It is not easy to clear the Indian Civil Services exam conducted by the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission). Ravi Kumar Sihag cracked the UPSC exam in 2018 and obtained the 337th rank.

This was his first attempt. He had topped in Hindi medium. Ravi Kumar Sihag optional subject post was Hindi literature.

Ravi Kumar Sihag hails from Ganga Nagar, Rajasthan. His age is not known. He completed his graduation in 2015. He remained at home for a year.

During this period, he had to fulfil a lot of responsibilities at home. Ravi Kumar Sihag comes from simple family background.

Insight into His Journey

He had to organize his sister’s wedding. Only after that, from 2016 till 2018, he started preparing hard for the UPSC Civil Services examination.

His father, Ram Kumar Sihag is a simple farmer. Ravi Kumar’s alternate career option was to contribute something to the agriculture sector, like his father, by starting an NGO and try out new experiments in farming.

Ravi loves speaking in regional languages ​​and learning new languages.

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Ravi Kumar Sihag Marksheet

Ravi Kumar Sihag obtained 820 marks in the Written exam. In the UPSC Interview round, he got 168 marks. Out of 2025 marks, he scored a total of 988 marks.

Ravi Kumar Sihag IAS Interview

Prelims, Mains and Interview are the three stages one needs to clear the IAS exam. Despite scoring well in the prelims and the main examination, the candidates usually get nervous in front of the interviewer in the interview round. Thus, they often miss their chance.

In the interview, candidates are asked questions that are tough to answer. They are tested for their analytical and mental ability. They are also assessed for their capability to make decisions.

Ravi’s experience at the interview may prove useful for other aspirants. In the interview with Ravi Kumar Sihag IAS, he was questioned about Sardar Patel.

One of the questions was why Sardar is called Bismarck of India. Where was his idol in Gujarat and was there a dam near that idol?

Other Interview Questions

Apart from these, Ravi was also asked about major achievements and major disappointments of the 16th Lok Sabha.

Surprisingly, he was asked that if he falls in love with a girl whose language and costumes are different from Ravi’s, which one would he choose: love or responsibility? Ravi replied that he would first choose the option of negotiation.

In the mock interview, Ravi’s hair was not properly made. His hair was slightly hanging over on both ears and it was tangled.

The officer asked him not to leave his hair like peacock feathers. He advised him to apply gel so that it stays in one place. In addition, he also advised that he enlist the help of a barber and get a haircut!

This might sound unconventional. But the interviewing officer explained his words and said that he asked him to do this because attention was going towards his hair as soon as he came into the room.

He asked him not to feel nervous or be in a panic. He is a fit, young, healthy person. He wanted his final round of interview to go on smoothly. That is why he provided his advice.

Ravi Kumar Sihag on Social Media

Ravi Kumar Sihag does not have an account on Twitter or Telegram. But, he does have an account on Instagram (@ravisihag01). He has over 11,000 followers. He has shared his strategy at this link.


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