In 2017, JN Singh’s son Shaurya Suman received the 119th rank in the UPSC. There was a festive atmosphere in the village. IPS Shaurya Suman Wiki is included in this article, as well as many lessons to be learned from him.

You’ve probably heard that practical activities provide the best learning and recognition. Experienced people, especially in this examination, can point you in the right direction.

You will not go down the wrong path and reach your goals positively if you learn from those who have struggled through the same competition and preparation phase and have yet to achieve the most incredible position.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s take a look at IPS Shaurya Suman’s journey and recognise his efforts to learn exponentially and to take the wise and correct path.

IPS Shaurya Suman Wiki

In 2017, his family members Ratneshwar Kumar Singh alias Dak Babu, his wife Usha Devi, grandmother Tara Devi, rural Ravi Prakash Singh, and others expressed their joy, saying that Shaurya Suman was a deserving student from the start.

Everyone couldn’t stop saying that, in the future, Shaurya would not only illuminate the name of his family, but also the name of the entire village and society, because of his dedication.

Later in 2017, Shaurya began preparing for the IPS exam with all his heart and soul. Ratneshwar Kumar Singh’s eyes gleamed with delight. He claimed that he fulfilled the dreams of his entire family, not just his own.

His accomplishment has made his entire family proud. He stated that Shaurya received his early education in Ramgarh, Jharkhand. He comes from a family of two brothers. Soumya Suman, his older brother, also works for the Central Bank of Bengal.

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IPS Shaurya Suman Strategy

Newspapers, in his opinion, are the most powerful weapons in the hands of any student. Daily newspapers should be read and editorial pages (issues) should be noted on a regular basis.

He recommends reading a basic newspaper such as The Hindu daily. Then add editorial news from The Indian Express or the Economic Times to a reader app like Feedly. Other magazines, such as The Economist or Down to Earth, can also be added.

On weekends, underline the editorial page and make notes while reading newspapers. This will also assist you in revising. Please compose them in your own words. He used Evernote and found it much easier and more accessible to take notes online or digitally.

Newspapers exist to develop a thought process through which you can write about anything with little knowledge in a more effective manner. Making notes is not only for revision, but also for preparing for the big kill, i.e., mains.

Diary Writing and Ethics

He developed a habit of writing about common issues that he dealt with on a daily basis. For instance, he wrote about a wedding ceremony at which teenage children were performing music. He discussed the squandering of India’s human potential, the demographic education, dividend, and employability, among other topics. Aspirants will have something for everything if you do it this way. Any surprises at mains can be dealt with effectively.

When conducting a case study, try to think broadly and include hypothetical scenarios. In Mains, for example, he wrote that by not objecting to my boss’s violent behaviour with his wife, he is demonstrating his own bad behaviour at home. He married himself, and his silence demonstrates that he, too, committed domestic violence with impunity at home.

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General Studies

To add, he worked on GS IV questions almost every day for about 6 months before the mains. He didn’t write on the computer; instead, he wrote on paper. The next morning, he evaluated it using the most popular answers and double-checked for thought repetition. When writing ethics answers, you should try to keep things simple and practical.

Another crucial aspect is the use of quotations. One can look it up on the internet and prepare topics such as health, education, and moral values. Any ethics book can be read once and only take brief notes for future reference.

Accountability, for example, is not only related to one’s profession, but also to one’s family. Your parents are accountable to you, and you are accountable to them. Make use of personal experiences.

Time Management

He used to listen to recordings of quotations and other important issues on his phone while travelling from his room to the test series centre. This will allow aspirants to make better use of their time while studying for the prelims and mains.

Make it as if you’re a teacher explaining something to a class of students. This method can be used by those who, like him, have difficulty learning by rote. As you can see from his grades, he made excellent use of this opportunity.

While eating lunch or dinner, one can also watch videos on Rajyasabha TV. The goal is to constantly train yourself to think and think about topics related to General Studies.

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Self-study, in his opinion, is the most effective tool for cracking the code of this exam. The coaching market can also provide need-based assistance. He only required a classroom in which he could write with a group of 50 people.

He evaluated the answers himself and used the internet to fill in the gaps in his knowledge in a wise and comprehensive manner. Even when he panicked in papers, he had so well trained his hand that it had won the battle against his mind.

IPS Shaurya Suman Rank

Essay  137
General Studies 1 122
General Studies 2 117
General Studies 3 114
General Studies 4 128
Optional 1 099
Optional 2 167
Written Total 884
Personality Total 149
Final Total 1033
Rank 119

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IPS Shaurya Suman Optional Subject

Suman’s optional subject was history.

Studying history will also help you write an essay because it will give you a better understanding of current events. To comprehend how things are today, you must first comprehend their history. Studying the past can help you better understand the present, as well as prepare for the future in light of lessons learned, mistakes made, and experience gained.

Another advantage of history is that it is simpler to comprehend than some conceptual subjects such as political science. There are no complicated formulas to remember or abstract theories to learn here. You can read history like a story and enjoy it. Furthermore, there are some excellent documentaries and television programmes about historical events and people.


As a result, we hope that IPS Shaurya Suman has taught you to be focused, determined, and hardworking. If you want to be motivated and overcome the challenge of high competition in this exam, you should go to UPSC Pathshala. It is a website where UPSC candidates can prepare and receive expert advice.

Experts and professionals are available to answer your questions, offer advice, and provide tips on how to prepare for the most difficult examination. This exam has a very high level of competition. This is why, in order to stay on the right track, you’ll need expert guidance at every turn.

Articles are available in all areas of UPSC. Additionally, there are updates related to the application, process, date, and result of all the examination posts to assist candidates with information. The biographies allow students to learn from the experiences of others while remaining composed and focused.

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