IAS Sudhir Gahlot Biography: Who is Sudhir Gahlot? Know More about the UPSC Topper

Sudhir Gahlot Wiki

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Sudhir Gahlot is an IAS officer currently and had cleared the exam in the year 2017.  He managed to secure a rank of 42 all across India in the CSE.  He is currently a joint magistrate in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

So let’s go through the IAS officer Sudhir Gahlot’s biography to know more about him.

Sudhir Gahlot Wiki

Sudhir Gahlot had cleared the exam in 2017 and Sudhir Gahlot was aged 23 at that time. His hobbies revolve around sports, driving and travelling.  He was born on the 20th of August 1994 and is currently 26 years of age.

He had completed his BSC from Delhi University but decided not to stay in Delhi furthermore for any practice or coaching.

He did not take any coaching for general studies or any mock interviews and had taken coaching only for his optional subject which was sociology.


Getting the top 50 ranks is not easy and his marksheet is very impressive. Let’s look at his marksheet.

Event  Marks
Mains exam 899
Interview round 171
Total Marks 1070

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Sudhir Gahlot Blog

Sudhir Gahlot has a blog where he talks about his journey to become an IAS officer.

His blog is known as Federer’s forehand. Candidates that wish to become an IAS officer can take inspiration from his real-life stories.

He talks about all the major aspects related to the exam like coaching, timetable and tips too. It is very informative and useful to take notes from his experience, as it will definitely help all candidates.

His blog contains his interview transcript too, make sure you got through that section so that you can give a better interview. Remember that interviews are very vital in deciding your rank!

Sudhir Gahlot IAS Booklist

So now let’s look at the book list used by Sudhir Gahlot for his IAS preparation.

Now this book list is for his optional subject that is sociology. So all those students that plan to take up sociology as their optional subject can use these books:

For Paper 1 he used the following books:

  • Haralambos (New edition)
  • George Ritzer
  • ESO (13,14)
  • MSO (very selective) (related to research methods)

For paper 2 he used ESO 16 but other than these books he also used notes from his coaching centre and his own notes. If needed he also used the internet as there is plenty of free resources for students to use.

Sudhir believes that Haralambos is a book all students should use. It is a must-read book according to him.

George Ritzer is the best book for thinkers’ analytical questions but uses this book only after reading ESO 13.

ESO for thinkers is very important.

Tips for the Exam

It is very important for candidates to know what they have to read for the exam. A lot of people will recommend different sources and will try disturbing your book-list, do not let this happen. Do your research, look at the content offered and decide for yourself and believe in those sources too!

Make sure that you revise thoroughly. In the hall, you will get very less time for each question and you cannot try to think too much in the exam hall. Ensure that you know answers well and let it flow naturally whilst writing the exam.

Writing a good answer is very important. Sudhir believes that 50% of the work is done when you write a good answer. Make sure your answer covers all the points required and concludes well too. Do not overextend answers and keep it to the point, try not to deviate too much.

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The UPSC exam is never easy to clear, but there are those who manage to even do better than the rest. One such person is Sudhir Gahlot.

Sudhir had written the UPSC exam in 2017 and had cleared it by getting a rank of 42 throughout India. His dedication towards the exam was unmatched and thus he could get a high rank. He used to study for about 12 hours a day and even dealt with the lows.

He is currently posted in Uttar Pradesh and is a Joint Magistrate. Read this article to know more about the UPSC topper and use some of his preparation tips to do better or even top in the exam! Wishing all the future aspirants and writers a best of luck.

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