The civil services have the highest prestige when it comes to government jobs. They derive a high level of social respect besides job satisfaction for a person who intends to serve the public.

However, if you wish to achieve success in the IAS exam, you should plan as early as passing the 10th. However, at this early stage, you may be in a dilemma of not being aware of the subjects or the stream, which could help the long term crack the IAS exam. Simply, you may wonder about which subject is best for IAS?

What is the Exam Pattern of UPSC CSE?

However, if you have set your target for the UPSC CSE (Civil Services Exam), you should first understand the exam pattern. The IAS exam generally consists of three phases, the preliminary (CSAT) exam, the mains exam and an interview.

The preliminary include the aptitude, reasoning along with general studies. The main exam involves the four compulsory subjects with an optional subject of your choice.

The general studies are part of both the phases and mostly comprise history, geography, sociology, economics, etc.

Humanities After 10th

Thus, if you opt for the humanities after your 10th, you naturally get the knowledge of general studies. The humanities consist of Political Science, English, History, Geography, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, etc. It covers these subjects broadly, considering the range of subjects as far as UPSC preparation after the 10th is concerned. Arts has become a preferable option for students who have civil services dream in mind.

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Which Subject is Best for IAS in Class 11th?

After pursuing humanities, the UPSC (Civil Services Exam) is a major career aspiration. If you have any dilemma over the subjects, let’s explain this to you for a better understanding.

As mentioned above, prelims serve as the basic assessment of the candidate’s ability and aptitude. However, it consists of general studies, which comprise most subjects such as History, Geography, Sociology, and Economics, etc., which is covered in Humanities.

Therefore, while one can have in mind how to prepare for IAS after the 10th? It is clear that Humanities or Arts subjects have an edge over the others as they have been introduced to a student as early as possible.

Why You Should Opt for Humanities?

On a later stage, while preparing for the IAS exam, it will be a matter of revision for the Humanities students, while others have to cover them from scratch.

Humanities students read History, Political Science, Economics, Social Science, and Geography as their core subjects. If a student clarifies his/her basics at an early stage, he/she would have covered a substantial part of the CSE syllabus.

Moreover, the main paper has additional subjects like Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, Disaster Management, Ethics, etc. These are available as options for the Humanities students.

Humanities for IAS/CSE Preparation

While looking for the IAS exam preparation, you should not ignore the fundamentals; you study at the early stage. The school syllabus provides the proper foundations for the general studies paper for UPSC preparation after the 10th. Later, if you opt for any guidance, you are asked to refer to the school syllabus for various Humanities subjects to develop a proper foundation.

Besides, if you have in mind which group is best after 10th for IAS? As explained above, the humanities stand apart. It has an additional advantage beyond the preparation for the general studies; you can opt for any humanities subject as your options for the mains exam. It seems the icing on the cake for the humanities students.

Other Important Factors That Matter

However, success in the CSE (Civil Services Exam) is not limited to a subject’s choice. The aspirant’s dedication and hard work stay at the top.

The successful fellows recommend self-study as the preferred method for thorough and clear understanding of the subjects. As far as time is concerned, a year of thorough study is supposed to be sufficient for the preparation.

Therefore, the earlier you start to make an effort, the better you will be prepared. If you have the dreams for the highest regard as a civil servant, opting for humanities would be a great option after the 10th.

You should pick the options such as Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Economics, and Sociology along with your main subjects after the 10th. They will provide a good base for your preparation for the IAS exam in the future.

Which Degree is Best for IAS? 

In case you have completed the 12th standard and are looking for graduation, it is the basic eligibility criteria to appear to the UPSC CSE (Civil Services Exam). You can opt for the Bachelor of Art (B.A.) with a subject from the humanities. You can choose to have a degree in Geography, Sociology, and Public Administration, etc.

Having one of these subjects in your degree course would definitely help you prepare for the civil services. You can opt for your graduation subject as optional for the mains paper.

IAS Preparation After 12th

However, if you realize that you should appear for the IAS exam after passing out the senior secondary, you would undoubtedly think about how to become an IAS officer after 12th.

You can opt for a bachelor’s degree in any subject from the humanities such as History, Political Science, Economics, Social Science, and Geography, etc. However, you can opt for these subjects regardless of your stream in your 12th. It means a science student can also opt for a B.A. in the subjects mentioned above.

Besides, you should opt for additional subjects such as Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, Disaster Management, and Ethics, etc. beyond the degree course to keep yourself ahead in preparation for one of the toughest exams in the country.

In conclusion

The UPSC syllabus covers the subjects extensively. However, the general studies have significant contributions to the vast pattern for both prelims and mains. However, opting for the subject provides you a strong foundation for preparation in a later stage that will prove to be a wise decision.

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