The UPSC exam is the dream of many people across the nation. It is something that drives your spirit to be worthy of your motherland. The people who got selected for the prestigious positions are the ones full of determination and progressive minds. All the candidates strive their heart and soul to achieve success in this exam. Are you a participant of UPSC? Are you searching for the prelims question paper of UPSC? Do you want success in this attempt? Well, you can estimate that your time has come. You have visited the right place for you. Here are the previous year’s question papers along with the prelims syllabus and techniques to crack. The only thing you need to do is read this article and find the worthy things for your ambitions.

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Previous Years Question Papers

Prelims question paper consists of two exams. These two exams are called General Science paper 1 and General Science paper 2. General science paper 2 is also called CSAT. CSAT stands for Civil Services Aptitude Test. You must get satisfactory scores to clear this exam and enter the new zone called UPSC mains. Many people take CSAT lightly, but you must focus on it with proper time management. It drives you towards the next phase. You should take out time for it.

Every candidate must understand that they have to give at least one hour a day to prepare for CSAT. You can take help from the previous year’s question papers. It will give you a definite idea of the questions as well as the markings. Keep yourself connected to the exam and its updated information. Dreams can’t be achieved by imagining, you have to overcome the beats of perspiration to attain success.

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UPSC Prelims Exam

The UPSC exam has the initial part called prelims. It is the screening or testing part for all the candidates to move forward and get the privilege of sitting in the mains exam. The Prelims question paper comprises objective questions. There are two papers in prelims. The duration of the papers is 2 hours each. You must perform your question paper within the allotted time. Both of the papers consist of 200 marks.

You must answer adequately otherwise the negative marking will be done. If you are answering wrong, 0.33 marks ie. 1/3rd of each question is deducted. You have to be precise and accurate in answering. The question paper is available in both Hindi and English. You can choose the language at your convenience.

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Techniques to Crack UPSC Prelims

There are a few tips and techniques to crack UPSC prelims. You might be searching for it as well. All those are written here. Read these strategies to excel in the exam.

#1. Acknowledge CSAT

Most of the candidates do not take this exam seriously. This exam brings the opportunity of proceeding further in the tough and rigid ocean of UPSC. It consists of current affairs and general knowledge questions. You must keep reading about the GS questions. Going through previous years’ question papers is significant and foremostly needed.

To achieve your dreams, you have to work in their direction. This is one such step to be conquered. You have to gain perfection in knowledge about the environmental sectors. Therefore, do not take this exam lightly, rather be the highest ranked in it.

#2. Time Management

This is something magnificent to crack the UPSC Prelims exam. You have to be confined in a way that you give time to every part of this exam. Time management is a mandatory thing. You must be wise enough to measure your capabilities and incapabilities and put your time and effort accordingly. All the aspects of the exam are highly worthy and important. You must divide time in an appropriate manner. This will bring success to you.

#3. Continuous Knowledge

UPSC is an exam that can ask you questions from any part of the world, especially India. You have to be a continuous learner. If you study and think that this is enough for bringing you close to your ambitions, you will unknowingly fail. You must keep on learning and growing your knowledge in each portion and practising the earlier question papers. This will bring self-confidence and practical understanding. This is said that there is no limit to education and learning. It should make a house in your heart and you must strive to attain the maximum possible information about everything.

#4. Positive Attitude

The most essential part for living life, succeeding in an exam or serving the nation starts from being positive and ends the same. You can achieve your dreams in life only when you inculcate positive behaviour and mindset in yourself. A positive attitude is the ultimate key to success. If you are studios enough and a continuous learner along with being determined towards something, the right thing is positivity. Everything can go in vain with an unprecedented, unpeaceful, and negative mind. Therefore, do not allow any negative imprint to be posted on your mind. Keep learning with positive thinking.

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Therefore, we hope that you understand the process of the UPSC Prelims questions paper through this article. It is necessary for your consciousness to know everything about UPSC. All the candidates must have an understanding of the previous year’s question papers. It will give you the best idea for cracking the exam. Studying is the major portion for succeeding in the exam but practical knowledge and information is gained by reading the questions that have been asked earlier. If you have any doubt, misconception, or query regarding the syllabus or any other thing, you can go to UPSC Pathshala and feel free to ask. You will be blessed and privileged after getting the answers from the professionals. You need to put your hurdles and problems before experts and let yourself fly in your admirations.

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Prelims Question Paper of UPSC: Checkout These Previous Years Papers & Boost-up Your Preparation
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