Polity Book for UPSC 2021: Learn How to Get Best Prep for UPSC Polity

Polity Book for UPSC 2021

Looking for Polity books for UPSC? Then end your search here as this article will help you by recommending books for polity that will help you to understand the subject better and even help you score higher marks.

So let’s get started!

Laxmikant Book for UPSC

One of the best books for UPSC polity preparation is the book published by M Laxmikant.

Laxmikant’s book for UPSC is known as Indian Polity by M Laxmikant.

This book is widely recommended by everyone and is also used by many toppers. This book is very helpful to cover the polity syllabus for the UPSC exam. It contains all the topics and will definitely help you to score much better but more importantly will help you understand the topics in detail too!

This book is pretty much tailor-made to suit your UPSC needs. Definitely give this book a go.

Other Books

Other than the Laxmikant book for UPSC, aspirants can use the following books too:

  • Introduction to the Indian Constitution by Durga Das Basu
  • Important Acts that Transformed India by Alex Andrews George
  • Important Judgements that Transformed India by Alex Andrews George
  • Indian Polity by Spectrum

These books can be used by students to cover the polity syllabus for UPSC.

Ensure that you look at the best options before buying any book. Look for reviews on different websites.


No matter what book a student takes, NCERT books are going to be very beneficial too. These books are made by the government and thus many questions from the UPSC exam are based on NCERT books.

NCERT books are available cheaply and all around the nation. If a student is comfortable with e-books, they can download NCERT books for free from their official website.

It is recommended to read polity books from grade 6-12 but remember that polity is known by civics or is a part of social science in the lower grades.

Preparation Tips

To prepare for Polity it is important that the candidate has good knowledge about the Indian Constitution. Thus, the books recommended above are based around the Indian Constitution. Polity is an important subject for General Studies paper 1, ensure that you give it importance.

Give a lot of importance to create notes and current affairs. Current affairs will be affecting this subject too. You may wonder how?

In the event of any change or amendment in the laws, current affairs will be very important. These changes or amendments can come after the book has been published, so make sure that you are well versed in current affairs.

Creating Notes

Creating notes is very important for your exam. These notes will help you to remember facts for the exam from the polity syllabus for UPSC.

Keep the notes well organised and safe as it can be used at the time of very important revision.

Take notes from NCERT books preferably, but if you are using other books, then also take down notes. Write notes in such a way that you will be able to break down the topic well and also understand the topics well.

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Give a lot of importance to revise well for the exam. The revision will help you to score higher marks. It does not matter which book you decide to use, but ensure that you revise thoroughly from that source.

Avoid using too many sources and rather pay attention to revising more than once or twice. Try revising every topic often, as this will help you to keep the topic fresh in your mind.

Keep revising and cover all your weaknesses. Take tests to see how well you are preparing. If you lack in any area, revision of that area will help you cover it up with ease. The notes you create will also be a very important tool in revision. So ensure that you make these notes with utmost interest.

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Are you looking for polity books for UPSC exam 2021? This article recommends some books that will help you to score much better in the UPSC exam.

These books will aid your preparation but cannot be sufficient alone. What that means is that it is important to put your own efforts towards the exam and these books are just tools that will help you. For better preparation, you can take help of expert personal mentors who will guide you to crack the upcoming UPSC exam.

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Polity Book for UPSC 2021: Learn How to Get Best Prep for UPSC Polity
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Polity Book for UPSC 2021: Learn How to Get Best Prep for UPSC Polity
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