IPS Sanjukta Parashar is also known as the Iron Lady of Assam. This feared cop gunned down more than 16 terrorists and busted many criminals in a period of just 15 months in Assam. There are some ways IPS officer Sanjukta Parashar can be introduced. Current posting at the National Investigation Agency (NIA) as a Superintendent of Police for 4 years since the year of 2017. Parashar began her quest in 2008 when she entered power as Assistant Commander of Makum.

In this article, you will learn some exciting facts about Sanjukta Parashar IPS.

Sanjukta Parashar Biography/ Wiki

She was growing up in Assam. She was there until my twelfth standard was over. But she was really growing up in Delhi. The first 30 months of her undergraduate studies at Delhi University have been her greatest career in education. She had to think about herself and what she is really worthy of. She’s learned to be alone. She learned how to take control of herself and how to take good care of others. But she never expected herself to be a law enforcement officer in all of those years.

She was 23 years old when she actually chose to sit for the UPSC exam.

Sanjukta Parashar IPS Challenges

The murder trial of an entrepreneur who was trapped and abducted by a mob that involved gun dealers, hitmen and call girls was the hardest to crack since it was originally blind. The threat of bogus SIM cards was a hurdle that took all our energy and wisdom to overcome. What was much worse was the fact that, after all our best efforts, we lost the guy who had been abducted. Speaking to his family, I’m still very anxious because it still feels like a massive disappointment on my side.

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Interesting Facts from Sanjukta Parashar IPS Wiki Part 1

  • Parashar has often been involved in athletics and has also taken part in numerous athletic activities during her school days. She also used to swim and took part in the plays and marching pasts.
  • The 2006 IPS Batch Commander, Parashar, was first named Assistant Commander of Makum in 2008. She quickly became responsible for monitoring the battles between Bodo and unauthorized Bangladeshi rebels.
  • It is better known for having killed 16 militants, arrested more than 64, and seized tonnes of weapons and ammunition in just 15 months.
  • Sanjukta graduated from IP College, Delhi University, with a degree in Political Science. Then she completed her master’s degree in international relations from JNU, Delhi. Not just that, she has received an M.Phil, accompanied by a PhD in US international relations! You should name her Dr Sanjukta proudly.

Interesting Facts about Sanjukta Parashar IPS Part 2

  • Sanjukta is married to an IAS officer in Assam, and the couple frequently spends weeks apart without even a meeting.
  • She also has a child, and in her absence, Sanjukta’s mother takes care of him.
  • As Superintendent of Police in the Sonitpur region, she leads a squad of CRPF jawans with AK-47 in the terror infested area and has become one of Bodo’s most respected police officers.
  • She is a modest and caring lady and says that only criminals can be afraid of her.
  • She has issued numerous threats from the National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB), but this does not hinder her ability to fulfil her duties.

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UPSC Preparation Tips 2021

  • Before you want to grasp how to start planning for the UPSC at home, brace yourself for the trip.
  • Before beginning your training, brace yourself mentally and physically for the test. Set targets and spend time effectively. To be an IAS officer, you need to be like an officer with a well-organized day-to-day schedule. Before you prepare, you can set a reasonable schedule and adhere to it. Making a schedule will make the planning easier and make it more organised. With deadlines, you’d be doing harder and doing the syllabus quicker.
  • The syllabus is the soul of some kind of examination. Knowing the curriculum is the first thing you have to do before you head into the books.

Strategy for a Good UPSC Rank

  • The UPSC offered a detailed curriculum for the Civil Services Preliminary and Main Examination.
  • Articles are the most critical part of the IAS test.
  • If you don’t read the daily newspapers or watch the daily news for the IAS test, you can’t expect to get this exam finished.
  • The optional subject stands for 500 points in the final UPSC.
  • You should then select the optional subject carefully, only after careful consideration of the pros and cons of the topics, you have in your head.


Follow the strategies provided in this article to improve your UPSC rank.

To become an IPS, IAS or IFS takes sheer will and dedication. Stick closely to your goal and never give up.

Did you get the required motivation after reading about the Iron Lady of Assam?

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