UPSC examination is the most esteemed paper conducted across the nation. If you are a candidate for the UPSC exam, you must be searching for the results released for 2021. Here is the complete Samyak Jain UPSC biography and success story so that you get inspired by the journey of this UPSC topper and work effectively on achieving your dreams. You can walk towards success in this exam if you are motivated from within because it keeps you confident and goal-oriented. Let’s go through the information given in the article.

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Samyak Jain Biography

Do you want to get fully inspired by the UPSC journey? Well, here is the best motivational story for you that will fill you with immense courage, determination, and inspiration to achieve your dreams in life. Union Public Service Commission released the UPSC result 2021 on May thirty this year. Samyak Jain’s UPSC rank is AIR-7.

Samyak belongs to Delhi and did his schooling in the national capital itself. Each of his parents works for Air India. He lives together with his mother as his father is in Paris. This was his second try.

On the 1st try, he couldn’t make it to the main examination. Talking regarding the initial attempt, he has aforesaid that it was a lot of water tasting, he needed to understand how it works out. He wasn’t ready for it. He belongs to the PWD class as he’s visually impaired.

Furthermore, he required an author to jot down my exams, that was his mother. For preparation, he is accustomed to reading books in digital format. He is aforesaid that he’s blessed to possess such supportive parents and friends.

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Samyak Jain UPSC

Let’s know more about this incredibly courageous and dedicated personality. This unstoppable UPSC topper did his graduation. He completed his graduation in BA English honors. Thereafter, he visited the Indian Institute of Mass Communication to do a PG certificate in English Journalism. Because of his interest in international relations, Samyak then did his Masters in international relations from a national leader University.

He took the government and international relations as facultative subjects at UPSC. He started his preparation throughout lockdown (March 2020) as at that point because of home isolation, he had heaps of time to check. You can make your way easier towards achieving your goal by being goal-oriented and consistent like this diligent UPSC topper.

Samyak Jain Preparation Strategy

The best preparation strategy to crack the toughest exam in India is to be stubborn, consistent, and focused. Furthermore, he believes that the key to clearing the exam is consistency. Likewise, he is accustomed to studying for a minimum of seven hours daily. Keep a positive mental attitude and perpetually believe that you simply can try this. As mentioned on top of, maintain consistency.

Perpetually keep evaluating yourself, pick mock tests. What folks assume is that there are too many attempts for UPSC, even for general class there are 6 attempts. Folks perpetually are during this section that if not now, I’ll do it succeeding time.

This UPSC candidate feels this is often the matter or the issue that goes wrong. They ought to assume that this is typically the sole try, create it, or break it. Therefore, you can make your dreams come true by continuously learning and dedicating towards your target.

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Hopefully, this article has filled you with immense dedication, motivation, and perseverance to crack the UPSC exam to get your desired life in the future. If you have any doubts regarding any section of the exam, you can visit the UPSC Pathshala website and resolve them by meeting the experts and professionals.

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Samyak Jain UPSC Biography: Here's the Preparation Strategy, UPSC Rank, and Success Story of UPSC Gem!
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