The UPSC Civil Services exam is one of the most competitive and tough, if not the toughest exam in the country. Thousands of applicants take part in the examination every year and only a few make the cut.

Among the few who do make the cut, some of them stand out and one such person was Aishwarya Sheoran, a model and former Miss India finalist.

In this article, you will learn Aishwarya Sheoran’s optional subject, her secret to success and the strict regime she followed to crack one of the country’s most vaunted examinations.

Since Aishwarya Sheoran book list for UPSC preparation is among the most googled questions, that will be included in the article as well.

Who is Aishwarya Sheoran?

If you have to call her by her full name and her title, it would be Aishwarya Sheoran IAS. Hailing from Delhi, Aishwarya Sheoran, age 27, is the daughter of Colonel Ajay Kumar, a commanding officer in the NCC Telangana Battalion.

Named after Aishwarya Rai by her doting mother, she would soon follow in her namesake’s footsteps by becoming one of the 21 finalists of the Miss India contest in 2016 after having won the Fresh Face 2014 challenge and being named Miss Clean and Clear 2014.

While she made remarkable progress in the world of fashion, her real aspiration lay elsewhere, namely civil services. If you want to follow Aishwarya Sheoran, Instagram (@aishwaryashoran) is the place to go since she is quite active on the platform.

Her Preparation

A lot of the success in the civil services exam depends on your preparation for the exam. No matter how intelligent you are or how resourceful you are, preparing well is necessary.

If you want to know how to prepare well, Aishwarya Sheoran’s height has nothing to do with it, so stop searching for it and find out what is really important, like what IAS books she used and the regime she followed.

She, on her part, divided the whole preparation into eight stages, each with a focus on different aspects of the exam and seeing as how it went, it would be mild to say that her method was successful.

So, here is how to prepare for UPSC exams like Aishwarya Sheoran.

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Stage 1 (Initial Stage)

The first thing you need to focus on, after having gone through your study materials, is to go through the exam pattern and understand how to go through the newspapers when attempting the UPSC exams.

Aishwarya Sheoran came up with a 10+8+6 formula where she studied for ten hours, slept for 8 hours and used up the rest of the 6 hours to do everything else.

Stage 2 (Revision)

After you have got into the groove of preparing for the exam by creating a rhythm, make sure you read and reread the new subjects that you will have to take up.

Study them for half a day and use the other half for the revision of the books you have already studied in the initial stage.

Also, change the way you make note of current affairs by going through several media publications and seeing their perspectives on a single matter.

Stage 3 (Optional Subject): Preparing for Economics Optional

The optional subject you pick for the exams needs to be well thought of. It needs to be something that you are not only proficient in but also has a certain flair for. In her case, it was Economics.

The optional subjects have two papers and are an important part of the exams and hence a whole stage of preparation needs to be dedicated just for it.

But that does not mean you completely ignore the General Studies (GS) topics, but rather do a revision of them while focusing more on your optional.

Stage 4 (Back to General Studies)

Once you are done with pouring over your optional subject, you need to shift your focus back to GS, especially current affairs. Make sure you revise each day and then again once a week on Sunday.

Stage 5 (Answer Writing)

The UPSC exams are essay type exams and the way you structure your answers have an impact on the marks you can obtain in the exam. You also need to practise to make sure you finish on time.

Stage 6 (Prelims)

There is no easier way to say this, give loads of mock exams! The more, the better. Keep answering practise papers and revising them. Join a test series if you have to.

Stage 7 (Post Prelims)

Take a break of three days and get back to the grinding. Solving papers, revision and the likes until the examination looms. Iron out any weaknesses or drawbacks that might withhold you during your exams.

Stage 8 (Interview)

Again, take a three-day break just to relax and unwind. Don’t wait for the results to be announced to prepare for your interview. Be confident and start preparing every day for it.

Attend mock interviews at institutes like Shah IAS or other places and get an idea of what it might be like. Once you are through all this and go and appear for your interview, make sure you are calm.


If you do all of this right and prepare well with a personal mentor, only the sky’s the limit for what you can achieve.

UPSC Pathshala’s personal mentors are experts of UPSC with years of experience. They provide a free demo class where you can experience the teaching methodology.

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