Do you want to learn more about the 2020 topper’s story? Do you want to learn the strategies that he used to ace the exam? This article contains all of the strategies as well as Vagisha’s biography, allowing you to take the first step toward your dream with complete conviction, confidence, and determination.

The ones who never give up and keep moving forward are the ones who succeed. This article has a winner who hit the bullseye in her first attempt that will provide you with the knowledge and enlightenment you need to follow the path to your dream destination.

So, if you want to be a winner in the exam and in life, you should read the entire article right away to learn the characteristics of true and inspiring people. So, for your learning and development, here is the story of Vagisha Joshi.

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Vagisha Joshi Biography

Vagisha Joshi (25 years old) from Jaipur’s Chambal Power House Colony on Hawa Sadak was ranked 168th. Instead of seeking coaching, she studied on her own and achieved success the first time around. Sujata Joshi’s, her mother’s dream, according to Vagisha, was to become an IAS officer.

Vidhu Shekhar Joshi, the younger brother, was also extremely helpful. She used to study in great detail, but after her brother taught her some techniques, not only did she finish the syllabus faster, but she also had more opportunities to revise. In the year 2019, Vagisha received her MA (Cycology) from Delhi University. She was also a gold medalist in this competition. After that, she began studying for the IAS exam.

Wiki Facts

She made a weekly schedule and studied according to it this time, and she was successful for the first time. Father Ashutosh Joshi works for the Jaipur Vidyut Distribution Corporation as the Chief Controller of Accounts. She is the niece of Pankaj Joshi, the former mayor of the city.

Vagisha Joshi Marksheet and Rank

Written Total 804
PT Total 164
Final Total 968
Rank 168

Vagisha Joshi Strategy

Vagisha thought that if she attempted less questions she would not stand a chance to get it, she was not sure whether she was going to clear prelims till the result came. She said that the aspirants should customise their own preparation based on their own nature, not anyone else.

Her first interview dates for 26 April on her family were so kind and nice to her that she can do it and also her coaching team was so cooperative. She used Bing monthly magazine and this monthly magazine covers every topic and even economic part.

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Vagisha Joshi Optional

Her optional was ethics and psychology. She chose Psychology because she is a Psychology graduate and didn’t spend a lot of time on her optional. It was about three weeks for making notes, one week for revision and then one week during the exam she did her ethics preparation.Did a lot of practice from UPSC papers themselves she didn’t have time to take the test series because again like she said that mains was tough.

She watched some of the videos of the toppers and read their answers and also some of them but she thought and she wanted to maintain her own individuality as well she did not want to copy what the people were doing so. As it was her first time which is why she needed some simplicity in the notes.

General Tips for Psychology Optional

#For this optional, stick to a small number of books that cover about 95% of the syllabus. Do not attempt to read ten different books at the same time and become overwhelmed.

#You can also use your intuition to write some of the answers in this optional.

#For this subject, NCERTs are crucial, especially if you are learning psychology for the first time.

#Before your prelims exam, it’s a good idea to go over the entire psychology syllabus at least once. Also, use the same sources for your revision.

#You must avoid writing answers in the same way that you would in the GS papers. #The questions may appear to be similar to those on the GS, but in the optional, you must write as a specialist.


We know that reading this article has given you the understanding, knowledge, inspiration and clear mindset that will help you succeed in your exam and in your future life. Vagisha Joshi’s story is inspirational because it teaches all UPSC CSE aspirants to pursue their dreams and make their families proud.

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