IAS Manuj Jindal Wiki: Manuj Jindal’s Biography, Age, Rank, Strategy and Optional Subject

When he was 18 years old, Surajpur resident Manuj Jindal was asked to leave the National Defence Academy (NDA) due to a back injury. The rejection that came quite early in his life only steeled his resolve to find another way to serve his country.

12 years later, he secured the 53rd rank in the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination 2017 and is now a step closer to fulfilling his dream of becoming an IAS officer. In those 12 years, Manuj also acquired a bachelor’s degree from a reputed US university, worked in a foreign firm, and even took the UPSC exam 2016, in which he scored a low rank.

In 2016, his rank was in the 600s and he was put in the reserved category. Then he got placed with India Post and telecom finance services and he had been working there until he resat for the exam in 2018.

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IAS Manuj Jindal’s Wiki and Early Life

IAS Manuj Jindal

Born and brought up in Greater Noida, Manuj comes from a humble family of five. His father is a retired bank manager and mother a homemaker. Manuj’s younger brother is an entrepreneur, while the youngest sibling is a student. After being rejected by the NDA, Manuj managed to receive a scholarship to the University of Virginia, US, where he pursued a bachelor’s degree in commerce.

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Manuj Jindal’s Journey and Strategy towards UPSC

He returned from the US in 2010 and got hired by Barclays, a wealth management firm, where he worked for four years. He used the money he received from work to pay off his student loans. It took him two years to start the preparation for the civil services exam. Like other IAS aspirants, he slogged for eight hours a day to cover the vast syllabus. He took online test series from Lukmaan IAS for GS and Essay which was very comprehensive. Every week he did one GS test and at least 2 essays.

Study Materials That Manuj Jindal Referred to

Manuj Jindal’s mark sheet and preferred books and study material are given below.

Paper Books Other Material Marks
Prelims NCERT Themes in India for history and NCERT for physical geography, Mrunal videos, Shakar IAS for the environment, current affairs as available in the market, Atlas for maps, National parks, etc., Own Notes NIL GS Paper 1 – 125
GS1 Own Notes NIL 106
GS2 Own Notes NIL 111
GS3 Own Notes NIL 127
GS4 Own Notes NIL 105
Opt-P1 Management Own Notes NIL 130
Opt-P2 Management Own Notes NIL 151
Essay 158

Manuj Jindal’s Tribal Training Centre Project

Deep into the thick, dense forests in Gadchiroli district in Maharashtra’s Bhamragad area, live the Madia Gonds. This endogamous tribal community is one of the country’s most under-developed tribes. This is why they are one of the 75 tribes that have been categorised by the Ministry of Home Affairs as Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTG)s in the country.

Additionally, the region is a witness to clashes between the Naxal groups and the armed forces, which further secludes it from the rest of the country. When Manuj Jindal was posted in Bhamragad in November last year, the 30-year-old IAS officer knew the challenge that lay before him.

From the moment he took up his duties in the district, he has brought a sea of difference with his progressive and innovative initiatives. From upskilling the tribal people in art and crafts to working in the field of education, Manuj’s hands have been full, to say the least.

Taste of Success

One of the biggest success stories has been the renovated tehsildar’s office. The IAS officer changed the face of the old, dilapidated building into a training centre for arts and crafts as a source of earning for its tribal students. Currently, the centre, which opened its doors mid-Jan this year, provides six-month training to the participants at a stipend of Rs 3000 per month. The learners get a portion from the sale of handicrafts they make. Additionally, the centre makes provisions for accommodation and food for them for free.

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Manuj advises that don t lose hope and be perseverant. Perseverance is key to success in this exam. UPSC CSE is a marathon and not a 100-meter dash. It needs a consistent understanding of one’s shortcomings and then fulfilling them to perform better the next time. Perseverance is key. Always keep improving yourself. Reach out to other toppers to learn from their mistakes and save your time by working smart and not just hard.

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IAS Manuj Jindal Wiki: Manuj Jindal’s Biography, Age, Rank, Strategy and Optional Subject
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