toppers List

Here is the list of the top 15 CSE 2020 toppers:

#1. Shubham Kumar

#2. Jagrati Awasthi

#3. Ankita Jain

#4. Yash Jaluka

#5. Mamta Yadav

#6. Meera K

#7. Praveen Kumar

#8. Jivani Kartik

#9. Apala Mishra

#10. Satyam Gandhi

#11. Devayani

#12. Mithun Premraj

#13. Gaurav Budania

#14. Karishma Nair

#15. Ria Dabi

Exam Strategy by UPSC Pathshala

Study NCERT Textbooks Thoroughly

For UPSC test preparation, a comprehensive study of NCERT texts is needed. Working your way through all UPSC-related texts from class VI to class XII is crucial. To prepare for this exam, students must have a solid understanding of all NCERT books from grades 6 to 10, as well as Economics, History, and Geography from classes XI and XII. These disciplines are represented by 18 to 25 questions on the preliminary test. PUC, on the other hand, does not need science or maths.

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Read Newspaper Regularly

The newspapers give essential current-events study material, which is an important component of the IAS test questions. The Hindu is the most often suggested newspaper for the IAS test. They must keep up with the news in order to improve their knowledge and language skills, which will help them prepare for the UPSC.

Particularly in the areas of current affairs, international and domestic news, important bills introduced in Parliament, information of government regulatory frameworks, news connected to the Constitution, amendments, centred on Supreme Court/High Court rulings, banking, agriculture, and economic reform, and many more.

Watch TV News Channels

Most news sources assist applicants in gaining a thorough grasp of themes, such as Current Affairs, which is a common subject in the test. Essential discussions, government schemes, changes, policies, budgets, economics, elections, and foreign affairs related news are the most significant information for UPSC candidates to follow on networks like Loksabha TV and Rajyasabha TV.

Understanding the Syllabus and Pattern

It is critical to have a good understanding of the curriculum. Once you grasp the exam’s syllabus and format, this should be simple. So that you may plan ahead of time and begin the preparatory process. You will be able to restrict the amount of your preparation and focus on it if you adhere to the syllabus and grasp exactly what they expect.

Boost General Knowledge

When you start studying, don’t forget to take advantage of any opportunities to improve your general knowledge, which is a necessity of the IAS examinations. It might come from a variety of places, including newspapers, TV news headlines, current events, mobile applications, NCERT books, toppers’ and mentors’ advice, and so on.


We must be prepared to face difficult situations in life and have a good attitude throughout the journey. Many of us decide to become IAS officers while still in school. Some of us alter our views afterwards, while others persist toward their goal. Those that are constant and dedicated have more success in life. We hope you’ve learned something from Karishma Nair, who cracked the IAS test with her dedication and hard work.

You can elevate your UPSC preparation to the next notch with UPSC Pathshala. This website provides an all-in-one resource for UPSC preparation. Check out the customized courses, curated content, high-definition videos, and more.

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