IAS Pratham Kaushik: Check-out His Marksheet and Know His Optional Strategy

IAS Pratham Kaushik

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Do you know the topper of IAS who got the 5th rank in UPSC 2017? The IAS officer Pratham Kaushik was the UPSC 5th rank throughout India in the year 2017.

This article will provide you with facts about Pratham like Pratham Kaushik’s marksheet, biography, age, posting. Read this article that serves as Pratham Kaushik’s wiki to know more.


Pratham was born on 28th of September 1993. He is currently 27 years of age whose current posting is in Madhya Pradesh. His father was his main source of inspiration. His dad was also a Haryana civil service officer.

Pratham is a resident of Mahendragarh district in Haryana. He studied materials and metallurgical engineering from Punjab Engineering College.

This was his which attempt? It was his second attempt for the exam. He had written the exam in 2016 too but only to understand the pattern of the exam and to learn how to write the exam.

Pratham Kaushik Optional Subject

Pratham Kaushik’s optional subject was geography.  He took geography as it would also help him in general studies paper and according to him is a very interesting subject as it is ever-evolving in nature.

So he took his optional subject as geography since he had a keen interest in this subject and thus it also helped him to score well in the exams.

He did take coaching for his optional subject but not for his general studies but as geography is a part of general studies it definitely must have helped him indirectly if not directly.

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Pratham Kaushik Marksheet

Event  Marks
Mains exam 974
Personality Test 143
Total Marks 1117

His marksheet speaks for his efforts. Getting such a high score requires a lot of hard work and dedication! Pratham Kaushik’s optional geography answer sheet had a total of 327 marks with both the papers combined. His optional subject was his highest-scoring area in the written exams. This shows the importance of liking the optional subject.

Start of Preparation 

Pratham had started preparing for his exams during his graduation days but did not start it seriously until he graduated.

He believes that it is not important to start studying early and age does not have any correlation with being an aspirant. You can start whenever you like (within eligibility criteria) but you will need to remain focused and must work really hard in order to achieve all the goals you set for yourself for the exam.

Tips for Preparation

The most important aspect of Pratham’s preparation was breaking down the syllabus into various parts so that he could focus on the topics very easily. It is very easy to lose track of the syllabus due to the size of it.

He used to prepare for both mains and prelims until the last month before the prelims exam. Pratham feels that the syllabus for the exams overlaps and thus you cannot exactly separate the syllabus in order to prepare.

Use strategies of toppers on how they went about for the exam. There is a lot of material available online these days and a candidate can use these sources to their advantage very easily. There is no material that is perfect for the whole syllabus thus you will need to use various sources but ensure you revise a lot.

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Pratham used more NCERT than other sources. His preparation was based on NCERT books. He relied on reading NCERT books more than just once for the exam, especially for his GS 1 paper.

NCERT books are very useful as they are from the government and the UPSC exam is also from the government.

NCERT books are also available everywhere and are very cost-effective. In fact, if a candidate downloads the e-pdf of the book they can get the book for free from the official NCERT website. Make sure to use this as a tool for your exam.


IAS Pratham Kaushik has managed to get the fifth rank all throughout India in the UPSC 2017 exam.  He hails from Haryana and is currently posted in Madhya Pradesh.

He had graduated from Punjab Engineering College and had started seriously preparing for his UPSC exam. His dedication has shown the result and Pratham Kaushik’s marksheet speaks for his hard work itself.

Hopefully, you got some valuable tips from the topper in this article that can help you prepare better for your exam. Ensure you use these tips and work hard towards your goals! Don’t just use a topper’s copy rather create your own and do well

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