Do you want to read the story of the 2019 topper? Do you want to inculcate the strategies that he applied for the examination? Well, this article is here with all the strategies as well as Shishir Gupta IAS biography to let you step forward towards your dream with full confidence, conviction, and determination.

The winners are those who never quit and keep moving towards their goals. The winners take their failures as the stepping stone to success instead of pushing themselves into negativity after failing in something.

This article has a winner to let you get enlightenment and knowledge to follow the path to your dream destination. He is a winner not only because he has struggled and reached out to his goal of topping the toughest examination in India but also because he did not compromise on his dreams even after getting a hefty salary package in a job in Abu Dhabi.

So, if you want to be a winner in the examination and also in life, you need to go through the complete article immediately to understand the traits of true and inspiring people. So, here is the story of IAS Shishir Gupta for your learning and development.

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IAS Shishir Gupta

We all know that the UPSC CSE examination is the toughest and most prestigious examination conducted in India. He has managed to pursue his dreams with confidence and dedication.

He has done engineering from IIT Mumbai. With his determined behavior and prudent soul, he got a lucrative job with a hefty salary in Abu Dhabi but this was not his dream and future. He left the job due to his dreams of pursuing UPSC and serving the nation with integrity. Well, everyone gets upset about not getting positive results.

He also went into depression after failing in two attempts for the CSE. But, he dared to rise and shine with the support of his family and bravery in his dedication. The results that he got in the final attempt were worth his preparation and efforts.

He has made everyone proud with his integrity, efforts, dedication, and perseverance. Do you want to know more about his rank, optional subject, and preparation strategies? If yes, let’s move ahead towards a successful road with the motivation from IAS Shishir Gupta.

IAS Shishir Gupta Rank

IAS Shishir Gupta has got AIR 50 in 2019. He gave his first attempt for the UPSC examination in 2016. He cracked the examination even with health issues but he gave the test again in 2017.

This year, he cracked the preliminary and mains round but due to the stress round in the interview section, he didn’t make it to the final list. It was 2019 when he fulfilled his dreams with his hard work and passion.

In IAS Shishir Gupta’s optional subject, he was confident about getting 450 out of 500. He thought it’s better to go thoroughly with the 80% syllabus rather than to go with the toughest 20% portion. He used to spend 10-15 minutes before the map to understand the places and features to perform better.

He also made data tables with the major topics asked in the CSE every year. He has been inspiring for all the UPSC candidates with his decisions, wisdom, and determination. He hails from Jaipur, Rajasthan. Shishir’s father is a government teacher and his mother is a homemaker. He has studied in Jaipur and he has done Chemical engineering from IIT Bombay. He has battled through depression and failure. He has achieved this incredible rank with maximum revisions and self-study.

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IAS Shishir Gupta Strategy

According to Shishir Gupta, the candidates should emphasize the prelims before the test. The aspirants should go through the toppers’ answer papers that are available online to test their skills.

You should learn to substantiate your answers with proper data. In the answer writing section, you should include direct quotations from the government reports and policies. In the General Studies section, you should include the Indian map wherever needed.

Also, you should focus on the current affairs before the prelims exam as well as before the interview as most of the questions are asked from the current affairs. You should also search for some authentic YouTube channels and newspapers for your preparation.

For Geography learning, all the aspirants should go through the map minutely along with making a list of soils and geographical features. Practice this subject greatly to give the right answers. For the politics section, you should go through the government websites to know the modifications and updates.

Plus, the constitutional aspects must be known perfectly. Following the right strategies will help you to make your mark in the final list of the examination.

IAS Shishir Gupta Optional Subject

IAS Shishir chose Mathematics as his optional subject because he was very comfortable with it as he cracked JEE exam when he was in standard 12. He thought that completing the whole syllabus of a subject is tough, so covering 80-90% of the syllabus with perfection can lead to high scores.

He made notes for the subject and following his strategy, he expected to get 450 marks out of 500 in the optional paper and he gave the excess time of the preparation phase to GS. According to him, the candidates should not focus only on one source but also prepare through books, channels, and websites.

He has achieved 50th rank due to his great preparation strategies which he made based on his two unsuccessful attempts. This is why failure is not called the destination but the stepping stone to success.

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IAS Shishir’s Experience

IAS Shishir went to the interview section twice in his attempts. The latest experience of the interview was different from the previous one due to the COVID scenario. Everyone was wearing the mask and face-shield during the interview in his final attempt.

He faced some difficulties due to the new norms as wearing the mask with spectacles was uncomfortable and because the examiners were also wearing masks, he couldn’t hear them properly. He said that despite the challenges in the interview, the candidate should not leave his/her calmness and confidence during this section.

His overall experience was incredible as he has achieved his dream after so many ups and downs. He is serving the nation with his efforts and diligence. Every candidate should learn from him to rise and shine and combat all the challenges.

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We know that reading this article must have given you the confidence, knowledge, understanding, inspiration, and strategy-building skills that are extremely important for your examination as well as your life ahead. IAS Shishir Gupta’s story is motivational because all the aspirants of UPSC CSE will learn to follow their dream irrespective of their job or direction. If you think you can, you can.

So, you should walk on the path of your aspirations. You should visit the UPSC Pathshala website to get in touch with the best professionals and prepare for the test with the best quality lectures. The experts will also give you the strategies and preparation tips to work in the right direction and on the correct topics.

The biographies are the best mode of motivation and preparation because you learn to focus on the prominent areas related to the examination. More preparation techniques and UPSC sections related articles are available on the website that will grow your intellectual power to prepare for the toughest and most incredible paper.

You can also take mock tests and practice tests to measure your performance level. So, let’s move ahead towards the dream with the right platform.

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