Abhijeet Sinha Wiki Biography: Learn About Abhijeet Sinha IAS Marksheet, Rank Strategy

Abhijeet Sinha Wiki Biography

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Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) released the results of the Civil Services Examination 2017. This examination was done to appoint officers to 980 vacancies across the country. Under this exam, Indian Administrative Service, Indian Foreign Service, Indian Police Service, and Central Services in which Group A and B posts are to be appointed. Abhijeet Sinha IAS of Ranchi has secured 19th rank in the UPSC examination.

In this article on Abhijeet Sinha Wiki, you will get to know about his mark sheet, age, rank, strategy, attempt, optional subject, etc.

Abhijeet Sinha Biography

Hardest and toughest goals can be achieved with hard work and perseverance. Abhijeet Sinha, the son of a Ranchi vet and after obtaining an engineering degree from IIT Kanpur, has brought laurels to the state and country by securing 19th rank in the UPSC examination. Abhijeet Sinha has studied with JVM Shyamali. In 2012, Abhijeet did plus 2. While father Shashibhushan Sinha is a veterinarian, Abhijeet’s mother is a housewife.

Abhijeet Sinha said that from childhood to plus 2, he has studied from Ranchi itself. After that, he got an engineering degree from IIT Kanpur. That’s where he got inspired for the UPSC. His parents, family members have always supported him. He further said that he has done all the preparations with self-study and said that by working hard everyone can get out of this exam, for this, no background matters. Abhijeet’s optional subject was Economics.

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Abhijeet Sinha’s Economics Book List For Paper 1

  1. Microeconomics
    1. Ahuja
    2. Pindyck and Rubenfield – for conceptual clarity
  1. Macroeconomics and Money Banking
    1.  Froyen
    2. Jhingan and Ahuja – to find out any new definitions/ terms
  2. International
    1. Salvatore -n primarily
    2. Krugaman – for additional understanding
  3. Growth and Development
    1. Thirlwall – mainly
    2.  Jhingan for new terms/ definitions
  4. Public
    1. Musgrave – mainly
    2. Bhatia – for new terms/ definitions

Abhijeet Sinha’s Economics Book List For Paper 2

  • Mishra and Puri
  • Uma Kapila
  • Dutt and Sundaram
  • His own notes.

Some Books that Directly Help during Preparation

Some books that can directly help in your preparation too, in your GS as well as in the essay, according to Abhijeet are –

  • India After Gandhi by Ramachandra Guha
  • Sapiens by Yuvan Harari
  • Rebooting India by Nandan Nilekani
  • Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goldman
  • Nudge by Richard Thaler
  • Why Nations Fail by Daren and James
  • An Uncertain Glory by Amartya Sen
  • Polity – Laxmikanth
  • History – Bipan Chandra
  • Ancient and medieval history – Tamil Nadu history books
  • Culture – Nitin Singhania
  • Economics – Ramesh Singh
  • Environment – Shankar IAS

Abhijeet’s Advice for Absolute Beginners

  • Firstly, understand the scope of the exam. This exam basically demands you to be familiar with the general developments in the world that a layman is expected to know. As such, UPSC expects you to know high school level content of subjects like history, geography, civics, economics, sociology, physics, biological sciences, environmental science, etc and Current Affairs
  • Greater details can be found at the UPSC website. On this website, you can find the syllabus, the timeline of the exam, results, etc.

Abhijeet on How to Start Preparation Strategy

  • Start the preparation Through 2 modes.
  • For the high school level academic part, you start by reading the NCERT textbooks. They are freely available on the website.
  • For the current affairs part, a newspaper is required. You can also take the help of many UPSC civil services preparations related to free websites such as UPSC Pathshala. They will help you to collect the current affairs, organize and sort them and help to plan better for UPSC.
  • Or, you could watch the discussions on current affairs at Rajya Sabha TV, especially programs like The Big Picture. It is also available for free on YouTube.

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Abhijeet on Answer Writing Practice and Solving Papers

  • Prelims practice
    • Professional test series are available at Insights, VisionIAS, or any other.
    • There are other websites too which may provide some of these for free
  • Mains practice,
    • you can use platforms like insights on India Secure platform which focuses on answer writing based on current affairs. It is a peer-reviewed program and it helped me a lot to get my basics of answer writing right
    • For professional test series for mains – the best is of vision IAS. It allows you to write at home, scan the papers and upload it


Also please remember that when you started your UPSC preparation, you made a promise to win overall difficulties, no matter how difficult it is. You vowed to keep moving, keep struggling. This corona is only 1 such obstacle, 1 such hindrance; difficult but winnable. You can do it. You have everything that it takes. Abhijeet is one such person who worked hard above everything else. He was ready to take risks and determined to cross all obstacles.

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Abhijeet Sinha Wiki Biography: Learn About Abhijeet Sinha IAS Marksheet, Rank Strategy
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