Praveen Kumar is an Indian Administrative Officer who cleared the Union Public Service Commission examination 2020 and secured All India Rank 7. IAS Kumar is from Jamui, Bihar. Praveen did his graduation from the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh and for the preparation of the Union Public Service Commission examination, he went to Delhi. Read on to learn more about IAS Praveen Kumar Biography.

Praveen Kumar Biography

Indian Administrative Officer Praveen was born and brought up in Jamui, Bihar. He did his high schooling at Ramakrishna Vivekananda Vidya Mandir school. He completed his B.Tech in Civil Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur in the year 2017. In 2018 he secured All India Rank 5 in the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) exam, in the same year he achieved All India Rank 3 in Indian Engineering Services (ESE) 2018. He worked in the Indian Railway services before appearing for the Civil Service examination.

Praveen Kumar’s UPSC Journey

IAS Kumar joined the field of administration because he wanted to give back to society. In every step of his life, many people inspired and motivated him and his family was his constant support. 

He was especially inspired by the freedom fighters of our nation who gave up their life for the independence of India, some freedom fighter names he mentioned were Mahatma Gandhi and the famous philosopher J. Krishnamurti. He wants to perform all the duties and responsibilities which helps India to become a developed nation. 

Praveen Kumar Marksheet

Indian Administrative Service Officer Praveen Kumar secured 848 marks in the Civil Service Mains Written exam and he attained 193 marks in the Personality test. The final score he obtained was 1041 and achieved 7th rank in the Union Public Service Commission 2020. Given below is the IAS Praveen Kumar mark sheet:

All India Rank UPSC Mains (Written) Exam Marks Personality Test Marks Total Marks
7 848 193 1041


IAS Kumar secured 7th rank in the Union Public Service Commission examination 2020. He obtained AIR 5 in the GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) exam in 2018, in the same year he attained the All India Rank 3 in ESE (Indian Engineering Services) 2018 examination.

IAS Praveen Kumar Optional Subject

IAS Praveen Kumar opted for Civil Engineering as his optional subject. He chose Civil Engineering because he completed his degree in that subject. He advised the aspirants to go for the subject which they opted for during their graduation. It will help you in the near future, as it will open up more opportunities in the field you studied for. 

But it depends on person to person which subject is best for them to score by analysing their own weakness and strengths. He said Civil Engineering was easy for him because he already made the notes during the time of the GATE and ESE exams.

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IAS Praveen Kumar Strategy

Praveen said if you are opting for Civil Engineering as your optional subject you have to at least start preparing 5-6 months before the exam. Because you need to practise a lot and make notes precisely and if you prepare effectively, you can easily solve the questions in the exam. 

The strategies that he advised the candidates to follow, first choose the easy subjects according to their preferences and start preparing in it, focus on current affairs and try to be up to date. 

Secondly, whatever topic you are studying, try to focus fully on it so that you can understand clearly and you don’t have to keep on reading the same topic, instead, you can use that time to focus on hard subjects and last management of time. It is important to keep a track of time so that you can cover the whole syllabus without missing any topic.


In the second attempt Praveen Kumar cracked the CSE exam, which shows that if you fail you should not give up, you should learn from your mistakes and treat them as a stepping stone towards your success. Hopefully, this article motivates you to chase your dream. For more articles related to UPSC, you can join UPSC Pathshala where you will be provided with the best guidance you need.

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