IAS Atul Prakash biography will surely boost your confidence and get you a strong will to never give up and try harder for excellence. Atul Prakash is a Hindu boy who was born and brought up in a small village near district Buxar in Bihar. He has been a splendid kid since his school days.

Atul consistently wanted to join civil services to accomplish something for the improvement of our nation. In the wake of finishing his schooling, he started preparing for IIT. He gave the exam and got selected in the IIT. Then he completed his engineering degree from IIT Delhi.

This was Atul’s second try for the UPSC civil services exam. In his first attempt, he had the option to clear the prelims as well as mains exam and got enlisted in Indian Railway administrations (IRS). He is presently working in IRS when he gave the exam. Later he joined the IRS in February 2018.

Family Background

His father is presently working as the main engineer in ECR’s construction wing, Mahendru, Patna. As his father’s job is transferable so he did his schooling from various schools. His father consistently bolsters his choice for civil services. His father said that his child consistently dreamed of becoming a people-situated government employee. He has a younger brother and a younger sister who works in ITC, Bengaluru

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IAS Atul Prakash Marksheet

IAS Atul Prakash attempted twice and got selected in both 2016 and 2017. His optional subjects for both the attempts were Mathematics. In his optional subjects, he scored 368 out of 500 which is remarkable.

Due to fewer marks in his first attempt, he gave a try again in 2017 where he succeeded to score better than before. If he’s an inspiration for you, you surely want to know about his scores

Below is the marksheet of the first attempt in the year 2016

Subjects Marks
Essay: Paper I 141
General Studies- I: Paper-II 116
General Studies- II: Paper III 086
General Studies- III: Paper IV 098
General Studies- IV: Paper V 096
Optional I: Mathematics: Paper VI 137
Optional II: Mathematics: Paper VII 156
Written Test 830
Personality Test 162
Final Total 992

2017 Marksheet

Below is the marksheet of IAS Atul Prakash second try in the year 2017, where you can see he really worked on his weaknesses and mistakes. His scores increased from the previous attempt which shows his dedication and never giving up attitude

Subjects Marks
Essay: Paper I 139
General Studies- I: Paper-II 105
General Studies- II: Paper III 106
General Studies- III: Paper IV 126
General Studies- IV: Paper V 085
Optional I: Mathematics: Paper VI 165
Optional II: Mathematics: Paper VII 203
Written Test 929
Personality Test 190
Final Total 1119

IAS Atul Prakash Strategy

What plan did IAS Atul Prakash have to achieve 4th Rank in the UPSC 2017? Well here’s what IAS Atul Prakash has to say to the future aspirants. His guidance for future aspirants is that the achievement mantra of the achievement is consistency, difficult work and persistence. So consistently stay steady with your persistent effort and consistently show restraint.

Tips for Future Aspirants

You should be persevering and predictable to clear the assessment. This is definitely not a simple test so you need to work a ton for it. Other than this you should peruse all the essential books like NCERTs. He also mentioned that focusing on current affairs and general knowledge can lead you to crack the UPSC examination.

Always have a Structured Plan

Practice various test papers before the prelims; it is a very viable methodology to get accomplishment in prelims. It will likewise help in investigating your precision and speed. Ecology and Environment additionally establish a significant part in prelims as the segment requests around 20 inquiries.  In geology, it is imperative to zero in on guide based inquiries and has a more noteworthy weightage. For the optional subjects pick, one should choose wisely according to his strengths and base knowledge. Young aspirants can follow the valuable strategy revealed by IAS Atul Prakash himself, and crack the exam

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About his Career

After completing his post-graduation, he started preparing for UPSC examinations. In the year 2016, he cleared his first attempt of UPSC exam in which he secured Rank 558 and began working in the Railway Services in February 2018. But in order to improve his scores and his rank in the exam, he started preparing for the 2017 UPSC examination. His hard work paid off when he secured Rank 4 in the All India UPSC examination in his second attempt.

After that, he got his posting in Kota, Rajasthan. IAS Atul Prakash was appointed as the Assistant Collector and Executive Magistrate as a trainee in Kota, Rajasthan

Some Quick Facts about IAS Atul Prakash

  •         He was born and raised in Bihar
  •         He is 5’7” tall with brown eyes and black hair
  •         He has always been a bright student since his school days, who scored 94% in his Class 10th and 87% in his Class 12th
  •         His mantra for success includes 3 things that are consistency, patience and hard work
  •         He is inspired by the Missile Man of India, APJ Abdul Kalam
  •       The posting of IAS Atul Prakash is in Rajasthan as the Assistant Collector and Executive Magistrate

IAS Atul Prakash is well known for securing Rank 4th in 2017 after securing a lower Rank of 558 2016  in UPSC Examination. This shows his never giving up attitude.  One reason for his uncertain achievement is his sheer commitment and ability to improve aptitudes, for example, self-esteem and relational connections.

Young aspirants can look up to IAS Atul Prakash as their role model and walk on the teachings and success mantras of his.

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