IAS is a tough journey from preparation to being an IAS officer. It becomes difficult for the IAS aspirant to seek guidance in the right direction. When a candidate gets the right direction, few months are satisfactory to rank good, but when the candidate is working in the wrong direction a year may also be less to get the desired rank.

Thus to manoeuvre the benefits of working hard for the IAS preparation you need to do thorough research on the right topic. First, you need to research the syllabus, as the UPSC examination has a vast syllabus, you need to write it down and remember it throughout the journey. Before starting with the actual preparation you should check the biography of the IAS officers who worked hard, ranked well and became an IAS officer. We will take you through the journey of such IAS officer Rajesh Patil wiki.

Rajesh Patil Biography

Rajesh Patil belonged to a village in Jalgaon which is a small village in Khandesh Region in Maharashtra. His parents had a small land of agriculture which was the source of bread and butter for his family. He always knew the struggle of his parents and thus he never wanted to put them under any kind of pressure. Rajesh many times came out of his comfort zone to help his family, when he was a kid many a time he sold bread and vegetables and did agriculture labour till his graduation days. He was never inclined towards studies, but in 10th standard, he scored good marks and realised that if he put his heart and soul into studies then nothing is impossible for him. So he worked hard and passed 12th standard with flying colours. 


Motivation to become IAS

Through personal experience, Rajesh Patil’s interest in giving back to society increased each year. He made a firm decision to serve people in all the way possible. As he hailed from a background where he was not able to experience many of the advantages, he wanted to deliver these benefits to the individuals in need.

He wanted to get people free from the vicious cycle of poverty and hunger. He wanted to bring the change from the ground level. All this made him aim to become an IAS officer and he started his journey. He gave the UPSC examination in 2005 and started his preparation with all his dedication and hard work. 

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His simple mantra to get what you desire is to have motivation towards your dream. If you don’t have the motivation you will not be able to keep yourself up late at night, burn the midnight oil, and compromise your leisure time. He had the motivation that didn’t let him sleep; it was to help people and be the change after becoming an IAS officer.

Another Mantra which he followed was never underestimate yourself, you should not ever feel that you are not capable of achieving something. You need to dream big to achieve big. If you don’t dream big you will see yourself under confident and this will result in your actions as such. When you trust yourself you know that even if the result is not as expected you will be able to do it. 


You will be impressed to know the mark sheet of Rajesh Patil, he chose his optional subject with the utmost care and strategized his preparation. His marks are as follows:-

1074 180 1254


With so much hard work and dedication, he successfully scored great marks and now he is believed to a well established IAS officer 

Success for Rajesh Patil

With hard work and continuous dedication, Rajesh Patil was able to clear the IAS examination and he joined the 2005 batch of IAS officers. He joined his Odisha Cadre and started as the Sub- Divisional Magistrate in Athgard, Koraput in the year 2006. He is one of the successful IAS officers who not only dreamt big but implemented all his dreams, he is the man of his words and he is seen continuously working towards the betterment of the underprivileged people.

He has been doing very well to provide the people in need with whatever is required to improve their situation. He has initiated various rescue and rehabilitation operations during the Mahanadi River flood in 2008. He initiated peaceful interventions towards resolving the tribal-non tribal conflict in the region. He also started the revolutionary Ready to Eat Food program dedicated to preschoolers.

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Recently it is heard that Rajesh Patil’s current posting is in Maharashtra. It was in the news that he will go on deputation for three years in Maharashtra Cadre. Everybody is appreciating his efforts and he is being seen as climbing up the ladder of success. He has made his family proud and he is doing justice to the role and responsibility he is given.


The best way to learn for IAS preparation is to learn from the journey of IAS officers. What strategies did they apply, what were their marks, what is their background, how did they start and what was the motivation for their inclination towards becoming IAS officer? In this article, you get in-depth information about a successful officer Rajesh Patil who cleared the UPSC examination in 2005 and now he is on deputation for three in the Maharashtra cadre. He had a strong willingness to give back to society and help poor people. So he aimed to go for an IAs examination and cleared it.

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