Imagine being blind in this technologically advanced world. The amount of efforts it would take to survive in the fast-paced world would be very difficult to understand. Amidst this, Pranjal Patil rose above all her difficulties and became the first blind IAS officer in India.

This article is based on Pranjal Patil wiki. Here you will find answers to questions like how did Pranjal Patil read books for IAS? How did Pranjal Patil prepare for the IAS exam interview?

Pranjal Patil Biography

Pranjal Patil IAS officer is the first blind IAS officer in India.  She has written the exam twice. Once in 2016 and once in 2017. Her rank in 2016 was 744, but in her second attempt, she had a rank of 124!

Pranjal was born in Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra. She was born with weak eyesight and lost her vision to completely see by the age of 6.

She attended school at Mumbai’s Kamala Mehta Dadar School for the blind. She pursued graduation from the esteemed St. Xavier’s college in Political Science.

She did a post-graduation in international relations from Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University and then went for M.Phil and PhD.

Pranjal Patil Marksheet

Her marksheet for the year 2017 where she had all India rank of 124 is below:

Event  Marks 
Mains Exam 854
Personal Interview 179
Total Marks 1033

This is a very impressive marksheet, even though she had a visual impairment she managed to score so high!

She definitely is an inspiration to many.

Pranjal Patil IAS

Pranjal Patil’s IAS goal was not direct. In her first attempt, she had tried to secure a job in the Indian Railways Accounts Service but was denied the job due to her impairment.

This motivated her to do better and by next year she had jumped almost 600 ranks above and had managed to score a higher paid and more wanted job. Her ability to do so well is mesmerising and shows that, if there is a will, there is a way!

A question arises here, a good deal of people may wonder where Pranjal Patil is posted now?

Pranjal Patil is currently posted in Kerala and is currently the Sub-Collector of Thiruvananthapuram.

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Now, you may wonder how did Pranjal Patil read books for IAS?

Pranjal never took coaching for IAS preparations. She was using special software that dictated the books out loud to her. Even though one of her senses was not available, she used the advantage of her earring ability.

This shows that she used every aspect of her mind as an advantage and took the most out of what she could get. She had to adapt to her surroundings well.

How did Pranjal Patil prepare for IAS exam interview? She used to attend discussions for the exam, this would help her understand questioning and how to answer the questions when asked.

Lessons Learnt

Reading Pranjal Patil’s biography does help us learn a few things.

It is very important to keep working hard, difficulties cannot stop us in life. Everyone must be ready to face difficulties and also tackle them.

Setbacks are very natural, worrying about setbacks more than your goals is not fruitful. Focus on your goals, always.

Hard work will always bring results. Keep working hard and results will follow. Your mindset towards your work is also very important.

And finally, never give up! Giving up is the biggest problem in life. So keep fighting.

Preparing Well

Prepare well for your exams. Students should maintain a timetable that will help them to study well.

Create a timetable based on the UPSC syllabus and look to work around the date of the exam. Do not be worried about the syllabus from the start. Look to set goals and make sure you can achieve those goals.

Set realistic expectations from your exam preparation and write accordingly.

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Creating notes will be very important for your exam. By creating notes, you will instil the ability to remember information much better and also be able to revise easily.

These notes can be short or long depending on your needs and your wish. Use NCERT textbooks to create notes as they contain better and more relevant information for your UPSC exam. Focus more on factual information like dates, time and venue of events.

Customise your notes, add colour, drawings and make it look unique so that it becomes easier for you to maintain it rather than putting a burden on yourself.


Break down the syllabus into many parts. This will enable you to tackle the syllabus one by one.

Look to make the syllabus smaller and cover the important topics.

If you are preparing for prelims do not focus on optional subjects as of now. If you have cleared the mains exam, then look to start working on the optional subjects.

If your optional subject is maths, it is recommended to practice every day and very frequently.


Pranjal Patil is one of the most inspirational ladies of India. She is the first blind IAS officer in India and has grown in her position of IAS officer.

Her story is very inspiring. She lost her vision at a very early age of six. Yet she never gave up and kept working hard throughout her life. Her hard work has paid off and today she is reaping the benefits of her work. Students should look to learn from her life and should implement her ideology.

Learn to prepare well for your exams with the tips given in the article. Wishing all the students the best of luck.

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