Bhavesh Mishra was able to secure AIR 58 in UPSC Civil Services Exam, 2015 in his first attempt. But how is it possible? What strategy he adopted for the IAS preparation? Are you as curious as we are? Good! In this article, we will discuss how Bhavesh Mishra prepared for UPSC? Read the article till the end to know the Bhavesh Mishra Wiki facts.

IAS Bhavesh Mishra Biography

Bhavesh Mishra has a good academic record. He was not very exceptional at studies but he was more than average. He was born and brought up in Delhi. He also did his schooling in Delhi. In 2009 Bhavesh appeared for the IIT JEE exam but unfortunately, he was not able to clear in that year. Bhavesh then again appeared for IIT JEE in 2010 and got admission in one of the prestigious institutes of this country, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi. Bhavesh also knows many foreign as well as regional languages.

How Bhavesh learned so many languages?

He was interested in learning languages since childhood. He completely relied on the internet for learning new languages.

After graduation, he worked for a company for 6 months and decided to quit his job to prepare for the Civil Services Examination. His aim is to improve the service execution of many government policies. He especially wants to focus on the health and education sector.

How Bhavesh Mishra Prepared for UPSC?

Bhavesh Mishra was very much inspired by Marissa Mayer who served as Chief Executive Officer of Yahoo. It is said that she works for 130 hours a week. Bhavesh adopted a similar strategy in UPSC preparation. He use to study for at least 12 hours a day.

Staying away from distraction is the key to score well in the exam. He stayed away from social media, games, and any habits which were waste of time. After giving the mains he joined his job again.

According to Bhavesh the only way to avoid procrastination is to develop a fear of failure. He used to imagine what will he do if the exam was on the next day? This helped to be consistent with his preparation.

Bhavesh Mishra Optional Strategy

As he is from an engineering background. Mathematics was optional which we thought would be easy and was comfortable with it.  His advice to prepare for mathematics is:

  • Practice as much as you can. Fill all the notebooks with all practice problems. More the difficult problems you solve, the more it will be easier for you in the actual exam.
  • Don’t study maths as you would study for any other GS subject. Sit with proper pen and paper and start solving sums.
  • One should not directly jump on to see the solutions of the solved example. First, give it your full try, even then when you think it can’t be solved with the knowledge then only you should look at the solution.
  • Most of the mistakes committed by candidates in maths are usually silly. To avoid this in the exam, he maintained a separate notebook where he only jotted down the errors which he was committing.  A quick recheck for such questions is a must.
  • The person who is just a beginner at math should give more time to the subject for understanding basic concepts.

How did Bhavesh Mishra read Hindu Editorials?

For General Studies Bhavesh completely relied on newspapers. He would first go through the whole article and get an idea about the article. After reading the article he would note down the key point in the two sections.

  • Historical
  • Present Situation

Apart from this, he would also note down some of the phrases in a separate notebook which could be used in essay or answer writing.

Revising those notes on weekly basics is just as important as making notes daily.

Bhavesh Mishra Wikki Facts

Age: 30 years

Graduation: Electrical Engineering

Institute: Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

Number of UPSC Attempts: 1

Bhavesh Mishra Rank: 58

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Bhavesh Mishra Booklist
Subject Scores
Ancient History NCERT 11th
Medieval History NCERT 11th
Modern History
  • India’s Freedom Struggle – Bipan Chandra
  • Spectrum Book
Polity Lakshmikanth
Physical Geography NCERT and G.C.Leong
Current Affairs The Hindu newspaper.


Exam Marks
Essay (Paper-I) 151
General Studies -I (Paper-II) 95
General Studies -II (Paper-III) 70
General Studies -III (Paper-IV) 66
General Studies -IV (Paper-V) 113
Optional-I (Maths) 92
Optional-II (Maths) 170
Personality Test 209

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The way he managed his studies was phenomenal. From his preparation strategy, he can conclude not only consistency and hard work but a little bit of smart work is also required. There are very few people who are able to secure such a good rank in the first attempt.

Which points from Bhavesh Mishra IAS preparation are you going to follow? Let us know in the comment section below!

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