IAS Neha Banerjee Wiki: The Feat of achieving UPSC Rank 20 at First Attempt

IAS Neha Banerjee Wiki

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In the very first attempt, Neha Banerjee was able to clear the UPSC Examination with rank 20 in the UPSC examination. She completed her graduation in 2018 from IIT Kharagpur. Observations show the exceptional performance and commendable marks in Neha Banerjee UPSC marksheet. With tremendous hard work, Neha Banerjee IAS is all set to serve the nation after her IAS training at Mussoorie.

Neha Banerjee Wiki

Born in 1995, in the city of Kolkata, she completed her early studies at her hometown at South Point High School. She gave the IIT entrance exam and sealed her place at IIT Kharagpur pursuing a B.Tech Degree in Electrical Engineering. As an Electrical Engineer, she worked for two years in the renowned MNC company – Adobe.

Why Did Neha choose UPSC when She had such an Exceptional Job?

In one of her interviews, Neha states that she had no complaints with the job. Perhaps she always felt a void while doing her job. She always thought about how our country needed a growth path and how one can settle a possible development framework in our country. She was also confident that she could easily take up any job out of India, but she did not as she had a strong will to serve the nation; hence she opted to become an IAS officer.

Neha Banerjee’s Inspiring Journey

At the age of 25, Neha was able to find the perfect balance between studies and a 9 to 5 job. After deciding to appear for UPSC exams, she had uninstalled her Whatsapp and Facebook to minimise the social life and focus more on the exams. Although she was unsure of clearing the exam in her first attempt, she wanted to give her best shot, and indeed she did it! The UPSC topper gained 20th AIR rank even while she was doing a job on one hand and preparing for the Civil services examinations on the other.

Neha Banerjee’s Preparation for the UPSC Exam

Neha was very dedicated as a UPSC aspirant. She had put her 100% efforts in understanding the patterns and the syllabus of the UPSC exams. She had put all the hard work and eventually got good at it. She also left her job before appearing for UPSC interviews.

She was unsure about her strategies of preparation for the exam as she did not attend any coaching classes. She hence also attended Mock Interviews which were arranged by Unacademy. There the faculty was very sure of Neha clearing the UPSC exams, which of course boosted her morale.

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Neha Banerjee on Social Media

Neha Banerjee has an Instagram account by the username ‘nehabanerjee’ with a huge fan following of 14.3K followers. Other than educational upfront, Neha has a serious obsession with singing. She also likes to write her daily journal. She has also posted a cover of song Khairiyat on her Instagram account. She also posts about her experience in Mussoorie as she has already joined for the training of an IAS officer.

Neha Banerjee Blog

Neha also writes blogs on her blog page which is entitled  ‘NOT JUST AN ASPIRANT- By Neha Banerjee’. Here, she posts blogs about the foremost strategy to crack civil service exams, the way she prepared for UPSC Examination and all the other aspects of UPSC exams. The sole purpose of these blogs is to guide the other UPSC aspirants in a proper direction.


Neha Banerjee is setting the benchmark and is serving the country as an IAS officer. The UPSC topper has done a great job by clearing the UPSC exams in her very first attempt. Rank 20 is like a hard-earned milestone of her life. Neha was uncertain of clearing the exams. She even started with her preparation for her 2nd attempt. But when the results were declared she was on the seventh heaven. She has done a commendable job by handling studies and her job in an appropriate balance. She also writes blogs for the aspiring UPSC candidates which is like a cherry on the cake for the candidates.

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IAS Neha Banerjee Wiki: The Feat of achieving UPSC Rank 20 at First Attempt
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