This esteemed examination brings the students close to tough circumstances and scenarios. To tackle the situations positively is incorporated by the stories of the great personalities along with building a lot of inspiration and devotion in their minds and souls. These lessons from the experienced people teach the aspirants about how to deal with life when it’s testing us and how to achieve our ambitions under those difficult situations.

If you are a participant in this incredible examination, you should learn life-changing lessons from the greatest IAS officers. It will not only help you in achieving good scores but also give you the teaching and learning for life. Let’s start the article with Ria Dabi’s biography to let you know about reaching the zenith.

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Ria Dabi Biography

IAS Ria is dominating the news currently and has won many hearts with her hard work and enormous devotion. Her height is 5 feet and 5 inches. Her birthplace is Bhopal, MP, and her hometown is Delhi. She belongs to the Hindu religion and her marital status is unmarried.

IAS Ria’s father’s name is Jaswant Dabi and mother’s name is Himani Dabi. She has an incredibly talented and skilful elder sister, Tina Dabi who was a 2015 batch topper and currently posted in the Rajasthan cadre as the Joint Secretary of Finance (Tax).

Ria belongs to Schedule Caste (SC). Her Instagram profile is ria.dabi.  She is active on social media and has many followers. She has been very bubbly and amazing since her childhood. She loves travelling and studying. She has been getting high scores since her school days. Everyone should learn things from her life.

Ria Dabi UPSC Result

IAS Ria Dabi ‘s all India rank is 15 in UPSC CSE Main 2020. She has proved her skills, intellect, wisdom, dedication, and perseverance to the world by ranking on the top position in the toughest examination.

The results of the 2020 CSE are available on the official website. It was published on 24th September 2021. This result has created a lot of explosion of joy in the minds and hearts of the candidates. Ria is the sister of IAS 2015 topper Tina Dabi who is working effectively to serve the nation with her determination and skills.

IAS Ria has worked hard for achieving her dreams and finally got several congratulatory messages and love from the near and dear ones on reaching AIR 15. Ria Dabi’s optional subject was sociology. She has created quite a buzz in the country by attaining her target.  Let’s view her motivational journey in this article.

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Ria Dabi Education

IAS Ria is an alumnus of Lady Shri Ram College of Delhi University. Her sister Tina Dabi also graduated from the same college. She has congratulated Ria on achieving her dreams and getting AIR 15 through Instagram and Twitter. She said,

“I am delighted to share that my younger sister Ria Dabi @ria.dabi has got rank 15 in the UPSC 2020 exam.”

Recommendation for the appointment was done for a total number of 761 candidates. Ria’s current age is 23. Ria Dabi qualification says that she has done B.A in Political Science. Her date of birth is 12 July 1998. She has been to the Convent of Jesus & Mary, Delhi for her schooling.

She is a reading enthusiast, amateur artist, chiller & life juggler. She lives her life with happiness and joy. Moreover, not just by mind and soul but she is a beauty by appearance too. She looks pretty, suave, and innocent by her face. She is indeed an example of beauty with the brain.

IAS Ria Dabi Journey

Ria Dabi is going to start her IAS journey soon. She has done self-study along with coaching. She has worked positively in the direction towards her dreams by walking in her sister’s footsteps. She has come to the limelight as she is the second UPSC topper from her house after her sister. Tina Dabi has given her complete guidance over the subjects and other related factors to reach this point.

Although the pattern of the exam has changed in these five years from her sister’s result, she managed to give her the motivation and strategies to achieve her ambitions. Ria credits her success to her family and her sister. She has done a lot of preparation and hard work to achieve this position. To make your mark in the toughest exam is not easy but passionate people make their way out of hurdles.

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Ria Dabi IAS

Well, this is not everyone’s capability to achieve the desired goals in life. The ones who make it a reality are blessed and passionate. This trait also comes from the company of an individual, his/her education status, and parents’ perspectives.

IAS Ria is tremendously blessed to have such hard-working, supporting, and visionary parents. Her parents have cracked the UPSC Indian Engineering Service – IES exam.

In this exam, both of her parents got good scores. Her mother is a former IES officer and her father is the current General Manager of BSNL. This shows the roots of both the sisters. This is evident that their parents have given them unbelievable upbringing and learnings that they are making the whole nation proud of. This designation has been earned by Ria for her strong personality, perspectives, and skills. You can achieve any goal in life by being consistent and honest.

Civil Services Exam 2020

According to the facts, this year 761 total candidates were recommended for an appointment out of which 180 candidates will be shortlisted for the IAS position. Moreover, 36 are selected for IFS and 200 for IPS officers’ posts.

Furthermore, talking about the group A and B services, 302 vacancies will be filled in central services group A and 118 in group B services. This is a delight for the country as well for the parents of these students.

This exam makes you a completely mature and wise person as you not only learn the lessons and concepts from books for the syllabus but also you gain the potential knowledge of tackling situations and living life.

Also, you get the enthusiasm and mindfulness towards serving the people and the nation. This couldn’t be done by everyone but the one who is a continuous learner in life.

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Ria Dabi Strategy

Isn’t it greatly significant and amazing to learn the ways to move forward from the struggling and successful person? Of course, it is. This is essential because you learn each aspect of the journey. You acknowledge the things to be done and what should not be done. According to Ria Dabi, the strategy for this examination should be devotion, vigilance, diligence, prudence, and hard work.

If you have all of these traits you can easily make your way towards success. But if you fail, the cause will be any of these. A passionate person tries to fetch everything to make his/ her dream come true. This is the reason that these people get on the highest cloud by combating all the hurdles in their way. You should read such inspiring articles to be goal-oriented and motivated.

UPSC Preparation

Preparation is the key to achieving your dreams of becoming a civil servant. This time is the most precious as it decides your skills, knowledge, and determination. If you put your maximum efforts at this time, you will transform yourself into the best candidate for the exam and be the best officer for the nation.

During the preparation, remember that you have to be focused and not distracted by stress, trauma, challenges, or anything that can divert your mind from your target. The toppers always believe to have good food, sleep, and a happy environment. If you have the fire within to achieve a high rank in the CSE, don’t get distressed by failure. You must handle the failures as hurdles in the journey, not the destination. You will succeed with your inner strength.

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This is true that life is unpredictable. Everyone wants to achieve their dreams and desires but we never know what is going to happen in the future. The most we can do is to prepare ourselves for tomorrow and have that faith and believe in God and ourselves.

We should be prepared to tackle tough circumstances in life and to be positive throughout the storm. Many of us make up our minds in school to become IAS officers. Some of us change our minds later and a few works on their objective.

Those who are consistent and devoted succeed in achieving higher goals in life. We hope that you have learned many amazing lessons from IAS Ria Dabi, who has smashed the IAS exam with her hard work and determination.

If you also want to achieve your goals with flying colors, you should visit the UPSC Pathshala website. You can learn numerous facts and information from the articles available on the site along with getting in touch with the professionals. Make your dream a reality! Good luck!

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